Ravaging Times

chapter 23

chapter 23 The Fourth Type Of Strategy

[?]: Relocation is a certainty, but it feels wasteful to simply destroy Luoyang.

[Dong Zhuo]: It’ll be more worthwhile if we could bury Yuan Shao at the same time.
[DZ]: Every warlord of the Guandong Alliance harbors ulterior motives. Cut down the leader and they’ll return to their dog-eat-dog ways.

[?]: Is… is that Dong Zhuo’s relocation plan?
[?]: Heavens is that complicated…

[DZ]: With so many military advisers in the world, at least one should know what “gather below the city” means!
[DZ]: No matter who solves the puzzle, however, Yuan Shao shall be the first to find out.

[DZ]: And that’s exactly what I wanted.

[?]: What does he mean?
[?]: What’s “gather below the city”?

It’s over…

Even brother Yuan was played. Who knew there exists such a brilliant mind in the world.
Looks like everything is coming to an end…

This must be what a war is like. Life is so short.
Having lived for over a decade, what have I gotten out of my life?
What do I want?

What I want now…
might just be… a miracle like the one at the North Gate Tower!

[?]: Not another soul in sight. Can’t imagine this being Luoyang.
[?]: Brother Gan, I’d love to get back to the palace and dream of being a king! Hahaha!
(“…spring autumn big dream…”, refers to the Warring Period, where so many lords dreamed of world domination)

[Zhang Lei]: The city is loaded with flammable materials. And with the civilians evacuated…
[ZL]: the burning of the city does seem inevitable…

[?]: There it is up ahead.

[Xiao Meng]: Then I’m heading back.

[XM]: Now I know where it is, I’m going back to wait for our leader.

[Yuan Dang]: But there are many locking mechanisms. Allow me to show you how to open them before you leave.

[Guo Ang]: So this is the city of kings?
[?]: Qi Guo, go open the door!
[Qi Guo]: Yessir!

Luoyang was built over a millennium before the final years of the Han dynasty. After King Wu of Zhou destroyed the Yin dynasty, he established Luoyang as the base of rule. The Duke of Zhou was ordered to build two walled cities in Luoyang. One was “Chengzhou“, while the other, the “City of Kings”, was used for ceremonies.
(I’m not sure about the exact history of the two “cities” of Luoyang. There seems to be confusion about which one was for court/city affairs and which was for ceremonies)
{horse movement sfx}

[?]: Hurry, remove the debris!

[GA]: You still single, sir Yuan?

[YD]: What?

[Zhang Lei]: Don’t even think about it…

[GA]: She’s the wife of our leader!
[ZL]: Our leader would die for her, you know.
{Haha, the tenth man hooked.}

{You two stinking brats!}

[YD]: No wonder she’ll do anything to reunite with him.

[GA]: Give it up, sir Yuan!
{Looks like he fell hard.}

[ZL]: Tease him some more later…

{sfx: ka~}
[?]: Open!




[?]: First Master? And…

Lü Bu!

[Sima Lang]: Look out!

[SML]: Look out behind you!

{sfx: hoo~}

So fast!


I’m faster than you!
{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: hoo~}
{sfx: pong~}

Such strength!

What a kick!

{sfx: pong~}


[XM]: Guo Ang!

[?]: I knew it. As clueless about music as he was, why would Wang Yun send us a performer?

[?]: So our military adviser laid this trap for you.

[Dong Huang]: Are you surprised, my fiancée?

[DH]: Or are you amazed by this rich dowry?
{war horn sfx}

[XM]: I’m not surprised by you, but by the other man of mystery…
[XM]: Yuan Dang is not your real name, is it?

[?]: Commandant of Cavalry and Dong Zhuo’s second military adviser. My real name is…

[Lü Bu]: Lü Bu!

Dong Zhuo asks: Brainy men lack brawn, while the brawns lack brains. It’s rare to find someone who have both. How do you view Lü Bu?

Xu Lin replies: There is a saying among the ranks, that “the outstanding steed is Redhare; the outstanding human is Lü Bu.” But I don’t think Lü Bu is human!

Cited from Xu Lin’s “Theory of the Inhuman”


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