Ravaging Times

chapter 20

chapter 20 The First Type of Strategy

[?]: What? You’re back again!

[?]: Open the gate!

[Yuan Fang]: We’re being pursued by the Guandong army! Hurry up and open the gate!

[?]: The enemy is coming! They’re coming!
[?]: Hurry! Get ready!

[?]: Close the gate!

[?]: General Hua! They head into the city!
[Hua Xiong]: Strange! Why would they do that?

{gate closing sfx}

Why run into the city? What is he doing?

[HX]: Oh no! It’s a trap!
{sfx: shoo~}

[HX]: Stop! Turn around!

{sfx: pa~}


[?]: Ready!

[HX]: Stop! I’m General Hua Xiong, captain of defense!

[?]: Ha! If you’re Hua Xiong then I’m Lü Bu!

{sfx: shoo~ shoo~}

[?]: This subordinate of Li Jue has never seen us before, and it’s too dark to see…
[HX]: Retreat! Retreat!

[?]: Brilliant trick, Young Master.
[?]: If Hua Xiong wants to catch us,

[Sun Shu]: he’ll have to wait till sunrise!
[SS]: So what’s next?

[YF]: Hua Xiong is outside the city. So we’ll pull the same trick at the south gate!

[?]: Right! Head south for Nanyang!

[?]: Hurry! Make haste…
The rescue operation by the Guandong Alliance went into motion.

The rescue operation by the Handicapped Warriors, however, faced obstacles…

That day at Dong Zhuo’s manor, Xiao Meng…
encountered something strange…

[?]: You’re indeed a fool.

[?]: General, what do you mean?

[Lü Bu]: You tried to stop the young masters from harassing this woman.

[LB]: I thought you did this out of loyalty, but you sent someone to notify my foster father…

[LB]: to make him appreciate how loyal you are…

[LB]: And you made yourself their punching bag so foster father might get upset with them.

[?]: Baseless accusation!
(“don’t mix blood [when you] spit”)

[LB]: You’re the only one here who knows that foster father kept this woman in the palace.
[LB]: It was you who secretly informed his sons about her.

[LB]: Your plan is very precise.
[?]: I’m not that talented…

[LB]: You went from a nobody to the Controller Commandant of Cavalry in mere days.
[LB]: Strange how each person you replaced on your way up were executed by foster father for mutiny.

[LB]: His sons are now the targets of your treachery, aren’t they?

[LB]: I…

{sfx: pa}
[LB]: can’t help but think that this pretty girl…

[LB]: was a clever tool you brought here to alienate the sons from their father!

[LB]: Once all of his sons are removed, you’ll have an easy climb to the top to carry out your grand plan.
(“…[walk on flat ground on] cloud, carry out your sky-shaking scheme”)
[?]: You have no proof!

[LB]: I didn’t realize you would do this,

{sfx: zing~}

[LB]: until…
{sfx: cha~}

[LB]: your father Yuan Tai was exposed as an insider for the Guandong army.

[LB]: I’ve already killed him!

[LB]: Don’t you… recognize the heirloom sword of your family?


He’s the son of Yuan Tai, who was the insider for the Guandong Alliance!

[LB]: Yuan Dang!
[LB]: With your talent, you could’ve helped foster father unite the world!

[LB]: Too bad you threw it all away when you colluded with traitors.

[LB]: Indeed, what a complete and utter fool!

[LB]: Arrest them for sentencing.

[Yuan Dang]: Lü Bu!

One of us is going down!
{sfx: cha~}

[YD]: Come with me, miss!

[Xiao Meng]: Wait…
[XM]: I…

[?]: Don’t let’em get away!

[?]: After them!

{sfx: pong~}

[YD]: There’s a secret passage under this box! Help me push it!

{sfx: ka~}

{sfx: ka~}

{sfx: pong~}


{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: cha~}
{sfx: cha~}

[YD]: What’re you waiting for? Run!

[?]: Get them!
[YD]: This way!

{sfx: cha~}
[?]: Watch out for her hidden weapons!

[?]: AH!


[LB]: As I thought!

{outside the palace}

[?]: It’s Young Master!
[?]: Young Master’s here!

[?]: Young Master! Our Lord… he was killed by Lü Bu!
[YD]: I know…

[?]: Your mother and younger brothers were all killed by that bastard!

[YD]: Sorry, miss, for dragging you into this…

[?]: Since we’ve failed, the rescue…

[YD]: Troubles at home should be handled separately from those of a country.

[?]: Qi Guo, notify our troops and deploy at the seventh alley!
[?]: Seal the secret passage! Follow Young Master to rejoin our troops!

Rescue? Seventh alley? What’s happening? Unless…

[YD]: Miss, let get you to safety.

[XM]: I have a question, Young Master.
[YD]: Oh! Feel free.

[XM]: The seventh alley is filled with enemy troops. Why go there?

[YD]: I’m going to save a good friend of mine…

[YD]: Sima Lang.

What? He’s going to rescue First Master!

In the morning of the moving day.

{central square of the city}
[?]: There was a small force of the Guandong army outside the east gate, now driven away. Looks like everything is going well.

[?]: The Guandong army has fell for our trick as planned and amassed at Mount Dragon.

[?]: Where is General Yang Qin?
[?]: Some emergency at home. He’ll be back shortly.

[?]: Then prepare to head to the east gate!
{flag reads: Dong}
Dong Zhuo’s relocation operation has also been set in motion.


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