Ravaging Times

series 3 chapter 3

Not Human series (3)

The Last Pillar

chapter 3
Chen Mou

[captain]: Go!

[soldiers]: Kill! Kill-

[soldiers]: I’ll kill your mother! I’ll kill your whole family!

[soldier 1]: Aah!

[soldier 2]: Kill-

[soldier 3]: We received too few arrows.
[soldier 4]: Team two get ready! Target the damaged west gate!

[soldier 5]: The enemy reinforcements are coming. I heard that we’re about to withdraw.
[soldier 6]: Withdraw! We fought for so long and…

[Yang Yi]: Such a golden opportunity, but who’d have thought the reinforcements would arrive so soon…

{Yang Yi}
[Zhuge Liang]: Ay. Order an retreat to the Ji Valley, and have the cavalry cover.

[soldiers]: Charge! Hurry!
Kill~ Kill~

[Cao Yuan]: Unbelievable! Zhuge Liang would attack us when we’re fixing the wall, such trickery.

{a defense General of Wei, Cao Yuan}
[CY]: Hold on everyone! Our reinforcement is coming.

[scout]: Prime Minister, the cavalry is heading for the enemy stronghold!

[?]: What!

[YY]: How dare they disobey the order! Who’s in charge?
[ZGL]: Tell team two to replace the cavalry in the defense position, and signal the cavalry to rejoin the troop quickly.

[scout]: Got it! Prime Minister! It’s General Wei Yan!

[YY]: Unbelievable! Him again!

{sfx: loon~}

{flag reads: Wei}
[rider]: General Wei! Withdraw!

[rider]: Prime Minister’s order! We can’t breach the city, so we must return to our defense position! General Wei should cover our retreat!

[Wei Yan]: Bullshit! Prime Minister can’t breach the city, so let me. I’ll show him not to underestimate us. If you want to win an honor, come with me!

{sfx: loon~}

[soldier]: Great, the reinforcement is almost here!

{sfx: loon~}


[general]: What! Where did this cavalry come from!
[general]: Can’t let them breach the city! Everyone, defend!

[soldier x]: What do we do, General?
[CY]: Not to fear. No cavalry has ever been sent to breach a city gate. They’ll retreat shortly.

[CY]: Ignorant Zhuge, you just sent them to their death!

[CY]: Fire!


[WY]: See that wooden stand?

[WY]: When it falls, charge!

[WY]: Come!

[CY]: Fire!

[WY]: Nice horsey! Hold on!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Wah!

{sfx: ka~}

[WY]: Looks like you’re the Grand Administrator.

[WY]: Please lend me your head.

[?]: Charge! Come!

[soldiers]: We breached the west gate!

{flag reads: Shu}
[soldier 7]: Great! Wei Yan breached the west gate!

[YY]: Prime Minister, this guy is always against you. This is reckless!

[ZGL]: Hmph! You go and call him back.

[WY]: What about the other parts? Took them all? Good!

[WY]: Fix the walls and welcome the army. Then prepare to fight off the enemy reinforcement!

{sfx: loon~}

[WY]: Yang Yi, are you here to share my success? Where’s the Prime Minister?

[YY]: Wei Yan, the Prime Minister orders you to retreat immediately!

[WY]: What! Retreat? Nonsense! We have the upper hand, even their reinforcement doesn’t scare me!
[WY]: Like you men of letters know anything about fighting a war!

[YY]: Hmph! As if you can compare to the Prime Minister! You ignorant thing!

[YY]: You think this is a big deal? Do you know the consequences if the enemy cuts off our route back?

[YY]: I really hate your smug attitude! The Prime Minister wants you to retreat!
[YY]: Will you or won’t you!

[WY]: Yang Yi, we should use this city as a foothold while the enemy hasn’t stabilized their defenses.

[WY]: I only need five thousand riders, through Ziwu Valley to Changan,

[WY]: and we’ll be at the enemy’s throat. How can we miss such a golden opportunity!

[WY]: Tell the Prime Minister, I will not retreat!

[YY]: Arrest this insubordinate man!

[WY]: Being favored by a high rank sure makes a difference.

[soldier 8]: Don’t act rashly, General!

[soldier 9]: General…

[WY]: Hmph!

[WY]: Pull out!

[YY]: Listen, you only have an hour!

[WY]: …

[WY]: Yang Yi!

[YY]: Wah-

[WY]: Yang Yi, do you like my gift?

[YY]: Wei Yan! You’ll pay for this!

[YY]: This isn’t over!

[YY]: Although, I would have hoped the gift was you.

[YY]: And I think the Prime Minister feels the same way!

[YY]: Cha!

[YY]: Soon! I’m sure it’ll come soon!

[soldier]: General… are we really going to retreat?

{flag reads: Liu, Liu, Zhuge, Shu}

[WY]: Ignorant Zhuge!

[WY]: You deserve to be called a coward!

[WY]: Coward!

Dragging my worn out body, carrying the heavy shackles, the strong wind masks all sound, and flying sand obscures my vision. The destination may be far, but my confidence remains…

Too bad… too bad… short of one step in the end… and only countless distrust awaits me.


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