Ravaging Times

series 1

Not human

Chen Mou

[leader]: Sorry bro, my son will starve if I don’t do this.

[father]: Ban… bandit sir, take all the money you want! Please… spare us.

[leader]: Hehehe… don’t worry. It’s not you we’re after.

[second]: Please go downstairs, chief! Everyone’s waiting for you.
(here “big brother” may not necessarily mean “brother” or even in the sense of “oath brother”; so to me it is just a word choice between “boss”, “leader”, or “chief”)

[leader]: All right, but I shall warn you all again. We must be extremely careful this time, because he’s very powerful.

[second]: Don’t worry, chief! He might be a top-notch fighter, but we outnumber him, besides…
[second]: he’s now worth a hundred-thousand!

[leader’s son]: Yeah, dad, so what if he’s powerful! He sold out his father for his own gain. Anyone has a right to kill him. We can’t let him off easy!

[leader]: Take care of things up here, number two. Everyone else follow me.

{banner reads: guests come like the clouds}
[leader]: Criminal catching criminal, that’s a first.

[father]: Brother, please spare us…

[father]: don’t…

[bandit 1]: Look, second master, it’s started!

[bandit 2]: Erniu, behind you! Look out!

[bandit 2]: Moron! Didn’t I tell you to look out!
[?]: Make him pay, chief!

[leader]: You do fight well, but your skills are misused.

[Lü Bu]: Hoo! I almost reached the capital, but now…

[LB]: Misused? Hmph! Eliminating a bunch of bandits is not a crime! How is that misused?!

[leader]: Of course it’s misused. A young man doesn’t work to serve the country,
[leader]: instead you kill your father and takes the head to see that animal; you’d sell out your father for your own gain!

[leader]: You’re already longing for status and power at this young age. Hasn’t your father treated you well already? Isn’t that enough?

[leader]: If there’s an opportunity for fame and glory, but you’d be known for murdering your father, would any of you take it?

[second]: Hell! Stop that nonsense!
[second]: There’s no such man! Unless he’s an animal!

[bandits]: Right! Animal! He who kills his father is not human!
[bandits]: Chief! To hell with this animal! Let us kill him!

[second]: Look here, your beloved niece,
[second]: what should we do with her?

[son]: Second master, people who’re related to this animal can’t be good either.

[LB]: Wait, I beg you! Spare her, she’s only ten…

[leader]: Heh, what a surprise to hear that from an animal.
[leader]: As if you still have humanity?

[leader]: This is your own doing, not my fault!

[LB]: If you want to kill, just come at me, at me!
[LB]: What have they done to you!

[leader]: That’s your fault. We can’t let word get out when we’re after your life.
[leader]: We didn’t want this either.

[leader]: If we succeed today, it’ll be our last time being criminals.

[bandit 3]: Right! Once we collect the reward of a hundred-thousand, I’ll pay a monk to pass them onto the afterlife.

[bandit 3]: Any last word?

[bandit 3]: If I like what I hear, I’ll let you die comfortably.

[LB]: So I’m worth a hundred-thousand. Nice!
[LB]: Fine, open your ears –

[LB]: and Listen up!
{sfx: cha~}

[LB]: Sure, I’m an animal.

[LB]: Just because I wasn’t a Han, I grew up facing discrimination; can’t even keep myself full and warm.

[LB]: So I swore to myself that I’ll become a somebody, by whatever means!

[LB]: My opportunity came half a month ago. With the help of Lord Dong, my dream will soon come true…
[LB]: even if it’ll cost my godfather’s life!

[LB]: Godfather treated me well, but no matter how hard I work, I will only be his pawn, forever a lowly being in the shadow of him and his son.

[LB]: That’s why a few days ago I snuck into my godfather’s tent and killed him. While carrying his head to the capital I’ve met quite a lot of men who wanted my head, just like you.
[LB]: Hehe… You guys are easy compared to many of them! For a sorry bunch like you, you thought you could kill me? Haha!

[second]: Bastard! We must kill you no matter what!

[second]: Do you think it’s something if you’re valued by that animal? Is that glory?

[second]: He’s just a traitor to the country, a man who held the Emperor hostage. And yet a greedy lowlife like you still want to serve him.
[second]: Today my hatred will stop only after I’ve killed every single person who’s related to you!

[second]: How about this? I cut off your head and go collect my reward…

[second]: Get your ass over here! Let me see if you’re really as powerful as the legend says!

{sfx: lon!}

[second]: Animal! Drop dead!

{sfx: pong!}

Come, sword!

Midair sword-reclaim!
(some cheesy martial arts technique names)


[leader]: Am… amazing! Number two was the most skilled among us!
[leader]: Go! Surround him! Today we’ll exact revenge for number two no matter what!



[leader]: Too strong! Too strong! I think in this world,
[leader]: no one is his match!
[leader]: So he really is a skilled killer!

[leader]: Yes! He’s not human!
[leader]: No one can be this skilled!

[bandit 4]: Ah…

[leader]: Only a wild beast!

[LB]: Having killed enough people, old croak, did you ever think about what it’s like to be killed?

[leader]: I don’t know what you’re saying. I can’t comprehend the words of an animal.

[LB]: Gutsy! Today I’ll make you my first trophy on my way to the capital!

[leader]: Like hell, you selfish bastard!

{sfx: don!}

[leader]: It’s over, it’s all over…

[leader]: I can’t take care of you any more, son, I’m about to…

[leader]: die-

[leader]: Oh dear Heavens! What are we doing?

[leader]: How are we different from him today?
[leader[: Yet we spoke against him without shame;

[leader]: we were cruel like animals,
[leader]: and senseless like animals!

[leader]: Or maybe, we were animals to begin with.

[leader]: We would kill our own kind to survive.
[leader]: In this chaotic world that has no humanity,

[leader]: where is conscience? Where is benevolence? Morality?
{book titles: The Analects, Spring and Autumn Annals, Classic of Rites}

[leader]: The funny thing is, we thought we were punishing an evil today,

[leader]: but who knew the one righting a wrong… would be you!

[son]: I beg of you! Don’t… don’t kill my dad!
[son]: If you want to kill, then kill me!

[LB]: A grown son.

[leader]: Please spare him! He’s my only son.
[son]: Forget it dad!

[leader]: Have mercy…

[leader]: I beg you…


[soldiers]: Kill Dong the criminal!

[soldiers]: Kill Dong Zhuo!

[Dong Zhuo]: My son! I beg you!

[DZ]: I’ve treated you well, haven’t I? You must remember that I’m your godfather!

[LB]: No, Ding Yuan is my godfather.

[DZ]: Lü Bu! You despicable lowlife! Ay… Ding Yuan, I can’t believe I’ll meet your fate…

One day three years ago (189 AD), I led some comrades of mine to kill a man…

A man who would kill his father for fame and fortune.

A man who would, three years later (192 AD), kill his second godfather for the same reason.

A man skilled in fighting, but filled with a deadly ambition.

He killed thirty men in Yunlai Inn that year. After which it has been smooth sailing for him. Ah! I forgot to tell you… I died on this date.
(“Yun Lai” is literally “cloud” “come”)

[?]: If we succeed today, it’ll be our last time being criminals.

[Not human] chapter 1 *The End*

I like to watch some people, who after they make a mistake, would deny it, using all kinds of excuses to rid themselves of the blame (responsibility); they would attach different theories, or put on a pretense of righteousness and morality. And in the end, they become the ones with reason while you turn into the unreasonable one. I know many people like that, but I admire them.

After all, they’re smarter than you and me.

( can refer to thieves, bandits, outlaws, criminals, etc.)


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