Ravaging Times

chapter 35

chapter 35 Raising A Tiger Invites Calamity

General Lü! General Lü! General Lü!
[Hua Xiong]: What’s going on?

[Dong Zhuo]: Hua Xiong, looks like Lü Bu is more popular than me.

[Wang Gang]: Dong… Dong Zhuo is here!

[Sima Lang]: Does that mean… lord Yuan Shao…

[?]: Congratulations for your execution of Yuan Shao!
(top bubble)
[?]: Congratulations, my Lord, on your victory!

General Lü! General Lü!

[?]: Excellent blade skills!

[DH]: See that? That’s the “swinging-horse stab“!
[DH]: That turn-around was brilliant.

[DZ]: Looks like everyone has forgotten the meaning of “gather below the city.”
[DH]: Un… uncle!

[DZ]: One against three. Not bad.

[DH]: Yup. He’s spotted over a dozen strikes already. Even a powerful warrior like Wen Chou is like a plaything to him.

[HX]: Someone seems to be showing off.

[DZ]: Hua Xiong, what do you think I’m seeing?

[DZ]: I see Lü Bu building his position.

[DZ]: This is a long war. The empowerment of warlords is more intense now than during the Spring and Autumn period. Unifying the world will be more difficult than ever.

[DZ]: Your uncle is getting old…

[DZ]: The wish of unifying the world might not be fulfilled within my lifetime.

[DZ]: Will you be able to complete the rest on my behalf?


[DZ]: On the battlefield, the commander’s abilities are the spiritual support of his troop.
[DZ]: Lü Bu is rapidly ascending the ranks, even higher than yours.

[DZ]: If I died,
[DZ]: will you have the ability to dominate Lü Bu… or be dominated by him?

[DH]: Uncle, do you mean that… Lü Bu would take over?

[HX]: It’s only a conjecture, since no one knows what Lü Bu is thinking.
[HX]: Although…

[HX]: my Lord’s relationship with him is more like father to son than as lord to vassal.
[HX]: But this man did kill his foster father Ding Yuan to get ahead…

[HX]: I think, my Lord… you are inviting calamity by raising a tiger!

[DZ]: Ruling a country is like riding a tiger. Employing people is the same way. A man can do anything if he could even dominate a tiger.

[DH]: But I don’t have uncle’s riding skill!

[DZ]: Then the future is set once Lü Bu kills those three men…
[DZ]: Lü Bu will take over after my death.

[DZ]: That’s my conjecture.


{clang~ clang~ clang~}

[Wen Chou]: Surround him!

[WC]: I’m sure we can beat him somehow!

{sfx: ta~}

[Lü Bu]: Cold steel does not discriminate. What are you doing here, Young Master?
(“blades spears have no eyes…”)

[DH]: Wen Chou, your Lord Yuan Shao has died. I command you all to surrender immediately!

[Zheng Jie]: That’s the first time I’ve been called to surrender like this.

[Ma Hong]: Right. He doesn’t think much of us.

[?]: Yuan Shao is dead. Surrender!

[LB]: Young Master, I’m afraid they…
[DH]: won’t do as I say?

[DH]: I’ll say it again. Surrender immediately!

[ZJ]: We’ll go headless before we surrender!
(“there are only decapitated generals [here], no surrendering general”)

Dong Huang,

what are you doing?

{sfx: cha~}

[ZJ]: I caught his halberd!



[LB]: Self-sacrifice.

{sfx: pa~}
[LB]: Too bad! It won’t work on me!


Your thirty strikes are up!
(“thirty moves spotted finished”)


[LB]: Wen Chou, I know what you’re thinking.

[DH]: You’re not fighting, and you’re not surrendering!

Huang-er, are you making your move?
(“-er” suffix is used as an affectionate reference to someone)

[DH]: Just like the Guandong Army in our mighty presence. They have the will, but not the strength!

[DH]: Now that Yuan Shao is dead, the Guandong Army is headless and directionless. Even birds would choose their habitat carefully. Don’t hesitate, Wen Chou, or you’ll miss your chance.

[WC]: I’m no Lü Bu.
(“I not Lü Bu’s kind”)
[WC]: I still value loyalty and righteousness.


[DH]: The world is in chaos because fools like Yuan Shao uphold the system, out of blind loyalty!
[DH]: Lü Bu is different from you, because he knows right from wrong. And he chose to side with our righteous army.

[DH]: Because he knows only the Dong clan can resolve the crisis. Thus he’s able to endure the insults and serve us to the bitter end!

[?]: Well said, Young Master! General Lü is loyal to the Dong clan and abandoned the dark side!
[?]: Well said, Young Master!

[?]: A world of difference from your blind loyalty!
[?]: Just surrender! Wen Chou!

[?]: Look at Young Master’s heroic display, so like our Lord at his age!
[?]: No wonder he’s our Lord’s ideal successor.

Good job! Calling for surrender while reminding the troops that Lü Bu is disloyal, but spared him from total humiliation by praising his patriotism. Killing two birds with one stone.

That way, Lü Bu won’t get any support even if he does revolt.
And his own position has been solidified.

Dong Huang, you are maturing.

I can almost see
the brilliant future of the Dong clan.

(“swear death no surrender”)

[WC]: Dong Zhuo!

[WC]: You will pay for my Lord’s life!

[?]: He’s coming our way! Hurry! Stop him!
[HX]: Kick against the pricks.
(“mantis arm blocking chariot”)



[?]: He’s too strong! The front won’t last!

[?]: Welcome! Wen Chou!

[WC]: I was waiting for you!


[LB]: Because you foolishly left our Lord’s side.

[HX]: Wh… what does that mean?

Un… unless!

[DZ]: So this is the head of Yuan Shao?

[DZ]: What a bloody mess!




This man once killed his foster father Ding Yuan to get ahead…

I think,

[?]: What?


my Lord, you’re inviting calamity by raising a tiger!


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