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October 5, 2017

chapter 488 (magazine syndication, not final)

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{Jing Province, south of Xiangyang}
(not sure about exact location)

[?]: The Sun clan’s catapults have changed direction.
[?]: Their troops at the main gate have retreated. Be careful, everyone!

[?]: Defenders of the main gate, fall back!
(“…quickly retreat”)

chapter 488 Return Of The Desperados


{crash~ crash~}

[?]: By the Advisor’s orders, pull back no further!

[?]: Advisor Guo, rocks incoming!
[?]: It’s dangerous, hurry down here!

{Guo Ang’s son, Guo Huai}
[Guo Huai]: Two thousand at the front, three thousand in the rear, the enemy is heading left!

[?]: A feint all right! The enemy plans to attack the left side.

[GH]: Go, transfer troops from the back to the left side!

[?]: More rocks incoming, look out!



[?]: You still there, Advisor Guo?

[GH]: Transfer troops from the back to guard the left!

[?]: Advisor, behind you…


[?]: Hang on.

[Wang Shuang]: You sure live up to the name of King of Defense.

[GH]: Hoo. Saviors are here.

[GH]: Guard the left, you hear me?

[?]: Hurry!

The Sun army withdrew from the left side in the afternoon.

[GH]: Yi… left?
(Sima Lang’s son, not Sima Yi, different hanzi)
[WG]: Yes.

[GH]: For now… withhold the news from the first master.

[WS]: Yes. He might get reckless.

[?]: Are you all the only few left in this southern region?
(not sure about exact location)

[GH]: We received the retreat order from Jia Xu, but then the Sun army came out of nowhere.

[GH]: The Sun army breached the camps in the days prior, affecting even the Nan city.
(“…south city”)
[GH]: Our family guards and the veterans have all died in that battle.

[GH]: Our entire deployment broken in one night? Impossible!

[WS]: It was an insider.

[WS]: Kou Feng… that traitor who has since disappeared.

[?]: I thought we finished off all of his faction. Who knew they gave the deployment plans to the Sun army.
[?]: Now the Sun army is blocking our retreat route and attacking from the front. Getting out won’t be easy.

[GH]: Our main force was in the Nan city. It’s not just about losing our people in this defeat…

[GH]: but that it’ll be trouble for the Sima clan.

[Huang Hao]: Bros, I’m starving. Can we…

[?]: Imp, you…
(“small person…”)

[HH]: Huh?

[GH]: Damn it, when did you get scratched? Who told you to come here?
[GH]: Do you know how valuable a pretty eunuch is? The rich and powerful need someone like you to curry favor with the royal clan, so they’ll drain their coffers to do it, got it?

[GH]: And here you are hanging with that idiot instead of taking care of yourself! Any other injuries? Show me!
[WS]: Are you thinking about placing him in the palace?

[GH]: Of course, a sentence from the imp could prevent several battles!
[WS]: Fine, fine, pluck a single hair to benefit the whole kingdom.

[GH]: Imp, go rest up!

[WS]: Stop shouting! How about I make it up to you by joining the defense effort here?
[HH]: Ha, when imps hold power. Brother Huai is still the sharpest of the bunch.

The Sun army attacked the Jing Province, which also devastated the Nan city that the Sima clan was assigned to defend.
(I think this is fiction and not based on historical record, please check if you’re interested)

Due to a lack of retreat routes, Cao Cao’s forces in the region south of Xiangyang were nearly wiped out.

[?]: Make way for the wounded!

[?]: Don’t… don’t get mad… this is fate…

[?]: Lose some… train more… We… can still…

[?]: The Sima clan’s private army is all gone. I’m responsible…

[Sima Lang]: This group is the only one left in the city…
{Sima Lang}

[?]: First Master, Administrator Cao’s grave injury has claimed him.
(“…injury too heavy, left”)

[?]: We’re all under your command now.


[SML]: Guang, your group…

[?]: Guang is here!
[?]: So’s the reinforcement?

[?]: Where’s our men, Liaoyuan Guang?

[?]: Sir! The Sun army has called for reinforcements. Their numbers are multiplying!

[?]: They’re demanding for our immediate surrender!
[?]: Or they’ll besiege the city and kill everyone!

[SML]: This can’t go on. Bring them my head, maybe they…


[?]: Well done! Don’t listen to First Master.
[?]: Right! We can still fight!

[?]: Wait, that man is from the Cao clan!

[?]: Wh, wha…

[GH]: Wow, that boy’s going all out again. And nobody’s stopping him.
[WS]: Look at those geezers, treating Guang like a god.

[WS]: Never turn back even when stepping on blades…
(can’t find official translation of Sun Bin’s art of war, not Master Sun Wu’s art of war)


Yes, that’s the feeling.

It’s as if… daddy’s back.
(“…old father returned”; my first impulse is to translate this as “It’s as if… daddy’s home”, but might be a little unnecessarily unfaithful to the text)

—– black page preview —-
Perhaps the old man has become a legend. Yet his spirit lives on.


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