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April 24, 2018

chapter 499 (magazine syndication, not final)

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In year 209, Cao Cao’s army suffered another most devastating loss since the Battle of Red Cliff.

The battle at Red Cliff raised Zhou Yu to great heights in his life. And the conquest of the Jing Province would bring him to the peak.

The Sun army swept across Jing. The Cao army suffered defeat after defeat.

The morale hit rock bottom.
(“…straight reach abyss”)

chapter 499 A Heavenly Warrior

[?]: Frightening.

{Senior Adviser of the General Who Conquers the South, Chen Jiao}
[Chen Jiao]: Sun Quan was able to calmly withdraw from Hefei in a single night?

[?]: Advisor Chen, the news say the Sun army didn’t cross the river, but are retreating toward Jing!

[?]: Their speedy redeployment might join forces with Zhou Yu here!

[CJ]: We knew Sun Quan won’t have the numbers to take both fronts. Who knew…

[CJ]: that Hefei was what Master Sun would consider a feint…

[CJ]: Our main force at Hefei can’t be mobilized fast enough since they had to hold their ground… It’s over for us in Jing!

[?]: Sir, we still have men below trying to break through the siege!
[?]: It… it’s General Niu Jin!

[CJ]: What!



{Cao Ren’s subordinate mercenary, Niu Jin}

[?]: He’s an officer under Cao Ren’s command.
[?]: Capture him for a big reward!

[?]: Niu Jin won’t last much longer!

I can’t save him…

[?]: Hurry up and surrender, Niu Jin!

[?]: Cao Cao manipulates the emperor to rule the world, how despicable!
(“…men and gods [would] share [the same] anger”; better wording of the accusation suggested by reader Misogi-chan)
[?]: You see the current state of affairs, so you should surrender!

[Niu Jin]: Hell! His Majesty lives and so does the Great Han!
(“{spit noise for contempt}…”)

[NJ]: Our Prime Minister honors the emperor by controlling the rebels.
(“…command not-subject”; better wording suggested by reader Misogi-chan)

[NJ]: If you see yourself as a man of Han, you’ll fight your way back to the ancestral home or die trying!


[CJ]: Damn it, who’s opening the gate?
[CJ]: Shut it immediately!




[?]: Right! That’s what a man of Great Han should do!


[?]: Master Niu, look!

[?]: Re… reinforcements!
(“…rescuers [are] coming”)

[Cao Ren]: How could a General of Great Han forsake loyalty and honor!

[NJ]: How could a commander who can decide the fate of the entire army engage in battle so casually!

[CR]: Take from an army its commander, but never the will of a common man!

[?]: That’s traitor Cao’s number two. He’s very important!
[?]: You all must somehow capture him!

[?]: Hear that? Everybody charge!

[?]: Wow! Cao Cao’s top officer headed into battle so carelessly,
[?]: even crazier than Chief Controller Zhou!

[?]: Block his return path, so we can capture the commander!

[CR]: Niu Jin, follow my lead back to the fortress!

[?]: Boss, we still have men trapped in their formation!

[CR]: Don’t worry, nobody’s getting left behind!


[CJ]: He went in with so little troops, but that didn’t seem to matter!
(“…yet like entered people-less zone”)
[CJ]: He’s able to lure away the entire enemy force.

[CJ]: Even their formation has been left in disarray!

With the skill to ride through the most powerful formation in the world…

what a Heavenly General he is!
(“General, [is] really heavenly person”)

[?]: We Sun clan shall lay our claim on this guy!

[CR]: No! How about you lay down your bloodline instead!
(wordplay by flipping 孙子 to 子孙, meaning “descendants”)


[CR]: Where are you?
(I think he’s calling for the trapped soldiers)


[?]: Wh… what fearsome warrior to come out of the Cao clan!

[?]: Help me, General!


[CR]: Keep up while I clear the path!

[CR]: Anyone else from my army?

[CR]: Huff!

[CR]: Huff!

[Cao Chun]: Here.

[CC]: Inside your heart, big brother.

[NJ]: Boss, the gate is open. Hurry back!
[?]: We have returned safely!

Yes… I found him.

Keep up, big bro’s gonna clear the path for you.
(I went for a less formal style of speech, because it’s meant to be more affectionate)

[?]: UGH-AH!
(scared utterance)

[CR]: Is this Master Sun’s art of war?

[CR]: Is this the Sun clan?

[?]: Don’t… don’t retreat!

[CR]: Fuck off!
(“roll away”)

[?]: Back… he’s back!

[CJ]: Cover him!

The commander of the entire armed forces with the will of a common man.
He broke through a siege, rescued the trapped soldiers, and frightened the attacking army into backing away.

This man has reclaimed the dignity that was lost to the Cao army at rock bottom.

magazine-only-teaser: “next chapter, the bond between brothers” (continues in New Youth issue #23)


April 4, 2018

chapter 498 (magazine syndication, not final)

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A leaked strategy cannot succeed.
(quoting from “Zhan Guo Ce”, Qi chapter 3; reader fyreFLYH found a translated version: “If one’s strategy is divulged, his undertaking will result in failure.”)

An indecisive strategist cannot become famous.
(reader fyreFLYH found a translated version: “If one cannot make a concrete plan, he won’t be able to gain a high reputation.”)

[?]: Take the middle path and split the enemy forces in half!
[?]: The Cao army is panicking. The right flank shall attack and disrupt its formation!

[?]: Right flank, prepare to launch the assault!

chapter 498 Caught Up From Behind

[?]: General, it’s taking effect!

[Lü Meng]: Their formation is broken. The main force can now engage!
(“…enter formation”)
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Three divisions, with the forward flank as vanguard, and the rear two used to surround the enemy!
(not sure)
[?]: Once inside the enemy formation, change into left and right flanks!
(not sure)

[?]: Main force, engage!

[?]: Our troops are in disarray. The front units have retreated, and so shall we!

[?]: The Cao army is retreating. Main force, charge!

[LM]: Block their leftward path-
[LM]: force them into the hills!

[LM]: Eight Battle Formations done, now for some Terrain And Security!
(from Sun Bin’s Art of Warfare; alternative translation of the two chapter titles: Eightfold Division of Formations and Terrain As Treasure)

[?]: Sir! The Cao army is about to enter the woods!

[?]: Just as General Lü planned, the Cao army has gone into the woods!

[Gan Ning]: After being in the southeast for years, I’ve finally witnessed the Sun clan’s art of war!

[GN]: Terrain And Security, make the enemy face the woods.
(based on the translation: “To be crossing a body of water, to be facing high ground, to be moving upstream against the current, to be occupying fatal ground, and to be facing a forest – all should be avoided. These five situations can lead to defeat.” Another translation of that full quote: “Crossing water, heading up an incline, or going against the current of a river, camping on deadly ground, or facing woods, are equally worthy of note because these are not conducive to victory.”)

[GN]: Gan Ning’s troop, engage!

{Jiangling, Cao Ren’s main city}

[?]: Sir! Chen Jiao’s troop has arrived with a casualty rate of seven-tenth!
[?]: No news yet from Niu Jin’s troop!

{flag reads “Cao”}
[?]: The other main forces are still fighting back!

[Cao Ren]: The ambush at Sandy Valley cost us the rations. We can’t even feed our troops for a month.
(still not sure if 沙谷 is the actual name of the location or merely descriptive)
[?]: And the Sun army had taken the initiative to block our supply line.

[?]: Both sides are using Master Sun’s art of war, but Sun Bin’s descendants had inherited its essence.

[?]: Sir! Zhou Yu is leading an attack force of thirty thousand strong!
[?]: Their vanguard of five thousand has arrived first!

[CR]: Causing casualty to one’s main force has always been how a baiting strategy works,

[CR]: and yet Zhou Yu made himself the casualty to preserve his main force.
[CR]: Skillful and incredibly brave.

[CR]: Who can match a Genius that understands Master Sun…
(can either refer to the classical Sun Wu or the lesser known Sun Bin; in context it would be Sun Bin)

[?]: We’ve already lost over half of our men. The Sun clan beats us in number.

[?]: Sun Quan’s attack on Hefei is keeping our potential reinforcements occupied.
[?]: Only Jia Xu in Xiangyang could aid us now.

[?]: Except still no news of late.

[CR]: We broke his perfect plan by engaging the enemy.

[CR]: And now Jia Xu must dig his heels in at Xiangyang.

[CR]: It makes sense that he would be furious.

Over there it’s for the good of a kingdom, while over here it’s a union between man and woman.

[?]: Congratulations to your wedding, my Lord!
[?]: And to an everlasting alliance between the Sun and Liu clans!

[?]: Congratulations, my Lord!

A grand wedding banquet took place at Shishou that day.

It made such a wave that it shocked the whole kingdom.

It seemed so out of character for a master who advocated for frugality.

[Liu Bei]: Oh, Kongming, it’s just a political marriage. Why the wasteful extravagance?

[Zhuge Liang]: The extravagance is to show our sincerity; the wastefulness is to show our strength.

[ZGL]: Then the world will know that the Sun and Liu clans will support each other.
[ZGL]: And the annihilation of Cao will be within sight.

[Yi Ji]: The adviser is right. The prestige of this event has shocked various regions.
{Yi Ji}

[YJ]: Leaders of nearby minor cities have flocked to our side.
[YJ]: Even Shishou insists on submitting to you.

[LB]: So the purpose of this banquet is to win hearts and minds. Then what’s our next move?

[ZGL]: We’ve proven our strength, but our sincerity is not yet convincing.

[ZGL]: The world still regards it as a political marriage.

[ZGL]: Why don’t you go to Jingkou, my Lord, and meet with Sun Quan personally?

[ZGL]: So that no one shall question Sun and Liu’s alliance.

[?]: But Advisor, we set the wedding at Shishou to avoid going to the southeast.
[?]: Why do you want to place our Lord in the tiger’s lair now?

[ZGL]: Zhou Yu’s impending victory means he cannot return to Jingkou.

[ZGL]: You must know that Zhou Yu’s faction had long been planning to hold our Lord hostage.
[ZGL]: But without Zhou Yu’s presence, his faction dares not overstep their authority.

[ZGL]: Besides, I understand why Sun Quan wanted to join with the Liu clan.

[ZGL]: It’s because we have an offer that Sun Quan cannot refuse.
(I saw the Chinese fandom joking about ZGL being Kong Ming “Corleone”, so I changed the direction translation “good intention” to “offer”, matching the line in the movie)

[YJ]: But you don’t need to venture into the tiger’s lair, my Lord. Let me go in your stead.

[LB]: No, you’re not sincere enough.

[LB]: This is for the long game.
(“…future road”, not sure if this word is used incorrectly here or if I’m misunderstanding it)

[LB]: An indecisive strategist cannot become famous.

[ZGL]: You understand what’s at stake, my Lord.

[LB]: The wise knows the outcome before it even begins.
(quoting “Zhan Guo Ce”, Zhao chapter 2; reader fyreFLYH found a translated version: “Wise people can foresee how a situation will develop.”)

[LB]: The fight between the Geniuses is about to begin.

That Genius will find his success in the dark.
(not sure)

A leaked strategy cannot succeed. And he has spotted the right opportunity.

Quietly, he intervened.
(not sure, never heard of this colloquialism before)

[Jia Xu]: Sixth Disciple Brother.
(“six same-school younger-brother”)

[JX]: Come out.

[Pang Tong]: Don’t worry, can’t get away this time.
(Jia Xu said this in chapter 185. Sima Yi said this in chapter 197.)

magazine-only-teaser: “Next Chapter: Heavenly Warrior” (to be continued in New Youth issue 19)

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