Ravaging Times

chapter 47

Suspicious looks from the officers.

Scornful expression from the warlords.

Hopeful anticipation from the soldiers.

Plus that unfathomable glance.

And my big brother, who would say things irresponsibly…

chapter 47 Heaven’s Will Is Unpredictable

Their words and looks don’t match. It’s hard to predict true intentions. What seems to be a typical war has been shrouded in mystery.
I feel as if there is a massive conspiracy hidden behind it all…

The truth is like the sunlight behind the dark clouds-
almost in the clear, but still can’t see it in its entirety.

[?]: An average cavalry archer with that weird way of riding…
[?]: I think it’s to make it easier to abandon the horse and flee!

The so-called stage of war is not simple at all.

What in the world is happening?

Only Heaven knows.

[?]: Another one has come to die.
[?]: Who is that man? Never seen him before.
[?]: Do you know who he is, master?

[Hua Xiong]: We’ve met at the City of Kings. I regret not having fought him there.

[Guan Yu]: Only Heaven knows the answer.

[HX]: I want your name
(“report [to me your] name”)

[HX]: for my record!
(“for convenience write in my war-record”)


[GY]: What is…
(“heaven’s answer.”)

(“heaven’s answer.”)heaven’s answer.

Heaven’s answer?

It’s harsh on the eye.
(“…pierce eye”)

It’s swift.


Is it hard to understand?
But it’s straight to the point!

It’s like this!

Heaven is unpredictable.

Like the intention of people I suppose!


My life as a warrior is over.

This is Heaven’s answer to me.

{plaque reads: command}
Everything happened so quickly

{sfx: pa~}
that no one was prepared for it.

Except for…
[Yuan Fang]: What are you all doing standing there?

[YF]: Proceed as planned!
a man who is abnormally calm.

[?]: Hurry! Capture Hua Xiong!
[?]: Everyone go!

[?]: Retreat, master! I’ll hold them off!
[?]: Hurry! Retreat!

The price I paid for underestimating the enemy after thirteen wins is irrevocable.

Was that the enemy’s plan all along?

Or is it Heaven’s will?

[?]: Retreat, master! I’ll handle things here!

Damn it.

Do I even have a choice?

[?]: We’ll leave things to you then! Be careful!
[?]: Hurry up and retreat!

Retreat? Easier said than done.
We are right in front of the enemy formation…


[?]: The enemy had set an ambush!?
[?]: Master! We really fell for their trap.

[?]: There are pursuers from the south too!

[?]: Master! We really went too deep into enemy territory.

[?]: You guys go first, master!
[?]: I’ll hold off the troops from the south.

[?]: W… what’s going on? The enemy is retreating.

[Lü Bu]: Zhang Liao! Escort Hua Xiong back for treatment!

[LB]: To avoid an annihilation, I want all deputies of Hua Xiong’s troop to help me rescue those men who’re trapped!

[?]: Nothing’s impossible when the Marquis of Wen is with us.
[?]: That’ll boost morale for sure!

Such generous statements.

Lü Bu, why do you always appear at these convenient moments?
But should I be thankful that you saved my life…

or be jealous of you for stealing the confidence of my men?

[LB]: You’re a headache, Hua Xiong.
(“…you really make people head ache”)


Right. My willfulness ruined the big plan.

But my willfulness was caused by you.

For twenty years I followed my Lord through thick and thin, yet I was valued less than a newcomer like you.

Lü Bu,
I really envy you!

[?]: Hua Xiong, you gave master a headache.

[HX]: Zhang Liao, this is the last time I get to be willful.

[Zhang Liao]: No, master said it’s because of your tenacity.

[HX]: Tenacity? Is it that… I’m hard to kill?

[ZL]: So… to spare him from more headaches…

[ZL]: it’s best that you disappear!
Right! Heaven is really unpredictable…


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