Ravaging Times

chapter 58

With the Qin mountain range to its south, Mount Li to its east, “Changan” has access to eight rivers and is situated on difficult terrain- it is a strategically vital position in war.
Eastern Zhou, Qin and Western Han all based the capital of their dynasties here. It was even the starting point of Emperor Wu of Han‘s Silk Road to the west.

I just realized something. The “Central Plain” is only the tip of the iceberg in the eyes of a conqueror. Warlords will wear each other down inside this territory, so it’s not worth the effort to pacify them.

The western territory is also a stage for his ambition.
A conqueror is after the world.

Dong Zhuo has set his vision far and wide, so he built Changan with great splendor as to establish the foundation of a mighty country.

Unfortunately the further he cast his vision, the easier it is for him to overlook what’s under his nose…
That has always led to the downfall of a conqueror.

chapter 58 Palace Intrigue

A conqueror falls because a more powerful conqueror is about to appear.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I’m a straightforward man.
[LYH]: Do you remember one thing you said, General?

[Lü Bu]: Was it… what Wang Yun wrote, “Kill Dong Zhuo and all past wrongs shall be overlooked”…?

[LB]: Or was it… what I said, “that our next meeting will be your doom”?

[LYH]: Only you know which one is true, General.
[LYH]: But it’s obvious that you’re someone who doesn’t give up easily.

[LB]: I really like you, to be honest. Too bad…

[LYH]: That’s right. Too bad…

[LB]: Too bad if only you could kill me now… things would be much easier, right?

[LYH]: If you release Wang Yun, I wouldn’t mind doing it right now.

[LB]: Then, as you wish.

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Lü Bu is here. Proceed, everyone!

[LB]: You should also know that I’m an impatient man.

Wang Yun? What…

{Minister Over the Masses, Wang Yun}
[Wang Yun]: Lü Bu! I’m going to do it!

[LB]: Sure!


[LYH]: Wang Yun! Why are you…
[WY]: You know why.

[LB]: Be straightforward with him, since he’s a straightforward man.

[WY]: Men, you were all posted at the City of Kings that day.
[WY]: Do you recognize him?

[?]: I remember! It’s him!
(top bubble)
[?]: Yes! He was the assassin who held our Lord hostage!

[?]: He’s the leader of the Handicapped Warriors!
[?]: Advisor Xu Lin’s murderer!

[?]: Then his goal this time…
[?]: is to assassinate our Lord! Kill him!

It all came…

[LB]: too fast?



[LYH]: Come at me!

The instinct of an assassin is to make an instant kill…


But… the reason they could preempt my actions…
(“…more quickly take control of development/proceeding”)

is also because I’m an assassin.

{sfx: pa~}
This guy…

[Zhang Liao]: We’re the same type of people.

This Lü Bu…




sure is difficult to figure out!

Which phrase is the truth? Only Lü Bu knows.


[ZL]: You’re through, boy.


[?]: We caught him! We caught him!
[?]: Great! You’re so amazing, General Zhang!

Too fast!

Too fast!

[?]: The main lantern…

How could its flame go out so fast?

{sfx: foo~}

[?]: My Lord, it’s a bad omen!
{Grand Master, Dong Zhuo}

[DZ]: Is my life… about to end?

[?]: It’s an unmistakable sign from the Tengri.

[?]: Our Lord is at his peak like the noontime sun!
[?]: All bad situations will be turned around. Stop saying nonsense.

[?]: Do you remember Xu Lin’s death, my Lord?
[?]: He didn’t believe me, and that led to his downfall.

[Dong Zhuo]: Almost all of the last emperors of a dynasty believed in this practice.

[DZ]: I believe that a man must confront his future proudly. That’s what Tengri wants to tell us.

{Dong Zhuo’s Counselor, Li Ru}
[Li Ru]: I hope so too!

[DZ]: Except… even gods can miscalculate sometimes.

[?]: Who in the world could get close to our Lord? I think that assassin last time…

[DZ]: Of course he wants to use his old trick again. Too bad…
[DZ]: Speaking of which, where is that… Zhao Huo now?

[?]: Do you mean the leader the Handicapped Warriors? He failed and was captured. He’s awaiting execution.
[DZ]: Very good.

[LR]: I…

[LR]: I want to know, whose custody is he under?

[DZ]: I’ll tell you. They are the two men whose motives you suspect…
[DZ]: Lü Bu and Wang Yun. You are too paranoid…

[LR]: Do you not trust me, my Lord?

[DZ]: Do you know why I betrothed my daughter to you?

It’s because you trust me the most.

That’s why I can act as I please.

[LR]: My skill rivals Xu Lin!
(“…not below xu lin”)

[LR]: Ready the carriage.

A conqueror sets his vision far and wide; too bad he overlooks everything under his nose.

That’s why a conqueror must always keep someone nearby to warn him.

Lü Bu is not a trustworthy man.
If I let his scheme succeeds…

no one could escape his clutches.


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