Ravaging Times

chapter 24

After the east gate closed, there stood Lü Bu atop the gate tower.

And he was seen at the south gate too.

And another set up ambush outside the west gate.

{flag reads: Yuan}
And one more lay in wait inside the north gate tower.

Lü Bu served as rear guard for the relocation troops.

Lü Bu held Sima Lang hostage in the City of Kings…

Just how many more of him were there? No one knew…
Except that his presence made everything go smoothly!

[?]: This is the Emperor’s throne indeed…
(“dragon chair indeed is dragon chair”)

chapter 24 The Burning of Luoyang

{Commander-in-Chief of the Guandong Alliance, Yuan Shao}
[Yuan Shao]: Feels like no other chair I ever sat in.
(“sit on here feeling indeed different”)

[YS]: No wonder the ambitious warlords fought to the death over it…

[YS]: Dragon, are you laughing at me?
(he’s staring up at dragon decor/imagery on the ceiling)

[YS]: Even so, I’d like to enjoy this moment in peace.

[YS]: Is that wrong of me, Wen Chou?

[Wen Chou]: My Lord, now is not the time!
{Yuan Shao’s General-in-Chief, Wen Chou}

[WC]: Are you all ready?

[?]: Yes!

[YS]: Really…?

[WC]: If I say we’ll make it, we’ll make it!
{sfx: shoom~}
[YS]: But the enemy has laid so many traps for us. Can we still escape?

In year 190, Dong Zhuo kidnapped the emperor and moved the capital to Changan. In order to not let the Guandong Alliance have Luoyang, he used the dethroned Liu Bian as bait to lure Yuan Shao into the palace, hoping they’ll burn to ashes along with the city.

[?]: No way out but down! Jump, everyone!
[?]: Hurry! Better crippled than dead!

[YS]: The Great Han will end in this fire…

{drip drip drip}
[YS]: Did you just wet yourself?
(not sure about the tone of this statement, he seems to be admonishing/shaming the boy instead of merely asking “why did you wet yourself”, but maybe I’m reading too far into this)

[YS]: What an inglorious death this would be!
(“…not pretty”)
[WC]: You won’t die, my Lord! We’ll break out of here!
(“death won’t happen, master, follow me charge out of here”)

Like a vicious beast the great fire devoured this ancient capital that was built upon life and death. The wind carried the fire from east to west, reducing everything of value to ashes.
(“…[weaved from] blood and lives…”)
No one shall forget this fire…
No one shall forget this day…

[Dong Zhuo]: You don’t mind that I used your brother as bait?
[Liu Xie]: How could I rule a country if I fuss over everything?
[LX]: Besides, I fear nothing since I have you, Chancellor. Except…

[LX]: I have no choice but to ride this tiger now!
(I thought about the other translation “have the tiger by the tail”, but in this context, riding is an important visual imagery)

[DZ]: You see me as the tiger? Who are you then?

[LX]: The rider on top is of course-

[LX]: the dragon!
(dragon is symbolic of “son of Heaven”, or emperor)

[DZ]: Hahaha! You’re indeed more daring than most!
[DZ]: No wonder I like you!


[?]: Take no prisoner!

[?]: The hostages are useless now that Yuan Shao is trapped. Kill them all!

[?]: Don’t… don’t kill my son!
[?]: Dad!



[?]: Release!

[?]: AH!


[Liao Lan]: Young Master! The situation is spiraling out of control… Please think of something!

[?]: You’re the first of the Eight Geniuses after all!


[Yuan Wei]: I know what you’re thinking.
[YW]: You’re thinking of the reason that made us an illustrious clan…
[YW]: Let nothing stand in the way of self-interest.
[YW]: And you’re also thinking of the current situation.
[YW]: I’ve become a burden. The chance of me escaping with you is slim to none.
(“…stumbling block…”)

[YW]: Yet why’re you hesitating at this crucial moment?

[YW]: Listen, your uncle is in danger. If he dies…
[YW]: there will be nothing left for you!

[YW]: The world’s best military adviser should be decisive.
(“womanly” or “behave like a woman” is a broad stereotype of feminine people who get sentimental, over-sensitive, etc.; so I’m just saying it straight)

[YW]: Everything behind you is in the past…

[YW]: Don’t be afraid to sacrifice. Can you do it?

[YW]: I’m very fond of your intelligence!

Can I… do it?

[Sun Shu]: Brother Yuan…
[Yuan Fang]: Shu-zi, I need a favor.
(“zi” suffix here is like “xiao” and “a” prefix, an affectionate reference to someone)

{sfx: ta~}

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Trying to break through? Don’t give her the chance!
[SS]: Is this right, brother Yuan?

[SS]: We’re surrounded! Can we really get out if we go straight?

[SS]: But we’re heading for the canal. I have to turn!

Shu-zi, do you truly love me?

[SS]: What?

{sfx: cha~}


(“don’t blame me”)

{horse neigh}





[YF]: Shu-zi, if you love me,

[YF]: you’ll sacrifice everything for me!

[YF]: I must confess…

[YF]: I…
(“I yuan fang”)
{sfx: pong~}

[YF]: dislike political marriages!

{sfx: pong~}

Forgive my bluntness…
(“don’t blame my confession”)
because I rather not drag my feet.
(not quite right, but I can’t find the right wording)

{sfx: ta~}

[?]: Wow! What incredible riding skill!


[?]: No! General Huang!
[?]: You’ll be shot to death if you jump in the water!
[Huang Gai]: Shu-zi!

“I dislike political marriages!”

He doesn’t actually like me!

It’s all over!
Even my dream of being a heroine!

The so-called “hero”
worships nothing but self-interest.

And a political marriage is one way to satisfy that self-interest.

How I loved him so blindly that I would lose my life…

But I can’t accept this death!
I hate being betrayed. I don’t want to end like this.
Am I unwilling to accept it? Or am I afraid to die?

All of a sudden I’m afraid of death. Is this human nature?
Would I do the same if I were in his shoes?

I probably would…
(“answer might be same”; not sure)
Heavens almighty, if anyone is capable of saving me…

he could be ugly, lame, blind, deaf, or crazy…
I’ll still devote my life to him.

There’s no one like that now, is there?
Funny, isn’t it…
Even a dead man is laughing at me!


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