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June 15, 2017

chapter 482 (magazine syndication, not final)

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In that great ditch full of dirty water, a different color was flowing-

it was bright and did not dissolve.

[?]: We’ve received news that our Lord has conquered the outskirts of Changsha.

[?]: The morale inside the city has crumbled after learning of the loss of three Commanderies.

[?]: An army of common folks followed Han Xuan in an attempt to break through the encirclement, but they were slaughtered by Guan Yu.

[?]: Second master is amazing,

chapter 482 Old Man Leads The Way

[?]: but our boss is even more so!

[?]: Yeah, he succeeded without any reinforcement.
[?]: This battle was the first of its kind!

[Zhou Cang]: Yi Xiu…

[ZC]: Mao Cheng, Chen Song, little Niu, Stinky Egg, old Zheng…
[ZC]: that homesick Pissy Ma…
(could just be his name “ma niao wang”, or literally “horse urine king”)

[ZC]: and Freckle Ye, who asked me to be his wingman… the several dozen mercenaries…

(sfx “sha”)

[Zhou Cang]: This is for you.

[ZC]: You men move on ahead. We’ll meet again soon.

[?]: Cheers!

[ZC]: My brothers…

[ZC]: We walking corpses shall head for the next challenge.

[ZC]: Our brothers down under are setting up a banquet for us.

[ZC]: Let’s hope we’ll be late to the party.

[?]: Hahaha, does Xiao Meng still remember what we like to eat after all these years?

[?]: Oh, speaking of Xiao Meng…

[?]: I doubt he has a way to cook down there!

[?]: Yeah! He must be so vexed right now!

[?]: Hahahaha!

One group leaves, then comes another. Seems like we’ve grown accustomed to it.


[Liaoyuan Huo]: Any news of the Eighth Genius?

[?]: No.

[?]: Sorry, I’m not one of your men.

[?]: Just an old friend.

[LYH]: You know the person in the grave?

[?]: Quite.

[?]: She likes it here because it looks very similar to another place.

[LYH]: Yes.

[?]: Who’s the other one?

[LYH]: A man who’ll eventually return to this place.

[LYH]: A man who’ll never be able to leave this place.

[?]: Husband?

[LYH]: Sort of.

[?]: Is he sad that his wife is dead?

[LYH]: Yes.

[LYH]: Except a life of killing
[LYH]: and blood soaked hands…

[LYH]: left him with only numbness in his heart.

[?]: What… was his name?

[LYH]: Liaoyuan Huo.

[LYH]: A name he used to have.

[LYH]: She has a son. Do you know him?

[LYH]: He who ascends that bare hill… Is he sad?

[?]: That depends on what kind of childhood she gave him.

[?]: It was like living on a knife’s edge. Her son feels none of the pain from her passing,

[?]: only a sense of liberation.

[?]: Three days of mourning is enough.

[LYH]: Hahahaha, boy you have guts.

[LYH]: So what made him come back?

[?]: The worst kind of disrespect for the world-
(“…not filial pious…”)

{sfx: zing~}


[Zhao Tong]: Accomplish something great while the world is in chaos.

[LYH]: You came here because you saw a shortcut?

[ZT]: My teacher said we should head toward reality.

[ZT]: This sword is like a thorn. Let it remind the man buried here…
(not sure if the first half is saying “if the sword pierces [him]”, but strictly speaking the wording is “…is like…”)

[ZT]: that some things overrides everything else.

[ZT]: And I’m able to detach myself from old scars.

[ZT]: I’ve done my duty.
(“etiquette complete”)

[LYH]: Thanks.

[LYH]: Back then, Sun Ce was just as outrageous.

[LYH]: Because he knew what his path was. I ask you…

[LYH]: Do you want to do something great with your old man?

[ZT]: Old man…

[?]: Yes, old man.

[ZT]: Hahaha, I ascend that tree-clad hill,

[ZT]: please lead the way, old man.

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: Discussing Warfare Using Blood”

May 31, 2017

chapter 481 (magazine syndication, not final)

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There is an opportunity before me.

But who is my greatest obstacle?
(“and block road big enemy…”)

[?]: Hurry, these are for those men by the tree.

[?]: The numbers have been shrinking since we broke through.

[?]: Now there are only about a few dozen.
(“…several tens [of] people…”)

chapter 481 An Exploration Of Life
(something like “scouting out the way of life”, not sure)

[?]: I’ve scouted the guard camp nearby, and they seem to wary of us.

[?]: Since you leaked your whereabouts, master, I think we should stay our hands and wait to decide what to do until we reach Changsha.

[Huang Zhong]: Got it.
[?]: Shopkeep, what’s the situation here?

[?]: I heard that Han Xuan has retreated to his main city to resist Liu Bei.
[?]: Without a leader, cities on the outskirts fell to chaos.

[?]: Deserters started pillaging while still flying their army banners.

[?]: Eat up while you can, good sirs,

[?]: for the road ahead might be desolate.
(I want to say “for desolation awaits”, but feels kind of too formal/literary for a shopkeeper)

[?]: Master, little Song has returned.

[?]: Look again, how could he be little Song?
(“eyes blurry? how could be little song”)

[?]: I’ve finally found you, master Huang.

[Wei Yan]: I heard that you’re here to recruit for Liu Bei, so I’ve come to meet you.
{sfx: ta}

[HZ]: This area has already yielded to Liu Bei. No need to be so formal.

[HZ]: You’re the only one left?
[WY]: Hm.
(exhale sfx)

[WY]: Hearing rumor of our Lord’s death, my men went “missing” not even halfway to Changsha.
(he didn’t say Changsha, only said “halfway [there]”, but I added it for clarity)

[WY]: They say Han Xuan put a bounty on your head. Aren’t you afraid?
(Hong Kong dialect)

[HZ]: I wouldn’t dare go back if I were.

[HZ]: How about you?

[?]: Enjoy your tea, sir.

[WY]: Han Xuan’s virtuous governance was no longer to be seen as I made my way here. Only looting and destruction.

[WY]: Changsha might not be the same as you remembered it, master, even if you return.

[HZ]: You’re already a public enemy in the city. How about this…

[WY]: If Han Xuan turns his back on kindness, you should turn your back on honor.

[WY]: Now that I think about it, we didn’t belong here anyway.

[WY]: Perhaps it’s time for a change of location.

[HZ]: I didn’t realize you had no backbone.

[WY]: You know as well as I do, master, that this battle has no meaning.

[WY]: We were supposed to fight traitor Cao, but instead we turned on each other.

[WY]: More fighting will only hurt the common folks.

[HZ]: So what has Decisive Wei Yan discovered?

[WY]: There’s no big catch in a small hunting ground.

[WY]: A great undertaking requires one to look past falling in with a “dirty” crowd.
(homonym wordplay on an idiom “motley crew“)

[WY]: It’s not like we’re men of honor after having bloodied our hands.

[?]: Master, Guan Yu’s troop is ten li away from us.

[WY]: I think we should do it like him.

[WY]: Even when he’s covered in blood, he’ll still be worshiped like a god or a saint by generations to come.

[HZ]: Haha, if people would even worship men like him,

[HZ]: then Central Plain is quite tragic.

[WY]: So what is your greatest tragedy, master?

[HZ]: I suppose it’s having chosen the wrong path,

[HZ]: then get ridiculed by a brat.

[WY]: Where the path leads us shall determine our fate.

[WY]: We must head toward reality.

[WY]: Can you keep up, grandpa?

[HZ]: This old man walks too slow. Perhaps in the next life.

[HZ]: I’m ready to pay, shopkeep.

[WY]: When is the next life?

[WY]: There’s nothing after death.

[?]: Why don’t you eat some more, master?

[WY]: Hm.
(exhale sfx)

[WY]: Amateurs…

[WY]: Shopkeep,

[WY]: how much is Huang Zhong worth?

[?]: What?



[HZ]: You…

[?]: S… sir, why…

{unsheathing sfx}

[WY]: I know an ambush when I see one.

[WY]: Tell those men below to back off.

[WY]: Huang Zhong’s bounty is not for you folks to earn.

[WY]: Go and inform Han Xuan that this man is mine!

[WY]: They drugged your tea. You’ll die if you keep drinking.

[HZ]: Huff.

[WY]: It might be fate that Huang Zhong dies here.

[WY]: But what kind of man will he be if he lives?

[WY]: If you’re on the last stretch of life…

[WY]: do you dare to keep up?

[WY]: Challenge your public enemy…

[WY]: that goddamn reputation you hold so dear.
(“that piece [of] $*^% face”; the East Asian’s notion of “face”, could be “self-image” or “pride”)

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: I’ll lead the way”
(arrogant self-referential phrasing lost in translation; possibly going to be a chapter about Zhao Tong)

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