Ravaging Times

chapter 53


[?]: It’s a dead end, my Lord; we should head into the woods!

[Gongsun Zan]: All right! Everyone follow me!

[Zi Wang]: We’ll take a shortcut and surround Gongsun Zan!
[?]: Yessir!

[?]: Prepare to die, traitor Gongsun!

chapter 53 The Exterminator
(“eliminate bug person”)

Gongsun Zan~

[?]: Halt! Halt!

{Yuan Shao’s general-in-chief, Wen Chou}
[Wen Chou]: I’ve been waiting for you.

[WC]: Fire!

[Xiao Meng]: Damn it, so Yuan Shao does want to eliminate Gongsun Zan.

Why are they returning?




[?]: My Lord!

[?]: Quick, get behind the cart!

[?]: AH!

{sfx: cha~}

{war horn sfx}

[WC]: We have them surrounded. Shall we attack?
[Yuan Shao]: These battered soldiers are still willing to follow Gongsun Zan. With such resolve, both sides will suffer heavy casualties if we attack.

[YS]: You have a loud voice. Give them a suggestion!

[WC]: Men of Gongsun, listen up! Gongsun Zan is near his end!
[WC]: My Lord likes talented people; join us and be promoted by three ranks!




[Gongsun Zan]: Yuan Shao! You bastard!

[?]: Yuan Shao wants us… to do his dirty work.
(“…wants [to] borrow knife… [and] kill master”)

[?]: Listen, everyone, don’t betray our Lord to get ahead!
(“…see gain [and] forget honor, sell-out master”)

[?]: Phtt! We’ve followed our Lord over the years through thick and thin.
[?]: Why bother staying when we could’ve fled long ago…!

[GSZ]: My bottomless greed caused my downfall, undeserving of sympathy.
[GSZ]: Why would you die with me?

[?]: H-have the reinforcements arrived?

[?]: Right! Our reinforcements will be here soon!
[?]: We must hold on, my Lord. We can’t die here.

[GSZ]: Do you still expect help from those indomitable warriors?

[?]: That man keeps his promises. Maybe he’s already nearby. So…

[?]: Lord Yuan, I’ve captured Gongsun Zan, but I need time to negotiate with my cohorts. Please wait!

[YS]: Good! I look forward to it!
(“…silently await good news”)

[YS]: What do you think?
[ZW]: They won’t surrender.

[YS]: Zi Wang, look up to your left.

Oh no!

If the archers occupy that high vantage point, I’m afraid that…

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~}

{sfx: pa~}
[GSZ]: Damn it. What’s Yuan Shao trying to do?

[YS]: See that? We can’t kill him from this position.

[ZW]: No casualties. I understand.

[?]: Are you the one who robbed the merchant caravan?

[ZW]: Don’t stop. Notify the deputy to assume command.
[?]: Yessir.

[ZW]: Correct. And I did the killing too.

[?]: I like your candor…

[Liaoyuan Huo]: and your foolhardy courage.
(“…dare [to] come gift [your own] death…”)

[ZW]: Because I’m alone?

[LYH]: Yes. It’s always easier to kill one man than a hundred.

[ZW]: Interesting guy, you’ve made this trip more fun.

[LYH]: Then take your fun…

and be gone!
(“start [your] road/trip”)

{flap~ flap~ flap~}

[?]: That overconfident kid is done for.
[?]: Forget them. The deputy commander is calling us.

[?]: Hurry! Find your positions!

[?]: From here you’ll hit him for sure.
[?]: That’s right.

[?]: Yuan Shao is a large man.
[?]: Big and easy to target!

[?]: Who dares to speak such nonsense? Get down here!

[Zhang Lei]: The one-eyed man is mine. The rest…
[Guo Ang]: leave them to me!

[?]: For fifty tael I say you can’t do it.

[ZL]: For ten thousand I say you’ll fall.

Goddamnit I have gambled away everything.
[?]: It’s Sima clan’s caravan? I’ve heard of the close ties between them and the Handicapped Warriors. So, who are you?

[LYH]: Who I am isn’t important. What’s important is that… you, Zi Wang, shall become world-renowned today.

[ZW]: You’re overconfident. I’m telling you, the Sima clan is no match for the Yuan clan.

[LYH]: So today I’m going to save someone using your identity.

[ZW]: The richest clans in the Yan province have been engulfed… My lord had wanted to take on the Sima clan for some time.
[ZW]: All he needs is an excuse… and now he’s got it.

[LYH]: An excuse? What a joke! There never was one and there never will be.

[ZW]: To save a damsel in distress… Lad, let me tell you something…

[ZW]: Pretty flowers… always have thorns.
[ZW]: And they’re…

[LYH]: and they’re always surrounded by bugs like you!

[LYH]: You’re a bug, and so is your master!
(I want to translate this to be “blood-sucker” for the vehement tone, but that’s a bit too far away from the original text)



You were right…

The flower that is the Great Han has wilted.

[YS]: Why haven’t they begun shooting? What is Zi Wang doing?

[?]: Zi Wang is back again!

[WC]: Zi Wang! You’ve grown bold in these three years, huh? Why do you return?

Caterpillars eat the leaves, then turn into butterflies to pollinate the flowers.
(the author is liberally treating “tick/bedbug” interchangeably with an insect that can turn into a butterfly)
No one questions the ugly past of a beautiful butterfly.

Too bad, if only you were lucky enough to have a past…
People like me have no future, so forgive us, Yuan Shao!

Because the world doesn’t bloom just for you.

[LYH]: To exterminate.
(“I come [to] eliminate bug”)


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