Ravaging Times

chapter 46

War drums are used to raise morale,

{sfx: dum~ dum~ dum~}

while arrogance is used to make a fool of oneself.

[Hua Xiong]: Dum!
(not sure why the bubble points at HX; is he supposed to be mocking the opponent?)

chapter 46 Extreme Self-Confidence

That is the truth on the battlefield.



[HX]: I’m on my way, Lü Bu.
(as in, “on my way to the top”)

[HX]: That man was unfit to die by my blade!

[HX]: Next one! Next one!
[HX]: Next one! Next one!

[HX]: Next one!

[?]: On… only two rounds…

[Yuan Fang]: Yu She died because he underestimated the enemy.
[YF]: The next one should not be so careless.

{Chen Ai of Wang Kuang’s army}
[Chen Ai]: Yessir!

There are three ways to diminish your enemy.
First, if the enemy wins the initial round, blame it on the recklessness of your officer…

This is Master Water Mirror’s “On Morale.” You think I don’t know that, Yuan Fang?

But that theory only serves to console the weak and inept!

Damn it, why…


why am I only truly getting it now…




[HX]: Next one.

Just how many more “next one” are there?

{Tiger Cage Pass}

[?]: Sir! General Hua Xiong said the enemy is weak,
[?]: that he doesn’t need to fall back. So he has sent for all of his men!
(not sure)

[Zhang Liao]: Four in a row, sir. Looks like Hua Xiong wants to break your record!

[?]: I think someone wants to take all the credit!

[Lü Bu]: Zhang Liao, I feel a headache coming on.

See that, Lü Bu?
This is the twelfth!

No one in the world is capable of this.
How about you?

You’ll never find me beneath you!

[?]: That… that’s twelve in a row. That man rivals Lü Bu!
[?]: No, I think he’s stronger than Lü Bu!
[?]: Our morale will crumble if no one else can beat him.

[YF]: Everything was going according to plan, regrettably…

[YF]: General Yan Liang is absent, while Wen Chou is still recovering from his injuries.

[YF]: All the braggers are now dead silent. What irony!

[Han Fu]: The others have already made fools of themselves. It’s time for the main character to close the show.

[Pan Feng]: My Lord, your goading tactic doesn’t sound that appealing.

[PF]: But I couldn’t just stand by… and watch these wimps and the mess we’re in now could I!

[Yuan Shao]: Governor Han, is Pan Feng capable?
[HF]: Yan and Wen aren’t the only Generals of renown. This man is better.


[YF]: The men are clamoring for you, General Pan. The stage ahead is yours.

[PF]: Hua Xiong is only a supporting character. I want the lead to be on that stage now.

An invincible god of war.

[YF]: Lü Bu.
[YS]: Big talk.

Let’s hope it’s not mere talk.

[HX]: Next one.


Big brother…

And his laughter was frightening.

[YF}: Why do you laugh?


[Gongsun Zan]: Xuan De, wh… why are you laughing?
(Xuan De is Liu Bei’s courtesy name)
[GSZ]: Don’t you want to live?
(“you don’t want life”)


[Liu Bei]: Brother Gongsun! I’m just playing to the scene-

[LB]: a scene of “opposites” that you all have set up.

[LB]: Rise for war only when nowhere near Luoyang’s door.
(or “You won’t fight when near Luoyang, but now you want to fight when you’re so far from it”; he’s being more poetic in the original text)
[LB]: Pound the floor after running out of wine to pour.
(or “Party all day when stocked up on rations, then act like tragic heroes when they’re gone.”)
[LB]: Ganging up ends up getting beaten up.
(or “The many gangs up on one, while the one kills the many.”)
[LB]: Trusting fuck-ups to do a better job.
(or “Mediocre men boasts, while you roll eyes at skilled men.”)

[LB]: Since your setup is all about “opposites”…
[LB]: so shouldn’t I be laughing…
(“so then, someone dying”)


[LB]: when someone dies?
(“I not should laugh?”)

[HF]: Shame on you! You should know your place!

[LB]: My low status was used to goad the officers.
[LB]: But remember, I was also picked for the duel.

Now I finally understand why my big brother laughed.

[YF]: However, how is a confident smile different than arrogant boasting?

[Yuan Yi]: What are you doing, Yuan Fang? You think he…
[Wang Kuang]: Yeah, don’t we have many who’re ready? Why must…

[LB]: The difference is in ability!

[YF]: And there’s no one left who dares to drink this warm wine.

[?]: If Hua Xiong is still alive by the time the wine cools,

[Guan Yu]: my big brother will be yours to execute!
(“then take my big brother’s head”)

Because we can laugh our way to the top.

I’ve always hated drinking, because drinking would turn my face red… and make it look uglier than a monkey’s butt.


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