Ravaging Times

chapter 34

chapter 34 Titans Clash When They Meet
(“two alpha meet… [cannot settle with just words]”)

[?]: Protect our Lord! Break through the enclosure!

[?]: Don’t hesitate to sacrifice yourself to block the enemy!

[?]: That noisiest one is mine.

{sfx: pu~}

{sfx: pong~}

What was coming has arrived!

[?]: Dong Zhuo is coming!

[Dong Zhuo]: Hua Xiong!

[Hua Xiong]: Here!
[DZ]: Let’s head down there.

{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: pa~ pa~}

{sfx: pong~}
[DZ]: Yuan Shao! Long time no see!

[Yuan Shao]: Who knew a governor of Hedong mere years ago
[YS]: could transform into a kidnapper of emperor.

[DZ]: The momentum of reform cannot be stopped.
(“reform’s marching cannot stop”)
{sfx: ka~ ka~}

{sfx: pa~}

The same for my glaive.

[YS]: Be careful not to fall when you move too fast.

[DZ]: Life is full of ups and downs. But the one to fall…
[DZ]: is you, sir.

[YS]: There will still be seventeen nobles of the eighteen left in the alliance.

[DZ]: Pity they’ll only fight amongst themselves when the leader is gone.

[YS]: They’re not that simple.

[DZ]: Correct! People are never simple. Like your ambition to conquer the world.

[YS]: I’m only devoted to the son of heaven.

[DZ]: What is the son of heaven?

[YS]: The soul of a country. Could a country exist without him? And where would our homes be?

[DZ]: Then… where did the son of heaven come from?

[YS]: He descends from the heavens with the support of the people!

[DZ]: Yuan Shao, do people support the emperor nowadays? Does the country follow Heaven’s will?

[?]: Of course!

[YS]: Too bad one man is ruining our country and hurting its people!

[DZ]: Then I ask you, dow did the Yellow Turbans come about?

[DZ]: Why did the nobles turn a blind eye to the suffering of the people?

[YS]: You have no right to lecture me when you live in extravagance as well!

[DZ]: What have I done? And what have you done?

[YS]: You held the emperor hostage to control the nobles!

[YS]: While I gathered armies of righteous volunteers to fight this traitor!




[HX]: We have fought over hundreds of battles to defend this country from foreign invasions for several decades!

[HX]: You nobles manage internal affairs, but you let corruption hurt the people and gave rise to villainy!

[HX]: You have no right to criticize my Lord!


{sfx: pa~}

[YS]: Funny!

[YS]: How ironic is it that you claim to protect the country by stationing your troops in the capital and then interfere with the governance?

[DZ]: The nobles used the Yellow Turban rebellion to expand their influences. The young emperor had already lost authority. Civil unrest was inevitable.
[DZ]: You people on the inside enjoyed intrigue instead of working together. The Great Han had centuries behind its foundation, but does it have a future I wonder?

[DZ]: An endless war is looming. How long must the people suffer? But could they say no to power-holders like you?

[YS]: World-governance is not that simple.

[DZ]: “The emperor descends from Heaven” is only an excuse you corrupted vassals will use for your eventual claim to the throne. Has anyone seen the ruler of Heaven? Has anyone listened to Heaven’s will?

[?]: Heaven is dead.

[YS]: Your belief turns out no different from that of the Yellow Turbans.

[DZ]: They rebelled for survival, I rebelled to purify the world. Our goals differed, but one echoed the other!

[?]: Watch out, my Lord!

{sfx: pa~}

[DZ]: I will eradicate all traitors who disrupts the world!

[YS]: Eradicate the scums whose thoughts have been contaminated!

[DZ]: People can only learn what’s precious through blood-letting and calamity.
[DZ]: How could a well-read man like you not understand what Mencius means when he says, “Life springs from sorrow and calamity, while death from ease and pleasure?”

[YS]: But Mencius never advocated tyranny.

[YS]: All that was your twisting of the sage’s meaning so you could plunge the world into chaos!

[DZ]: The chaos in the world…

[HX]: wasn’t our doing!

[?]: My lord!

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

Despicable royal relatives,
high-ranking officials and rich nobles…
(the second term could also refer to potential concubines?)

Has Heaven truly died?

A tainted source will produce an impure stream

Dong Zhuo, your concept of world-governance

will definitely resemble my life-

over in a flash!

There is only one outcome when you defy the will of Heaven…
(“against heaven walk…”)

Dong Zhuo, your end is near!

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~}

{sfx: pa~}

[?]: Yuan… Yuan Shao is dead.

[DZ]: That must be what it means to obey Heaven’s Will.

{crowd cheer}


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