Ravaging Times

book 1

(Book 1 can be bought through YesAsia)

Author’s Words (back-jacket):
Do you like comics?
You must be a fan of comics if you would buy even this one.
Me? Not really. Why?
I think the only reason is because not many comics suit my taste.
That’s not other people’s problem,
only that I’m the one with the weird taste.
In the end I figured out a compromise…
I should be the artist and draw a comic according to my taste.
After it publishes I then buy it and happily play the role of a reader.
Funny, right? Frankly I think it’s really funny!

short verse on the back cover:
I’m willing to become the southwestern wind,
and fade away into your embrace, my husband.
But if you won’t open your arms,
where could I, your lowly mistress, lean on?
(the full verse (?) here: http://blog.livid.cn/zackzhu/?p=108
I can’t find an official translation… please excuse my horrendous rendition; I simplified it in the main text)


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