Ravaging Times

chapter 55

Why would anyone devote their life to the military? The common reason is for fame and fortune.
If I were to describe my greatest achievement…

it would be my loyal and unwavering officers. That’s the charisma of a conqueror.
And it’s comforting to know before I die.

[?]: Dead… dead end.

[Gongsun Zan]: Selecting the right terrain for battle makes deployment easier. No wonder Yuan Shao didn’t give chase. We were just wasting our energy.

[?]: They’re coming! They’re coming!

[?]: My Lord, Yuan Shao’s troops have caught up!

chapter 55 The Way Of Employing Men


[Yuan Shao]: Officers, I’m still waiting for your answer.

[?]: Screw you! We’ll be headless before we surrender!
(“[on the] battlefield there are only decapitated generals, no surrendering worthless general”)
[?]: Yuan Shao, our answer to you is death!

[YS]: See? This is the way to employ men. We should learn from him in that regard!

[GSZ]: Right! Compared to the fickle minds in your camp… I seem to have all I wanted out of life and can rest in peace.

[YS]: So to commemorate your virtues, I shall lavish great praise on you in the history text.
[?]: Get ready!

[GSZ]: Then write that I was victorious against tremendous odds but was unfortunately felled by arrows!

[YS]: All right. Then I will consider it my duty.

[?]: Go ahead! Let our Lord be remembered as a hero who fought to the end. May his name survive the test of time!
[?]: Yuan Shao! Be generous with your arrows. Shoot to your heart’s content!

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~ pa~ pa~ pa~ pa~}


[GSZ]: Come on! I’m no coward!

I’m no coward?

How could I ask for anything more when I command such brave and loyal men? I can die without regret!

[?]: Nock arrows! Get ready!

[GSZ]: Haha!

[?]: Quick! Shield our Lord!

I should die wearing a smile!


[YS]: Do you know what I hate the most?

[?]: That’s why a madman is fated to die.


[?]: So Brother Gongsun understood the meaning of laughing to the top!

{banner reads: Han Imperial Uncle Liu}

[?]: Who’s there? Get your ass down here!
(“…roll down here”)

[?]: Imperial Uncle of Han? Since when was there an Imperial Uncle?
[?]: Who gave you the right to fly the Imperial Banner?

{banner reads: Liu Bei}
[Liu Bei]: I’m here to learn from brother Gongsun, whose way of employing men has moved me.

[GSZ]: And I admire you for being true to your word.

[YS]: When did you become an Imperial Uncle? Does that mean… you were formally recognized by the Emperor?

[LB]: Who’s been casually deciding the fate of court officials? Does that mean His Majesty has passed the throne to you?

[YS]: There are plenty of charlatans who pose as members of the Imperial clan.

[LB]: No less than those who stand to benefit from claiming that they want to save the world.

{Yuan Shao’s subordinate, He Yi}
[He Yi]: And countless men boast that they can beat Lü Bu!

[HY]: Liu Bei! I shall expose your lie!


[Zhang Fei]: No one can argue against fact. So open your eyes and witness my big brother’s strength.

[LB]: Enemy officer! Do you know my title?

[HY]: You’re a swindling cavalry archer!
(“…muddy water grab fish…”)

[Guan Yu]: He’s the God of War!


Wh… what?
{split~ splat~}

You’re right.

I was right…

He really is… a swindler!



[?]: Just… just one move!
[?]: S… so fast I couldn’t even see it… un… unless…

the rumor of Liu Bei defeating Lü Bu… was true!

[LB]: You.

[?]: Me?

[LB]: Yes, you. I can see it in your eyes that you still don’t believe me.
[LB]: Come! Fight me.

[?]: No… no no no no!
[?]: I-I-I… d-d-didn’t.

[ZF]: You weren’t looking at him?

[ZF]: Then you must be looking at me.

[ZF]: Okay! I gladly accept!

[ZF]: Isn’t… isn’t that Zhang Fei, who fought Lü Bu to a standstill…?
[?]: And… and behind him is Guan Yu, who killed Hua Xiong!
[?]: Now plus Liu Bei, won’t we…

[?]: Come back! Don’t run away!

[?]: My Lord, the troops in the rear are in disarray!

[?]: My Lord, General Yan and Wen aren’t here to stabilize our shaken morale, why don’t we…

My my, all it took was one kill to put my army in disarray. The hero effect is powerful indeed!

[YS]: By my order, retreat using wild goose formation!
[YS]: Regroup with Yan and Wen to go on the offensive!

[ZF]: They’re retreating without exposing any weak point. That’s why the army of Bohai is world-renowned.

[GSZ]: Excellent! Yuan Shao retreated! Xuan De, you’re amazing!
(Xuan De is Liu Bei’s courtesy name)
[GSZ]: Let’s escape while we can.

[LB]: We’ll pursue Yuan Shao while you all escort lord Gongsun back!
[?]: Yessir!

[GSZ]: Pursue Yuan Shao? Just… just the three of you? Have you gone mad?

[LB]: Your defense is weak, so you’ll still be at Yuan Shao’s mercy.

[LB]: We must resolve this feud to save your life, as well as keeping the civilians from getting hurt. And…

[ZF]: Big brother would be sad if that subordinate of yours dies.

[ZF]: Don’t worry! We’ll risk our lives to bring Zhao Yun back.

Zhao Yun? Who’s Zhao Yun?
Perhaps I have too many subordinates to remember them all.

[?]: Take a shortcut. We must get there before Yuan Shao!

It has always been the warriors who devote their lives for their master. When has it ever been the commander who risk his life for a subordinate?

Not to mention he doesn’t even serve you.

Oh, Xuan De!

Is this the way you employ men?

Liu Bei appreciates talented people, who in turn see him as a wall with a roof. The wall may be small, but they feel safe to reside under it.
(I don’t understand why the author uses “because” in the original text, since I think it’s the implication that Liu Bei makes his employees feel safe first, not the other way around- that it’s his employees feeling safe with him that makes him appreciate them)


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