Ravaging Times

Deluxe Volume 4

(outer flaps of the box show the color portraits of Yuan Shao, Gongsun Zan, Wen Chou, Yan Liang, Liu Xie, Dong Zhuo; the bookmark shows Lü Bu)
Turmoils At Changan Arc
chapters 51-68
page 406, Structure of East Han’s Central Government Positions


reconstructed in draw.io, based on the chart in the book, with some minor correction of possible typos

(references of titles, and later I saw this post; I couldn’t decide/find all the title translations, so feel free to suggest other sources; oh found this one)
page 412, Top Secret Exposé – How Each Chapter Comes About…
(SPOILER WARNING volume 44, chapter 351, DO NOT READ/LOOK AT THIS if you haven’t read through chapter 351)

To start off, I would lock down how far the chapter will get.
l would figure out the opening first, then decide what the closing scene will look like.
With a beginning and an end in mind, I would then think about what the most brilliant part of the chapter should be.
I don’t like writing down the story, because I feel it’s a waste of time.

I’d do the thumbnails and write some dialogue on the side, and to save time… every page would just be a little rectangle, and a chapter of material could fit on one sheet of A4-sized paper. Because this way I could quickly show the scene and dialogue, or start with a new sheet if I don’t like it.

One piece of A4 paper per chapter, so that’s eight per book. (maybe no one is as ridiculous as this) The plotting takes an average of ten minutes to two hours. And since I’m my own supervisor, I could keep making changes as I go. (even more ridiculous..)

Dialogues don’t need to be precise either, just enough to show the gist. (Only I would understand it anyway.)

After that, I would use the rest of the time to handle the two headaches.

One: There is a model for Three Kingdoms comics: “a sea of soldiers and horses.” Soldiers are a must, but the horses are even more important. (Otherwise the essence would be missing.)

Two: I would work on the dialogue as I’m finalizing the pages. Ravages has more talking scenes, and figuring out the dialogue will take a lot of time. Besides quoting from the classics, I had to make every word count, because those characters are all top-notch politicians.

(I’m not sure if he means “elegantly concise” or “making words do double-duty”. The latter makes sense in context, but it’s not what the dictionary definition is.)

{2 pages from volume 44, chapter 351}

And that’s how I fooled around for ten years. Haha.

{18-12-2012, to be continued}


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