Ravaging Times

chapter 22

{city of Luoyang, east gate}

[?]: The man in gray on the left!

[?]: The one wearing black!
[?]: Come here!
chapter 22 The Third Type Of Strategy

[?]: Quickly, everyone! The Guandong army is attacking the north gate!
[?]: They’re so cruel they kill on sight! Better hurry if you want to live!

[?]: We caught an accomplice of Yuan Tai!
[?]: Hurry up!

[?]: Make way! Make way!

Going through the checkpoint like this…
Will it actually work?

[Sima Lang]: Deputy Wang, will this work?
[Wang Gang]: No worries, First Master. Part of the plan.

{sign reads: east gate}
[SML]: This… seems too easy?
(“…very smooth…”)


[?]: It’s him.
[?]: Notify captain Yang!

[SML]: Deputy, wh…
[?]: This way! Hurry!

[?]: Is he here?

[Yang Qin]: Finally! I’ve been waiting for you!
{guard captain of the east gate, Yang Qin}
[SML]: What?

[YQ]: You’re Young Mister Sima, right?

[?]: This way.
[YQ]: Come with me!
(“come come come”)

[YQ]: Please sit.
[WG]: Let’s go.

[YQ]: Safe travels!

What… was that all about?

[?]: Chief Ma, I’ve done what you asked. As for my younger brother…

[Ma]: We’ll release him once the next group passes through the checkpoint.
[YQ]: As you wish.

{Chief of the Clear Wind Triad, Ma Min}
With the invasion starting, they’ll close the gates soon. Why hasn’t brother Liaoyuan made it here yet? Did something go wrong?

{inside the city of Luoyang}

After Yuan Fang tricked Hua Xiong into backing off, he intended to have the group rendezvous with his siege force at the north gate.

[?]: Sir! The north gate has been breached! Dong Zhuo’s men are retreating!
[?]: That means Hua Xiong was too late to save it!
[?]: Young Mister Yuan killed two birds with one stone, amazing!

[Yuan Fang]: Victory’s in sight. Why the stink eye, General Huang?

[?]: Tell him!

[Huang Gai]: From what I’ve heard, the main army at Pingyang has been lured to Mount Dragon, so… we shouldn’t have any reinforcement nearby.
[HG]: And yet there’s suddenly this siege at the north gate… Something’s off.

[HG]: You knew about the relocation, but shared that only with your people…
[HG]: Then you used our rescue mission to secure your clan’s claim on Luoyang!

[HG]: You tricked the north gate defenders into fighting each other, making it easy for the Yuan troops to enter the city.
[?]: With the Emperor en-route to Changan, the Yuan clan would have legitimate control of Luoyang.

[YF]: Correct!

[YF]: Maintaining the reputation of the Three Dukes and fighting a traitor under the Imperial Edict demand that the Yuan clan be strong.
[YF]: Besides, how could we not caution against your Lord’s ambition?

[?]: What ambition?! Our Lord swore to fight the traitor!
[?]: Baseless accusation!
(“don’t mix blood in [your] spit”)

[YF]: Your armies did suppress the Yellow Turban rebellion. However, without permission from the court…
[YF]: how much territory have you claimed?

[YF]: Each annexation is followed by military build up. Why?

[YF]: Since the Yellow Turban threat is over, why does your Lord continue this practice?

[YF]: Who can tell me the reason?

It’s his ambition to conquer the world!

[?]: Ambition, mankind’s most vile instinct! (voice of a child)
(not sure)

[?]: Chaos will only continue if men like him are not eliminated! (voice of a child)

[?]: Who’s making that eerie noise? Get your ass down here!

Such boldness…
This person…

has the boldness of a king…
that inspires fear…


[Liu Xie]: Today I finally understand, Dong Zhuo, what you had meant.
[Dong Zhuo]: Excellent.

[?]: It… it’s Dong Zhuo’s main army. We’ve been surrounded!
{army movement sfx}
[?]: Why is Hua Xiong here too?
[?]: What in the world is going on?

[YF]: The north gate has been breached. You’re just retreating through here, right? Why not keep running?

[DZ]: So you’re Yuan Fang of “Water Mirror’s Eight Geniuses”? Not bad. Even Hua Xiong was scared shitless.
[HX]: There’s no such thing!

[DZ]: Why am I still here if my intention is to relocate? Hua Xiong was only tricked because he hasn’t been informed of my strategy.

[HX]: Yes. Even if you had not fooled me, my Lord would have still ordered me to leave.


[?]: That man should’ve already been lured to the palace.

That man…
No way…

Why would uncle be so impatient?

Unless… something is luring him there?

{the imperial palace}

[Liu Bian]: Yuan Shao! I’ve waited so long for you to arrive!
(the self-referential honorific reserved only for the emperor has no English equivalent, “My Majesty”?)

[Yuan Shao]: Ah! Your Majesty! I’m late!
[YS]: I rushed here once I heard Your Majesty is all alone in the palace!

[YS]: Your Majesty, when did your hair grow back…
[LB]: The bald one… is my younger brother.

[YS]: Oh? Really?

{back hills of the Clear Wind Triad}

[Guo Ang]: Didn’t brother Huo go pick up Xiao Meng? Why ain’t he back here?
[GA]: He was nowhere to be found when we rescued First Master.

[Zhang Lei]: Everything went a little too smoothly despite Huo’s absence…

[ZL]: Don’t you think it’s a bit strange?

[GA]: Unless… he’s been tied up by Lü Bu?
[ZL]: It’s possible.

[GA]: Is that so?
[ZL]: Are you worried?

[GA]: Why worry over a diehard weirdo? I’m just curious to see…

[GA]: a fight between those two monsters.

[?]: Who’s there?
{sfx: hoo~}

[Xiao Meng]: Don’t recognize me, baldie?

[GA]: You! Meng Meng Meng…
[ZL]: You’re back.

[ZL]: Who’s that…

[Yuan Dang]: I am Yuan Dang, a friend of First Master Sima.
[YD]: Handicapped Warriors. What an honor.

[XM]: Young Mister Yuan’s father Yuan Tai was exposed as the Guandong army’s insider. He could not help with the rescue because his plan fell through.
Meng… Meng… Meng…
[ZL]: Well, he’d have ruined our plan if he did come.

[?]: It took us a day to shake off Lü Bu’s pursuit.
[?]: No wonder we didn’t face Lü Bu during the rescue…

[?]: Sir! The Guandong army breached the north gate and headed for the palace, while Dong Zhuo closed the east gate.
[?]: Looks like Dong Zhuo wants to fight to the death!

[ZL]: Looks like… we must find an alternate exit…

[XM]: Speaking of which, that’s why I brought Young Mister Yuan.
[YD]: Let me explain.

[YD]: To Luoyang’s west is an obsolete city from the Zhou Dynasty. Inside there is a secret passage connecting to the outskirts.
[YD]: We had planned to use that passage to pull Young Mister Sima to safety. Now we can use it.

Looks like that’s the only way. But Huo isn’t back yet…

[?]: You guys go on ahead.

[XM]: You leave first. I’ll stay and wait for him.

[XM]: If he can’t get out…

[XM]: neither will I.


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