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July 5, 2017

chapter 483 (magazine syndication, not final)

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Strive to do one’s best until one’s death.

And everyday his job was to cause death.

[?]: They sure can grow anything in the south.
[?]: Food won’t be a problem once we unite the four commanderies.

[?]: Oh, why has sir Jian returned in a hurry?

[?]: Perhaps he needed to ask the Advisor something.

chapter 483 A Bloodsoaked Discussion of Warfare

[?]: Ah, Jian Yong.

[?]: Apologies, but the Advisor is busy. I can take you to him if you want.

[Jian Yong]: So much has changed in the short time I was away, has it…
[?]: You’re right. We’ve gained control of Jiangxia.

[JY]: That means Kong Ming could soon begin surveying the south.
(Kong Ming is Zhuge Liang’s courtesy name)

[?]: Amazing. It’s like we succeeded despite not having done anything.

[?]: Haha, that’s the power of the Advisor.

[Zhuge Liang]: Your people saw the Eighth Genius in Guiyang?

[JY]: Yes. He claimed to be Zhao Fan’s oath brother.

[ZGL]: Wouldn’t that make him a fake if he’s found in Guiyang?
(not sure about the syntax)
[JY]: No, this one is different from those in the past.

[ZGL]: Eighth doesn’t get on well with others. And it’s even harder to track him.
[ZGL]: We barely kept in touch ever since Master Water Mirror retired.

[?]: As for his name… unless he declares it after graduation, no one would know.

[ZGL]: That can’t be the only reason why you rushed here.

[JY]: Ha.

[JY]: I have something that will interest you.

[JY]: Zi Long found this in Guiyang.
(Zi Long is Zhao Yun’s courtesy name)

{map reads, right to left: …”station four thousand”; left: “valley entrance floods in July, woods west, flatland east”; circled: “hill north, flatland, swamp south”; bottom: “to the right of swamp”; left: Routes of Shu, map ten}
(see chapter 468)

[ZGL]: Encampments, valley’s terrain, and the roads into Shu are all matching.
[ZGL]: Very similar to what our spies in the Chuan region described.

[ZGL]: We already know about the first half. But it’s the first time we’re seeing this second half.
{upside down map reads, left to right: “hilly terrain”; “three thousand (?) station”; “floods in July”; top: “four hundred, flatland”; below: “swamp land”; circled “flatland”}
(can’t read the rest)

[ZGL]: Even the way he handles the brush is the same.
[ZGL]: The author should be the same person as that of the map I received before.

[?]: We should know how they’ll deploy their troops if the map is correct.

[?]: Do you still have that map, Advisor?

[ZGL]: It has been turned into an antique. But the man named “Zhang Song” is still here.
(I think by saying “…turned into a famous painting” could mean a famous person autographed it)

[JY]: The renowned Zhang Song of west Chuan? Why did he come here?

[ZGL]: You’re right.

[ZGL]: That’s why I released him and sent someone to track his movements.

[?]: We couldn’t get anything out of him, instructor.

[?]: We still need your personal touch.

[ZGL]: Bring the map and do a little comparison.

[?]: Yessir.

[?]: Wait outside.

[?]: Wh… wh…
(“this… this…”)

[ZGL]: Come.

{sfx: pa}


[?]: AHH!

[?]: AHH!

[ZGL]: Oh right, Jian Yong, you said you saw the Eighth in Guiyang,

[ZGL]: so… have you seen a torture chamber like this?

[JY]: Yes. Exactly like this.

[ZGL]: Exactly like this…

[ZGL]: Then I’m certain…

[ZGL]: that the Eighth has graduated!


[?]: AHH!



[?]: {retch}

[?]: Take note, Yang Yi.
(thanks to reader Beatles9 for the correction)

[JY]: An advisor who has never killed anyone with his own hands will only ever deal with warfare in theory.

[JY]: Prowess and cruelty go hand-in-hand.
(“the more amazing [they are], the more vicious [they are]”)

[JY]: That’s one of history’s… unspeakable truths.


[ZGL]: Zhang Song?

[Zhang Song]: Yes…

[ZGL]: I ask you one more time, if you betrayed Liu Zhang,

[ZGL]: why did you go back?

[ZS]: No… don’t hit me!

[ZS]: I… I don’t know anything!



[ZGL]: Has he been slacking off?
[?]: No. He has been good.

[ZGL]: Come.

{sfx: pa}

[Liu Shan]: Stinky, stinky.

{fan, fan}
[ZGL]: All right now, you won’t broaden your abilities without study.

[ZGL]: Last time we discussed Mencius…

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: Uniting the Four Commanderies”

June 15, 2017

chapter 482 (magazine syndication, not final)

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In that great ditch full of dirty water, a different color was flowing-

it was bright and did not dissolve.

[?]: We’ve received news that our Lord has conquered the outskirts of Changsha.

[?]: The morale inside the city has crumbled after learning of the loss of three Commanderies.

[?]: An army of common folks followed Han Xuan in an attempt to break through the encirclement, but they were slaughtered by Guan Yu.

[?]: Second master is amazing,

chapter 482 Old Man Leads The Way

[?]: but our boss is even more so!

[?]: Yeah, he succeeded without any reinforcement.
[?]: This battle was the first of its kind!

[Zhou Cang]: Yi Xiu…

[ZC]: Mao Cheng, Chen Song, little Niu, Stinky Egg, old Zheng…
[ZC]: that homesick Pissy Ma…
(could just be his name “ma niao wang”, or literally “horse urine king”)

[ZC]: and Freckle Ye, who asked me to be his wingman… the several dozen mercenaries…

(sfx “sha”)

[Zhou Cang]: This is for you.

[ZC]: You men move on ahead. We’ll meet again soon.

[?]: Cheers!

[ZC]: My brothers…

[ZC]: we walking corpses shall head for the next challenge.

[ZC]: Our brothers down under are setting up a banquet for us.

[ZC]: Let’s hope we’ll be late to the party.

[?]: Hahaha, does Xiao Meng still remember what we like to eat after all these years?

[?]: Oh, speaking of Xiao Meng…

[?]: I doubt he has a way to cook down there!

[?]: Yeah! He must be so vexed right now!

[?]: Hahahaha!

One group leaves, then comes another. Seems like we’ve grown accustomed to it.


[Liaoyuan Huo]: Any news of the Eighth Genius?

[?]: No.

[?]: Sorry, I’m not one of your men.

[?]: Just an old friend.

[LYH]: You know the person in the grave?

[?]: Quite.

[?]: She likes it here because it looks very similar to another place.

[LYH]: Yes.

[?]: Who’s the other one?

[LYH]: A man who’ll eventually return to this place.

[LYH]: A man who’ll never be able to leave this place.

[?]: Husband?

[LYH]: Sort of.

[?]: Is he sad that his wife is dead?

[LYH]: Yes.

[LYH]: Except a life of killing
[LYH]: and blood-soaked hands…

[LYH]: left him with only numbness in his heart.

[?]: What… was his name?

[LYH]: Liaoyuan Huo.

[LYH]: A name he used to have.

[LYH]: She has a son. Do you know him?

[LYH]: He who ascends that bare hill… Is he sad?

[?]: That depends on what kind of childhood she gave him.

[?]: It was like living on a knife’s edge. Her son feels none of the pain from her passing,

[?]: only a sense of liberation.

[?]: Three days of mourning is enough.

[LYH]: Hahahaha, boy you have guts.

[LYH]: So what made him come back?

[?]: The most unfilial-pious thing a man can do to the world-
(I think “not filial-pious” has connotation here, that Zhao Tong is symbolically stabbing his father while talking about disrespecting the world, thus I think I should keep the wording in the translation)

{sfx: zing~}


[Zhao Tong]: Accomplish something great while the world is in chaos.

[LYH]: You came here because you saw a shortcut?

[ZT]: My teacher said we should head toward reality.

[ZT]: This sword is like a thorn. Let it remind the man buried here…
(not sure if the first half is saying “if the sword pierces [him]”, but strictly speaking the wording is “…is like…”)

[ZT]: that some things overrides everything else.

[ZT]: And I’m able to detach myself from old scars.

[ZT]: I’ve done my duty.
(“etiquette complete”)

[LYH]: Thanks.

[LYH]: Back then, Sun Ce was just as outrageous.

[LYH]: Because he knew what his path was. I ask you…

[LYH]: Do you want to do something great with your old man?

[ZT]: Old man…

[?]: Yes, old man.

[ZT]: Hahaha, I ascend that tree-clad hill,

[ZT]: please lead the way, old man.

magazine-release-only teaser: “Next chapter: Discussing Warfare Using Blood”

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