Ravaging Times

chapter 38

[?]: The smoke is blowing this way!
[?]: Everyone, hurry and move along!

[Huang Gai]: Hua Xiong, we meet again.

[HX]: We’ll settle this one day…

chapter 38 Endless Annoyance

[HG]: Looks like lord Yuan has suffered as well.

[Wen Chou]: Miss Sun Shu.
[Yuan Shao]: Shu-zi, still willful as always.
(“-zi” suffix here is used as an affectionate reference to someone)

[Sun Shu]: Uncle Yuan Shao.

[YS]: Fang-er, why did you bring Shu-zi here too?
(“-er” suffix here is used as an affectionate reference to someone)

[Yuan Fang]: The fire is closing in. Let’s leave quickly.

[YS]: What? Another squabble?

[HG]: For the sake of the big picture, now’s not the time to fight!

[HG]: We should leave with lord Yuan.

[?]: How did the river protecting the city dry up? Yesterday it was still…

[Sima Lang]: Who knew the land engineering of Luoyang was this amazing. Just divert the river and…
(“…change canal”)

[SML]: the “secret exit” appears.
(“so ‘secret exit’ is like this”)


[?]: What kind of driving is that, first master, be careful!

[?]: You’re bleeding again!
[YS]: Fang’er, are you all right?

[YF]: I… I’m okay… It… just hurts a little!
[YF]: Cough! Cough, cough!

[SS]: Serves him right!

[Xiao Meng]: Serves who right?!


[XM]: Watch what you say or you’re dead!
(“if you keep uttering nonsense, be careful [your] head [will] drop [to the] ground”)

[Guo Ang]: Sister Meng, did you get the cloth yet?
[XM]: Coming!

[GA]: Monster!
[LYH]: Shut up and help me stop the bleeding!

[HG]: Who’s that woman?
[Liao Lan]: What a beauty!

There are other people?

[?]: How is A-Lei?
(“a-” prefix here is an affectionate reference to someone, Zhang Lei in this case)
[?]: A little internal injury won’t kill him.

That guy looks familiar…



Gh… ghost…


[?]: Hurry… almost through the exit!

[?]: We… we’ve finally made it out alive!
[?]: The Heavens have protected us!

[?]: We’re just going to let Yuan Shao leave?

[HX]: Zhao, I swear to cut you up!
(“…split/crush corpse ten-thousand pieces”)
[Dong Huang]: The fire’s here. What’re we still fuming about…

[DH]: We just couldn’t have expected…
[DH]: that after Zhao leaves,

[DH]: three weirdos would take his place.

[Liu Bei]: Yuan Shao should reach our territory in a short while, right?

[Zhang Fei]: Big brother, that Zhao sure is something!
[LB]: He’s amazing all right, third brother, if you’d praise him.

[Dong Zhuo]: So you are Liu Bei?

[LB]: Humbled.
[DZ]: You’d give up your life for this?

[Guan Yu]: Since we’re Yuan Shao’s rear guard, we have our own method of escape.
{sfx: zing~}

[DZ]: All you have to do is take me out of the city…

[LB]: That way we could escape and kill you.
[LB]: Doing the world a great service!

[GY]: But my damn big brother
{sfx: pa~}

[GY]: has no such plans.

[LB]: Because your death would lead to more chaos.

[LB]: The warlords would lose their goal and turn their attention to the throne.

[LB]: Their dog-eat-dog ways will bring even more suffering to the people.

[DZ]: Do you want the people or my head?
[DZ]: I’d like to spare your life if it’s the former.

[LB]: Not that killing me would be easy, right, Dong Zhuo?


The same goes for me.
Remember the tiger I have raised?

If he wants someone killed, that person is as good as dead.
(“…none has survived”)

[HG]: Lord Yuan, who is he?

[YS]: Huang Gai, you shouldn’t kill this boy.

[YS]: He’s our savior.
[HG]: What? This boy…

[SS]: But, he clearly served Dong Zhuo…

[LYH]: Enough talk, come at me if you want me dead.

[LYH]: You’re asking for it!
(“is you yourself delivered to [my] door”)


[LYH]: Come!


You endless annoyance!


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