Ravaging Times

chapter 36


{sfx: pa~}


chapter 36 There Are Higher Mountains Beyond This One

[Lü Bu]: Foster Father, this is…

[Dong Zhuo]: a man who refuses to die.

[DZ]: Pretending to be one of us to attack Yuan Shao.

[DZ]: Then bring a fake head of Yuan Shao.

[DZ]: If you manage to capture me when I drop my guard-
(“if I’m not careful, this man could then strike, use chance hold-me-hostage”)

[DZ]: victory would be yours.

[LB]: If I’m not mistaken, this must be the renowned Yuan Fang.

[DZ]: Feng Xian, even the Eight Geniuses are falling short of your wit.
(“feng xian” is Lü Bu’s courtesy name)

[DZ]: It’s funny that brother Yuan Shao had to humble himself.
[DZ]: Pity he’s wasted as a low-grade soldier.

Pity… we were too slow to act.

[?]: Yuan Shao? Yuan Fang? Weren’t they already dead?


[?]: Wh… what in the world just happened?


[?]: The two men complemented each other with their own tricks.

[LB]: Too bad Wen Chou was the weakest link.
(“…defeated by wen chou’s hands”)

[Wen Chou]: Me…

[LB]: I knew you were stalling, but not sure why. So I played along.

[LB]: Yuan Shao’s subordinates are all loyal men.

[LB]: When those two officers heard that Yuan Shao is dead, they charged at me with a crazed determination to follow their Lord in death.

[LB]: They did it, but you held back.

[LB]: So I figured you were trying to keep me away from my foster father.
[LB]: And just as I expected,

[LB]: you lunged at him when Yuan Fang appeared. Since our regular troops would be no match against you,
[LB]: even the dutiful Hua Xiong was lured away from foster father-

[LB]: leaving him all alone.
(“this time, foster father’s side already no any one”)

[LB]: That’s the perfect time for Yuan Fang to strike.

[?]: So… so that’s what’s going on?
[?]: That was close!

That guy…

[Yuan Fang]: is not human.

[YF]: Wen Chou, we… have been crushed.

[Wen Chou]: It’s all my fault…

[YF]: No!

[YF]: Had you not predicted my plan and humbled yourself to accommodate…
[YF]: the… the plan wouldn’t have worked at all!



{sfx: pong~}

[WC]: It’s too bad… that you couldn’t save our Lord because of me…
[WC]: A… and…

[WC]: your future is gone too, Young Master!

[WC]: I’m filled with guilt.
[WC]: I’m the culprit!
(“…number one sinner”)

This must be Heaven’s Will…


I see…

a firm grasp on the shoulder of the man he trusts the most.

As the troops cheer him on…
I can feel that my position is on shaky ground.

Lü Bu is strange like that.
The more you fear him, the more you fear losing him…

There must be someone like him… next to every hegemon!

[?]: Even when you’re in dire straits, chief,

[?]: Who’s that?

[Yuan Shao]: It’s only because you strayed from the troops.

[?]: but… I still have a way to pull you out.

I almost forgot that we have…
[?]: Who’re you? Get down here!
(right bubble)
[?]: Guards! Arrest that guy!
a unit of indomitable operatives!

[?]: Where is he? There’s nobody here!
[?]: Impossible- he was just there…

Is this the extraordinary genius Yuan Fang?
How long are you going to lie there?

My body may have fallen,

but not my will, because I know how to remain calm in a crisis.

Strategy will come to me when I’m calm.

However… in my current state,
I’m too weak to carry it out!


This… this is…

Who is this?

[?]: General Lü! General Lü!

[?]: Zhao Huo!?

[Liaoyuan Huo]: This man is-
(sfx “sha”)

[LYH]: the murderer of Advisor Xu Lin and my father!

[?]: That means… this man is…
[?]: the one-eyed leader of the Handicapped Warriors!

Didn’t we kill that boy?

It’s all so odd…
But the best part…
(其/奇 homonym wordplay lost in translation)

is seeing the anger on his face…

What his expression tells me is that…
he has lost the calmness that a strategist should have.


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