Ravaging Times

chapter 54

[?]: Why would he?
[?]: My Lord, that looks like infighting!

You’re finally here!

[Wen Chou]: Zi Wang! Do you realize what you’re doing?

chapter 54 Seeing Zhao Yun Again

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Yuan Shao has no intention to save our country, and by killing loyal and decent people he had enraged even the gods! Today I revolt!

[Yuan Shao]: Baseless accusations you stinking brat!
[?]: My Lord! Quick, get back!

[WC]: Fine! Today I shall clean house!


I like that rage. Come at me! Come!

[?]: What do we do if our master has revolted?
{flag reads: Zi}
[?]: Has master gone mad? Wha…


[LYH]: What’re you waiting for? Proceed as we planned!

[?]: W… we…
[?]: p… plan?


{smash~ stab~}

Brothers below! We’ll cover you! Attack!

[?]: Men of Wen Chou, listen up! Attack Zi Wang’s troop before they revolt!

[?]: Come with me! Kill!

[?]: Wait… wait a minute! We didn’t…

[?]: I don’t care if you revolt or not! Everyone attack!
[?]: Hear us out…! Ahh!

[?]: Ha! Chaos begins.
(“…internal chaos”)

[?]: That winning of ten thousand…? You won’t get any of it.

[Zhang Lei]: Remember that in our line of work we’re always in the red!
(not sure)

[Guo Ang]: Lei, the rest of Yuan Shao’s army is heading up here.

[ZL]: We’ve carried out the plan. Let’s head down and pick up Xiao Meng!

[?]: My Lord, the enemy seems to be scattering!
[?]: What should we do now?

[Gongsun Zan]: Forget reinforcements. Why don’t we escape now?
[GSZ]: Perhaps even the Heavens believe that my time isn’t over yet.

[GSZ]: Follow me, everyone! Retreat into the back hills!

[?]: Gongsun Zan is fleeing, deputy, what should we do?

[?]: Give chase or fight the revolting troops?
[?]: What… what to do?



[LYH]: Yuan Shao once said, settle internal strife before dealing with external threats.

Or have you all forgotten?

[WC]: Damn it! Everyone attack, tear this guy to pieces!

Good! Wen Chou does understand this philosophy!

So now’s your chance, Xiao Meng.


Since Gongsun Zan headed into the hills,

I’ll run the other way.
(“I will head mountain external run”)

Huo! You succeeded!

[?]: General Wen, when did this guy become so strong?


I’m not exaggerating
when I say that Wen Chou lives up to his reputation!

[WC]: Zi Wang, I suddenly feel like you’re just like that man.

Has he seen through me?

[LYH]: Wen Chou, do you really want to know who I am?

[LYH]: Follow me then!

[LYH]: Big brother Zi Wang! I’ve led Wen Chou away! Now’s the chance to kill Yuan Shao!

[LYH]: Hurry and make your move!
Oh no! I fell for it!


[WC]: Halt! Turn around! Our Lord’s troop is limited…
[WC]: Head back to protect our Lord, hurry!

Idiots, you fell for it.

[?]: What a moron!



So strong!

He’s stronger than Guo Ang!

Could he be…

[Yan Liang]: Wen Chou! Get back here you idiot!

[WC]: Where’ve you been you bastard!

So it is…

{Yuan Shao’s General-in-Chief, Yan Liang}
[YL]: You’re Zi Long, aren’t you, boy?

[LYH]: Zi Long?

[WC]: Zi Long?

[YL]: Am I right? You’re Zi Wang’s younger brother, Zi Long.

Zi Long or not…
(“[don’t] care what…”)
[LYH]: That’s right! I’m Zi Long.

[LYH]: My brother and I plotted for years in order to kill Yuan Shao today. What’s the matter? Aren’t you going back to protect your master?

[?]: That man is Zi Long?
[?]: But isn’t Zi Long already…

[YL]: Aren’t you foolish, Wen Chou, to have believed his lies.

[WC]: Yes. Zi Long died three years ago. How could he be alive again?

[WC]: That means… Zi Wang has already died in the hills. And you… are just one of Gongsun Zan’s men in disguise.

[YL]: Zi Wang has followed me for years. I can swear to the Heavens that he would never betray us.

I’ve been exposed…
And now… I have another troublesome opponent to contend with.

[YL]: Zi Long, since you’re Zi Long, obey your fate and die!

[?]: Is that his given name?
(I changed the translation to make it make more sense in context; “purple dragon”)

Or is that his courtesy name?
(I changed the translation to make it make more sense in context; homonym wordplay; “person/son/man dragon”)
[Liu Bei]: Second Brother, do you remember that guy?

[Guan Yu]: Who else would fight like there’s no tomorrow?
(“this kind [of] don’t-want-life fighting style, other than him, who [else]”)
[LB]: So we meet Zhao Yun again.


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