Ravaging Times

chapter 14

chapter 14 A Match Of Five Moves

So many gathered all at once. Does it mean… they’ve already seen through our plan?

How will Ah-Huo deal with these two skilled fighters?
(“a-” prefix is like “xiao” in front of names, familiar reference to a person)

Even if the “Handicapped Warriors” were all here, the odds of winning are slim…

What are you waiting for, Huo? Forget about me, run!

[?]: The seventh infantry is here!
The enemy forces are increasing.

You still won’t budge? Unless…

you want to fight to the death?

You oddball.

[Hua Xiong]: Brother Feng Xian, how many moves would it take you?

[Lü Bu]: Five!

[HX]: Five to kill him? Sure, I’ll do the same!

Kill me in five moves…?

[?]: Kill me in five moves? Who do you think I am?


For fuck’s sake,
(the tone of “damn it” is kind of different here, he’s relieved that he hasn’t been exposed, but he’s probably also annoyed that someone’s stealing his spotlight)
there’s another insider…

[?]: I’m the leader of the late Emperor’s personal guards. Most of the famed officers were my students. You think you can kill me?

[HX]: Yuan Tai, you colluded with the Guandong army and intend to open the city gates for their rescue team to escape.
[HX]: Only death awaits traitors!

[Yuan Tai]: We had to submit to traitor Dong when he held the Imperial clan hostage. But if we’re having a real match, I doubt you can beat me!

The famed General Yuan Tai was also part of the Guandong Alliance… No wonder the rescue team had such confidence in their operation.

Yuan Tai and Lü Bu’s men are in a standoff, ready to clash at any moment. And it seems that… Yuan Tai’s men have the advantage in number.

[YT]: This is my terf, Hua Xiong. Now you won’t be walking out of here.

[HX]: Heh! Luoyang belongs to the men of Xiliang. You get to walk if you beat me!

{sfx: zing~}
[YT]: That simple, huh?

[YT]: Don’t regret it then!

{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: pa~}

Watch this~

{sfx: dahn~}

Not bad!
(“have/know a thing or two”)

{sfx: dahn dahn dahn dahn}

[?]: Back off, back off!

[both]: First move!

[?]: A tie! That Hua Xiong knows a thing or two!
[?]: Who knew Yuan Tai could take on General Hua.

Both are fast and vicious. Solid hits, nothing fancy, just different in style. Five moves to break that stalemate? Fifty is more like it!

Lü Bu says he could do it in five? I can’t even promise that.


{sfx: dahn~}

[?]: Second move!

{sfx: dahn dahn dahn}

[?]: Yuan Tai is backing off!

{sfx: pong~}

{sfx: huff~}

[YT]: Three moves now! Hua Xiong, let me teach you something.

[YT]: What does this pot of fire mean to you?

What is it?

{sfx: shoom~}

[HX]: Ah!
[YT]: An unexpected weapon!

[HX]: My eyes! My eyes!

{sfx: ta~}

[YT]: Anything can become a weapon on the battlefield.

[YT]: You should’ve come to my class earlier, too bad…

[HX]: Damn it!

[YT]: Too bad you’ll just have to call me teacher in your next life!

[Lü Bu]: Fourth move.


{sfx: pa~}


[LB]: Yuan Tai, your era is over!

{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: pa~}
[YT]: AH!

[LB]: You’re right. Anything can become a weapon on the battlefield.

[LB]: Thank you for this VALUABLE LESSON!


{sfx: pong~}


[YT]: AH! Let go of me!

[YT]: Let go! It burns!
(“…burn [to] death me”)

{sfx: ta! ta!}

[YT]: Lü Bu! Let go of me!
[YT]: Let go!

[YT]: Let go!

[YT]: AH!
[YT]: Let go!

[YT]: Let me go!
[YT]: Let me go!
[YT]: Let go!

[YT]: Let…


It was an arid night. Very uncomfortable.

Silence all around, except for the howling from Yuan Tai.

The soldiers did not engage in battle. They were just waiting quietly for that anguish to pass…

Even with a burning man in his hands, Lü Bu never let go, nor made a sound.

The only sound came from the weapons that were dropped from the hands of Yuan Tai’s men…

They were terrified, but even more afraid to run.

Because they know Lü Bu did not need five moves…

He only needed one to end Yuan Tai, while his remaining four…

would be to finish them all!

Because of him, I will always remember this day.

Today… I felt a surge of fear for the very first time!


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