Ravaging Times

chapter 37

There is no fool-proof plan in the world.
(“…able control/grasp deployment/game-opening”)

[Sima Yi]: If everything fails,

[SMY]: you’ll still have the last killing move!

chapter 37 There Are Stronger Men Beyond This One

[?]: That’s the leader of the Handicapped Warriors?
[?]: Hurry! Surround him!

[?]: Even General Zhao has been captured by him!
[?]: Don’t be rash! Be careful, everyone!

[Guo Ang]: That monster’s finally here!
[Sima Lang]: Dong Zhuo’s men are in disarray again.

I will see just how highly
(“I want to see crippled soldier’s leader”)

the enemies regard the leader of the Handicapped Warriors!
(“in the enemy’s eyes how big”)

[?]: Stay calm, everyone!
[?]: Don’t panic!

Very, it seems…
(“really great”)
[Lü Bu]: You’re finally here!
Even Lü Bu is coming to welcome him!

[LB]: You’re finally here!

Even Lü Bu is in disarray…

A sharp turn of events…

Victory or defeat will be decided in this single moment.


There it is!

That opportunity you spoke of, Zhong Da.

[Sima Yi]: Play two roles. Create a real one out of a fake.

And the role of Zhao Huo is the last killing move.



[?]: Bull’s eye! He couldn’t even take one hit!

Cheer on, you fools!

[?]: Awesome! General Lü!

[?]: General Lü!
Wouldn’t they be surprised…

that my target is not Lü Bu.

{sfx: so~}
Because he’s easier.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Dong Zhuo, we meet for the first time.

[Dong Zhuo]: You’re Zhao Huo?

[LYH]: Not bad that you’d know who I am!
Except that this name…

{sfx: ta~}

is unforgettable!

Damn it!

He used a corpse to trick me.

Your age doesn’t fit your identity, boy.
{sfx: zing~}

[DZ]: We’ve been looking for the one-eyed assassin ever since Xu Lin’s death.

[DZ]: Who knew…

And that’s not all.
(“there are even more you can’t expect”)

[DZ]: the one-eyed assassin was just a cover.


[DZ]: I never would’ve thought that the leader of the Handicapped Warriors…

[LB]: is you.


[DZ]: It must’ve been difficult to kill Xu Lin.

[LYH]: Right. It’s painful to endure the thousand cuts.

[DZ]: Surviving it is no easy feat.

[LYH]: Too bad that’s only true for the average person.

[LYH]: Because my handicap is…

[DZ]: Unless you were born without…
[LYH]: Right. So you’re not too old to learn!


How… how could this be?

[?]: How could he brush that off?

What’s going on?

Is he… human?

They say Lü Bu is not human.

I think…
you’re even less so!

[SMY]: You drank that?


[LYH]: Isn’t that wine?

[SMY]: You idiot, that’s fourth uncle’s gut-busting chili sauce!

[LYH]: But it wasn’t spicy at all!

[SMY]: You drank the whole pot- you’ll die from the pain.

[LYH]: Oh Zhong Da…

[LYH]: what does pain feel like?

I really want to know.

[?]: Die, you men of Dong Zhuo!

[Zhang Fei]: Second brother, that boy is a monster.


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