Ravaging Times

chapter 41

I’ve killed countless men of all kinds.
Those who claimed to be the strongest in the world-

none of them have survived my halberd.

But today I’ve used two halberds, because I know he is not an easy opponent.

However, I’m still absolutely confident that I can cut him down!

chapter 41 Fire Phoenix Scorches the Plains


But confidence does not represent success…

He is no ordinary assassin!

And his comrades are extraordinary too.

Plus… they have a god-like mastermind!

[?]: Has it begun to take effect? Isn’t it too late now?

[Xiao Meng]: But… but, with A-Huo wounded like that, will he be okay?
(“a-” prefix is used like an affectionate reference to someone)
[Zhang Lei]: Two more hours left. He should be fine.

[Guo Ang]: I brought the antidote!
[ZL]: Don’t worry, we just have to believe in him like every other time.

[Yuan Shao]: When was she poisoned?

[Yuan Fang]: Pretty flowers always have thorns.
[Wen Chou]: Young Master.

[YF]: And that’s the prettiest flower…

[YF]: She’s not as simple as merely having thorns.
(“she, not only having thorns that easy”)

[YF]: It’s frightening… that there’s a gardener behind them who’s scarier than demons.

With cherry lips and pearly teeth she sang of “White Snow In Early Spring.”
(this combined two lines of poetry)

A flower lover gets bewitched…

Greedy for a moment of titillation…
and it came at an irrevocable price!

It was the poison in her mouth. I was truly fooled!

[Lü Bu]: But the poison hasn’t gone too deep…

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Because our plan to use Dong Zhuo to escape wouldn’t have worked if you felt the poison earlier. And the essence of this scheme…

[LYH]: is to insure your death along the way if you insist on pursuing us.

[LB]: But you’ve underestimated my stamina.
[LB]: I can still kill you before heading back for the antidote.

[LYH]: Sure, its effect has came a bit late. But,

[LYH]: you’ve also underestimated something.

[LYH]: Behind you is an angry mob whose lives have been destroyed by Dong Zhuo.
[LYH]: They’ll make their move as soon as you’re weak, because they’re fully aware…

[LYH]: that the Guandong Army offers a handsome reward for your death.
[LYH]: And they can rebuild their homes with that money.

[LB]: You planned all of these?

[LYH]: Partially. The Handicapped Warriors have never missed their mark. I could retire once the mission is over.

Such… such thorough planning!

Neither human nor demon, this boy is truly something else!

[LB]: Not even ten thousand would scare me.
[LB]: Let alone these few hundred people.
(“[why] afraid of these few hundred people”)

[LYH]: But you’ve been blinded by your self-confidence.

[LYH]: Other than dealing with this mob,

[LYH]: don’t forget that…

[LYH]: there’s still a damn kid standing who has matched you for a hundred strikes.
(“…also/still get back up…”)

[Huang Gai]: Could that boy… even be killed?

[LYH]: As an assassin… I’ve already cast aside life and death.

[LYH]: You’ll succumb to the poison as long as I keep fighting you.

[LB]: You’re suggesting that I beat a retreat,
[LB]: because… you’re scared.

[LYH]: Scared? Why would I be scared of a scum who sold out his father!

[HG]: What’s that boy doing? He had the upper hand…
[HG]: yet he’s goading him, unless he wants a fight to the death?

[LB]: I dare you to say it again.

[LYH]: You sold out your father to be a slave of glory and power!
(“…three surname family slave”, three referring to Lü, Ding, and Dong)

It’s over! He’s really going all out!

[LB]: This round

[LB]: GOES . TO . YOU!
(“you won”)

Wh… what?

[LYH]: You’re indeed a scary man to be able to think calmly under these circumstances.

[LYH]: And in the end you still chose what would benefit you, the kind that made you infamous.

[LB]: I want to kill you only to repay Xu Lin’s favor.
(“…understanding [my value and made good use of me]…”)


[LB]: But it’d be pathetic to die over it.

[?]: Stay right there, Lü Bu!
[?]: We’re not letting you go!
(“we didn’t say let you go”)

[LB]: But,


[LB]: I swear to the Heavens that our next meeting
[LB]: will be your doom!

If you only knew

that I have no strength left to fight.

Don’t look back!

I’m afraid to die all of a sudden.

I can’t even stand anymore.

This isn’t like you, Liaoyuan Huo!

Wrong! I would never back down!
Because my dream hasn’t been realized!

I’m still waiting… waiting

for the moment when the fire phoenix scorches the plains!

Am I living in the dream, or is the dream living in my life?
Is this an illusion?

Or is this a sign from the fire of Luoyang?

[?]: Chief, they’ve escaped!

[Ma Min]: Young Master, looks like brother Liaoyuan didn’t just save one man.

Liaoyuan Huo…
you meddlesome busybody.

You’ve dragged me onto history’s stage.

The night has fallen.

Luoyang’s fire is still burning-
visible from miles around.


Though bright as the flames may be,

it still couldn’t outshine…

the brilliance of a new star!
[?]: Ah-Man! Is it time to hit Dong Zhuo?
(“…snipe dong zhuo…”; not sure why Mr. Chen used the word “snipe” here)

A new star always has its own path.

No one can predict it.


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