Ravaging Times

series 2 chapter 2

Not Human series (2)

Lowly Mistress

chapter 2
Chen Mou

[Chen Gong]: Diao Chan.

[Diao Chan]: Feng Xian-

[Lü Bu]: Don’t cry.

[LB]: Xiao Chan, what are you doing?

[DC]: Hoo… So it was just a nightmare.

[LB]: Stop scaring yourself, dummy.

[LB]: Sleep well. I’m heading out for battle.

[LB]: Cao Cao and Liu Bei have breached Xuzhou, and now Xiapi is in danger…

[LB]: Don’t worry, I’ll definitely drive them out!

[LB]: Wait for my return.

[DC]: No… don’t go!

[DC]: Don’t leave me!

[DC]: Don’t… don’t leave me.

[CG]: You,

[CG]: I…

[CG]: I…

[CG]: I’m not Lü Bu!

What a frightening woman; one can’t lower his guard around her…

[DC]: *sob*

[DC]: *sob*

[Guan Yu]: Looks like she has fallen apart.

[CG]: Poor woman. She has been crying all day.

[CG]: Why are you here?

[CG]: You don’t seem like one of those men out there.

[GY]: I’m here to kill her.

[CG]: Kill…

[CG]: Stop joking. Why do you want to kill her?

[GY]: Beauty always invites misfortune.

[GY]: If such a corrupting being falls into Cao Cao’s hands,

[GY]: chaos will surely ensue!

[GY]: First you served Dong Zhuo, then you married Lv Bu. You have done enough shameful business!

[GY]: What are you crying for!

[CG]: Guan Yun Chang! Don’t jump to conclusions based on opinions! She’s not like that!
[CG]: Back when Dong Zhuo dominated the courts, Lü Bu was helping a tyrant;

[CG]: no one else knew what to do, but fortunately Wang Yun devised a plan in which Diao Chan gave her life to turn two evil against each other.

[CG]: She might be a woman, but she’s willing to sacrifice her life for the good of the country.
[CG]: The two are now dead, yet she will be remembered as a sinner!

[CG]: I won’t stand for such inversion of truth and lies!

[DC]: Haha~~

[DC]: Lü Bu is not evil, he’s my husband.

[DC]: Husband… Dong Zhuo, Lü Bu… who else?

[DC]: Come on, who else wants to be my husband?

[DC]: Who else?

[GY]: Fine. Diao Chan, let me ask you,

[GY]: do you have a place to go if I free you?

[DC]: My godfather and husband are all dead;
[DC]: I have no family anymore.

[GY]: Ay!

[GY]: What then, what then?

[DC]: If you do not shun me, General…

[DC]: I’m willing to be your mistress.

Outside the ceiling window is the black and murky sky; the shaking shadows of trees are like soul-reaping ghosts wandering about…

The two of us looked pale, as if we are at a funeral. Only the depressing sound of sighing and moaning could break that suffocating silence.


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