Ravaging Times

chapter 57

[?]: Pull out!

[Liu Bei]: Your honor and fatherly love for your subordinates make you a real man whose deeds shall be remembered by all!
[LB]: I admire you, brother Yuan Shao!
(“…admire to the extreme”)

[Wen Chou]: Hmph!

chapter 57 Truth And Deceit
(“real words, fake/deceitful words”)

[Yan Liang]: Do you know what I’m thinking, my Lord?

[Yuan Shao]: I know. There’ll be plenty of chances later for revenge.
Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan clashed in year 191. The former gained the upper hand and chased the latter to Jieqiao. Gongsun Zan fought back valiantly, however, forcing Yuan Shao to return empty-handed.

[Zhang Fei]: What a golden exit. Big brother sure knows how to kiss ass!
[Guan Yu]: With his troops watching, Yuan Shao has no choice but to retreat since reputation matters so much to him.

[GY]: Too bad we’ll be Yuan Shao’s enemies from now on.

[LB]: Too bad…

[LB]: Too bad Zhao Yun died like this.

[GY]: No. This Zhao fellow has merely lost a shot at fame.

[LB]: Wh… what are you talking about?

[GY]: Am I right?

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Yes, because of you three busybodies.

[LB]: Great! You’re still alive, kid!

[GY]: If either Yan or Wen got close enough…

[LYH]: Left side.

[GY]: Got it.


[GY]: And while the other one is in shock,

[GY]: he’ll also get hit by one of your knives.

{crack~ crack~ crack~}

[LYH]: Wrong. Three knives.

[Xiao Meng]: Those three are friendlies.

[Zhang Lei]: Go!

[LYH]: Thank you, lord Liu Bei.

[LYH]: I take my leave.

[LYH]: Ow!

[ZF]: Brother Zhao! You okay?
[LB]: Brother Zhao! Brother Zhao!

[LYH]: I… I’m fine.

[LB]: How foolhardy you are to treat death like homecoming.

[LYH]: Aren’t you risking everything as well?

[LB]: Gongsun Zan has no desire to save our country. Even if I continue to help him… it would be pointless.
[LB]: I was just trying to thank him for getting me this far.
(“…[the favor of] promotion”)

[LYH]: If you don’t want to return to a commoner’s life, here’s my advice.

[LYH]: You know,
(“[do you] know”)

[LYH]: Dong Zhuo will die, and the world will be in chaos.
[LYH]: You should build up a foundation now for a brighter future.
(“…[in the] future definitely achieve something [great]”)

[LB]: Dong Zhuo will die? Build up a foundation?
(left bubble)
[LB]: You want me to take advantage of the chaos… What kind of person do you take me for?
(right bubble)

[LYH]: As humane and virtuous as you are, would you rather those self-serving warlords seize the opportunity than you?

[ZF]: Big brother, what this Zhao says is true.

[LYH]: Head north one li, and you’ll find ten carts laden with riches.

[LYH]: Those… are what I hope to be your foundation for achieving your goal.

[LB]: The way you do as you please, you’re not of Gongsun Zan’s forces, are you?

[LYH]: Whether or not I serve him is of no importance. It seems to me… you’re not really an Imperial Uncle either, right?

[GY]: Nonsense. My big brother is a descendant of Prince Zhongshan– that’s the absolute truth.

[LYH]: Right! Fighting under the banner of Imperial Uncle is a smart move. So I think you had that intention to begin with!

[LYH]: Now all you need is an Imperial Edict to legitimize you.
[LYH]: But don’t worry, I have a plan to get that for you in a few days.

[LYH]: Wait for the good news. Farewell.

[GY]: Not much ambiguity in his words. He’s quite straightforward!

[LB]: What a guy…
[ZF]: Are you going to believe him this time, big brother?

[LB]: Don’t forget, your big brother has a perfect record when it comes to reading people.

You won’t understand the mind of an ambitious person without having witnessed the beauty of this scenery.

Therefore those who wish to conquer the world will always have their excuses.

Some claim the death of the Heavens; some claim to be royalty; some claim they have the Imperial Edict; and some even boast that they can change the course of the world…
All lies!

Yet these lies… are what make politics so exquisite.
{Lü Bu}

You are all doing it right.

“Ambition” must be buried like shame in a feudal era- too shameful to be said out loud.

{Zhang Liao}
[Zhang Liao]: Master, we’ve come to the last step.

[Lü Bu]: Yes! The time has come.
(“…opportunity already ripe”)

[LB]: Oh Zhang Liao,

[LB]: are you ready?

[ZL]: Master, I can’t wait!

{sign reads: Changan}

[?]: Right! That’s General Lü’s written order. Please enter.

[Zhang Lei]: Same goal. It’s the Luoyang mission all over again.

[Meng]: Who knew you would lose those presents…
(I think M is being sarcastic here, they may all know what LYH did)

[LYH]: Xiao Meng, guess what?

[LYH]: I understand Lü Bu like the back of my hand.

[LYH]: He’s not the type to fixate on small gains.

While I’m the type… who likes to open old wounds.
(“…dig [at] someone [else]’s scab…”)
Am I right?

Right! Once everything is over, you’ll end up… just like Dong Zhuo!


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