Ravaging Times

series 3 chapter 5

Not Human series (3)

The Last Pillar

chapter 5
Chen Mou

[Yang Yi]: Didn’t the Prime Minister warn you all to be cautious while transporting rations? Didn’t he say to never scatter your forces while protecting them? Why didn’t anyone follow the order?

[YY]: Unbelievable! Good-for-nothing, the lot of you!

[soldier]: We were passing through a narrow terrain at that moment, so it wasn’t easy to keep everyone together. And when the front was attacked, confusion spread to the back.

[soldier]: It has been five times. Why do we have to take that route every time?

[soldier]: General Wei Yan was right. Why won’t anyone listen to him!

[YY]: Hmph! His words are all rubbish. You men are just afraid of the responsibility, blaming it on someone else!

[soldier]: But it was really out of our control at the time!

[soldier x]: You men of letters only know how to make a belated effort, as if you can do anything!
[YY]: Hell! Don’t blame it on us, like we did anything wrong!

[YY]: The loss of rations is your fault!

[soldier x]: Damnit, you want a fight? Come, I’ll go easy on you for a hundred rounds!
[Zhuge Liang]: !

[ZGL]: Silence! The most important thing right now is how to rescue Jiang Wei!

[ZGL]: Could you have return here if it wasn’t for him protecting your backs?

[ZGL]: Cough! Cough…



[ZGL]: Worthless body…

[ZGL]: Who? Who will go rescue him?

Jiang Wei, you are an extraordinarily talented man that I’ve met in my life, and the Shu Kingdom cannot lose you. I really wanted to go save you myself if I could…

Unfortunately, no one before my eyes dares to step forward…

Suddenly the image of a person flashes across my mind. If he is willing to go, maybe you’ll have a fighting chance, but unfortunately…

he is now rarely seen during meetings after being benched for so long.

There are many terrible things in this world that happen because you keep thinking that they will not recur, and yet they do…

[messenger]: Sir! East Wu’s alliance force fell for an enemy trick at Lake Chao, and they suffered heavy casualties!

[messenger]: Sun Quan has ordered an retreat!

When about to place a great responsibility on a person, Heaven may test one with hardship and frustrated efforts in order to toughen one’s nature and correct deficiencies… But to me, this is just the tolling of the bell upon opening the gates to hell…

[?]: Prime Minister!

Heaven, you are really unfair!

[?]: Prime Minister!
[?]: Prime Minister!

[?]: Prime Minister!

[?]: Prime Minister! Zhang Yi at Zhu Pass has been surrounded by a hundred thousand Wei soldiers. The situation is dire. Please send reinforcements!

[?]: The Chencang army rushed us and took down three camps! Please think of a solution!
[?]: Sir! It’s been confirmed – Xiahou Ba ambushed us and took all the rations!

[?]: Prime Minister! Please think of something!
[ZGL]: Ugh…

[scout 3]: Sir! Sima Yi sent out all of his forces to attack Jiang Wei, trapping all five thousand of his Tiger Infantry!

[scout 3]: Some say he has already died!


{vomit blood}

[?]: Prime Minister! This is bad!

[?]: Prime Minister!

[?]: Prime Minister! Please think of something!
Bad news came one after another, and now, my mind is in total chaos… Suddenly I realized that in the past thirty years, I have held a great power, overseeing everything in the courts and the military…

[?]: Sir! We spotted enemy troops west of our rear flank!
[?]: They may be planning to cut off our return route!
[?]: Prime Minister!
[?]: Prime Minister! What about the Zhu Pass crisis?
[?]: Who will go and defend against Chencang?
But I didn’t give anyone else a chance, and no one could have worked to the best of their abilities, nor could they think on their own, …Was I wrong?

[?]: Make way!
[?]: Why is the Prime Minister collapsing at this moment…
[?]: I came from Chendu (capital). Make way!
[?]: Don’t push! I have to report first!

[?]: The Prime Minister is unconscious right now!
[?]: Who can speak for him? This can’t wait!
[?]: Where is Jiang Wan? He can give orders!
[?]: Right now it’s a military matter. I say only Wei Yan can take on this role!

[?]: Prime Minister! Wake up!

[?]: Prime Minister!

[offical 1]: I say Chief Clerk Yang has worked hard to get to where he is, and he also knows the Prime Minister the best!

[?]: The frontline means life or death for all of us! Me first!
[general Liao]: I came first, Ma, let me ask first!
[?]: General Liao! Don’t be reckless!

[?]: I think we must retreat to preserve our forces!
[?]: Hell! Says who!
[?]: Do you know who is in charge now?
[?]: I’ll go fight the enemy, old Li, give me five thousand men!

[?]: Don’t make me laugh!
[?]: If you want to go, borrow from Wei Yan!
[?]: The likes of you taking on the enemy? Don’t make me laugh!
[?]: General Wei would definitely go! But who holds the military power right now!
[?]: Yunnan is in short in food supplies. His Majesty has sent me
[?]: to consult with the Prime Minister. Make way!

[?]: No, I’m not leaving until the Prime Minister answers me!
[?]: Retreat! You cowards.
[?]: Retreat? Are you crazy! You know how severe the consequence will be?

[?]: Prime Minister!
Just give up! You have done your best…


Can I?

[Wei Yan]: When the enemy surrounds us and cuts off our line of communication, the way to win is to break through using surprise attacks immediately, and never resort to hard defense!

[WY]: Do you remember that strategy you talked about at Jiangxia back in the day?

[YY]: Wei Yan, when was it your turn to make a sound?

[YY]: The Prime Minister has always disliked you. Do you want to worsen his condition? Back off!

[WY]: During the operation, position the army into “Four Force-Charger Formation”…
(this formation name is not approved by professional translators)
[WY]: First use the cavalry to assault the enemy,

The war chariots will support them from behind…

Wei Yan…

Why do you always appear at the most inappropriate time? Why won’t you leave me be…

Displaying your heroic spirit when I’m just about to give up…

as I cower on the bed. Could it be that my former Lord has judged him correctly while I’m only seeing it now… Oh dear heaven! How should I respond…


[WY]: What happened to all those strategies of yours? Tell us! We’re in a critical time right now…

[WY]: Say you’ll let me go fight the enemies! Say you’ll give me the military command!

What should I do?
[WY]: Say it!

I’m sorry, but you are too ambitious…

It is too much… for me.
[WY]: Ay~
[WY]: Old man! When will you drop this grudge!

[?]: When will you stop being reckless, Wei Yan!

[YY]: Insubordination. Arrest him!

[YY]: And I might as well tell you this. With the military command in my hands, you can forget about getting it in this lifetime!

[YY]: You bastard!

[WY]: Fuckoff!

[?]: Chief Clerk!

[YY]: Bastard!

[WY]: You too, dog!

[WY]: Listen up! From now on…

{sfx: pa~}
Or maybe it was going to go out of hand ever since the beginning…

[WY]: Yang Yi…

[WY]: You’ll never see the last of me!

[WY]: You rat! How dare you fight against me!

I really wanted to give up…
[WY]: Give me the military command!

[WY]: What are you doing!
[official 2]: Calm down, General Wei!
[official 2]: Don’t act rashly!

[YY]: Cough cough cough!

[YY]: Wei Yan is guilty of insubordination, attempted murder of the Prime Minister, and forceful seizing of military command! Openly mutinous! I’ll make sure you get executed even if I have to report to Chendu!

[WY]: Hell! Like I’m afraid of you! I’ll report you to Chendu as well!

It’s over, it’s all over…

In those hate-filled eyes I saw something that I feared, and it’s going to happen soon…

Wei Yan will revolt!

All of these were caused by me, what… what have I done…

I could have stopped this, right? Unfortunately I really could not move…

I think that Heaven wanted me to watch this ending in silence…

[YY]: Retreat! Full retreat!

[soldier 3]: What! Chief Clerk, think clearly before you speak!
[soldier 4]: Wei Yan is right! If we retreat now, we will never have a chance to win again!

[YY]: The Prime Minister is ill. I will take his place for now!

[soldier 5]: Hmph!

[soldier]: That rumor about Jiang Wei’s death, with his fighting skills I don’t believe he’s dead!

[YY]: All this time? I say Jiang Wei is dead for sure!

[YY]: Besides, he is from Wei. If he knows how to ride the tide of change, he might have surrendered already!

[YY]: Pull out! You men only have two hours!

After I left Longzhong I followed my former Lord in world conquests, and had total control in the next thirty years…

That’s right. I had control over everything. It was difficult for others to take part in the decision-making, leading to this situation…
Yet I felt at ease. Perhaps none of this is the fault of great Han but mine…

It has already reached one conclusion…

People regard me as a God, but I am just a human being…

A human always has flaws…

[Jiang Wei]: Huff!
[JW]: It’s a lie!

[JW]: Huff! A lie!
[JW]: What!

[JW]: How can this be…

[JW]: Why!

[JW]: Anybody here!

[JW]: Anybody?
{flag: Shu}

[JW]: Why was there no reinforcement!

[JW]: Why! Why did you abandon us!

I have reached the end?

What did I do?

Why do Heavens reject me!
{flag: Shu}

Kong Ming, you are better than me when it comes to political theories and managing the government affairs. But when it comes to judging character…

I can do so much better than you.


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