Ravaging Times

chapter 56

{flag reads: Zi}

[Yan Liang]: Stinking Brat! You’re through!


[Wen Chou]: Go to hell!
(“accept death”)

chapter 56 Imperial Uncle Takes the Battlefield



[YL]: Nice back-thrust!
(“reverse horse spear, good kung fu”)

This style of fighting…

{sfx: cha~}
This guy must be an assassin!

Too bad, this style of fighting…



doesn’t always work.

[?]: We won! We won!
[?]: That guy bit off more than he could chew. Hahaha!

[YL]: My my, amazing young upstart. Pity he’s dead.

[WC]: Too bad you only used the back of your blade. That won’t kill him.

[YL]: I wanted to keep his corpse in one piece out of respect!
[YL]: But do you think anyone can survive a hit like that?

[WC]: Old Yan,

[WC]: I have seen such a man indeed.

[WC]: Even Lü Bu couldn’t kill him.

[YL]: Lü Bu? That’s too much even for a joke.

Kid, it’s not you, is it…?

[Liu Bei]: AH! ZHAO YUN!

[YL]: Zhao Yun?

[LB]: I am Liu Bei! Who dares to kill my friend?

[?]: So that’s Liu Bei?
[?]: What is he doing here?

[YL]: Wen Chou, the person you were referring to… was it Zhao Yun?
[WC]: No. Looks like my mistake then.

[WC]: But that’s not important. What’s most important…

[WC]: is confirming whether or not this man really did defeat Lü Bu.

[Zhang Fei]: Wen Chou, that’s some special way of greeting you got there.

[YL]: You must bow before honored guests!


Compared to Wen Chou,

this guy is even tougher!


[WC]: Clown-face! Such great honor for two of us to greet you!
(“…two general visit/greet, what level [of] honor”)

But can you handle the weight of this gesture?


[WC]: Liu Bei’s faction is in league with traitors! Penalty, is, death!

[?]: That’s some voice!
(“so great/voluminous vocal-capacity”)



(“accept my once bow”)

So… so strong!

If this man really killed Hua Xiong,

and this man was a match for Lü Bu…

[YL]: Wen Chou! What’re you waiting for!


I fended off one, but then there’s the other one…


[YL]: Wen Chou, who are these two?




[LB]: Wen Chou! What did you want to confirm?
[WC]: It was actually those two men who defeated Lü Bu.

[?]: We… we lost!
[?]: The… the new God of War is for real.

[LB]: That’s only what you think, Wen Chou.

[?]: My Lord! Look!
[?]: Generals Yan and Wen were already…

that’s not what most people think,

including your precious lord!

[LB]: Brother Yuan Shao has always kept his word. I need a promise from you.

[YL]: Forget about us, my Lord. Attack!

[Yuan Shao]: My feud with Gongsun Zan was actually a misunderstanding.
[YS]: I hope you can write it off, Imperial Uncle Liu.

Yuan Shao appreciates talented men because they form a protective wall around him. However, a wise man would not stand next to a collapsing wall.
(derived from a Mencius quote)


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