Ravaging Times

chapter 59

{Dong Zhuo’s General-in-Chief, Guo Si}
{Fan Chou}
[?]: Not one-eyed. And quite young.

[?]: No doubt about it. I’ve seen him at the City of Kings.
[?]: It’s so hard to believe that he’s the legendary one-eyed assassin!

[?]: Li Jue, you still can’t wake him?
{Li Jue}

[LJ]: He’s covered in wounds and on the verge of death. Lü Bu’s method of torture sure is cruel!
[LJ]: Looks like… Lü Bu’s desire to avenge Xu Lin is sincere.


chapter 59 The Collaboration of Three Dragons
(dragon means powerful person/faction)

[Li Ru]: You all know I’m a paranoid man.
[LR]: I wouldn’t believe that he fell unconscious if I hadn’t examined him myself.

[LR]: There’s another method to wake this man for questioning.
[LR]: I’ve heard about a method of torture in the west that’s used against prisoners.

[LR]: Which is to tie him to a post and then…



[LR]: As he bleeds out, even an unconscious man would wake from the pain and beg for mercy.

[LR]: Painful isn’t it? Even bystanders will be frightened to tears at the sight of this kind of torture!

[LJ]: I’ve conducted tortures for years, Li Ru. Don’t you believe me when I say he’s not waking up?
[LR]: Check with your own eyes. That has always been my advice.

[LR]: Unless you’ve forgotten that even the cautious Xu Lin was killed by this boy?
[LR]: Doesn’t the ease at which he was captured make you suspicious?
[?]: He’s here!

[LJ]: Lü Bu is coming. We should get back!
[LR]: I’m out of ideas.

[?]: Don’t worry! I’ve already arranged tight security around our Lord.

{Zhang Ji}
[Zhang Ji]: And all the handicapped people in the city have been arrested.

[LR]: But… it’s hard to defend against a secret conspiracy. That man has already made his move.

[ZJ]: You mean our Lord’s document of approval?

[LR]: Thanks to Lü Bu’s recommendation.

[LR]: For the capture of that boy, Zhang Liao in Lü Bu’s camp has been promoted to the rank of Palace Captain.

[Guo Si]: Palace Captain? That’s just a minor rank.

[?]: Hua Xiong’s former subordinates, Hou, Wei and Song were also promoted?
[?]: Yes.

[Fan Chou]: Lü Bu is certainly committed to lifting up the next generation.
[FC]: I heard that those three are now fiercely loyal to him.

[LJ]: Speaking of promotions, Fan Chou, you’ve been promoted to Commandery governor, right?

[ZJ]: Aside from old Fan, the document included something for us too!
[LJ]: Doesn’t our increased authority give us more advantage?

[LR]: Advantage?

[LR]: I think… catastrophe is upon us.


[?]: He… he dislocated his own thumb?

{snap~ snap~}


[Lü Bu]: You really are a monster.

{snap~ snap~}

[LB]: Scary, isn’t it?
[Zhang Liao]: Yes! We should use an iron cage.



[Liaoyuan Huo]: Smooth sailing so far. What’s next?

[LB]: There will be a reassignment of duties the day after tomorrow.

[LB]: All those in the way will be transferred.

[LYH]: And you’ll arrange for me to enter the palace.

[LB]: You take care of the inside, while I take care of the outside. Everyone will be busy.

[?]: Right now, Changan’s defense detail and Hua Xiong’s military authority all belong to Lü Bu.
[?]: If we leave Changan, we might never be able to return.

[?]: And Wang Yun now has full control of the palace officials. As long as the officials band together… anything can happen.

[?]: You… you mean…
[?]: What I mean is that the majority shall decide whether someone is an usurper.

[?]: Hua Xiong’s death and Young Master Dong Huang’s disappearance are merely the beginning. What’s scarier is that…

[?]: Even if we all know Lü Bu is the mastermind, however… if our Lord dies,

[LR]: Lü Bu is still a legitimate successor.

[LR]: Because he can spin a wrong into right anytime.
[LR]: Everyone has been made aware that the Handicapped Warriors have entered the city to assassinate our Lord…

[ZJ]: The Handicapped Warriors killed Xu Lin and once held our Lord hostage. Everyone wants them dead.

[GS]: Lü Bu has maintained his mission of avenging his friend and protecting his Lord. Everyone respects him.

[LR]: Therefore while his loyalty is unquestioned, the moment our Lord is assassinated…

[FC]: We’ll be isolated on the outside.
[LJ]: While Zhang Liao will be in the palace to lock down the flow of information, then dupe the young Emperor into issuing an edict to get rid of us through baseless accusation.

[?]: Once everything’s done, Wang Yun can leave with my men.

[LYH]: While I shall stay behind to fight you again.

[LB]: Good! Defeat me and you’re free to go.

[LB]: Got it?
(left bubble)
[?]: Got it.
(right bubble)

[ZL]: We have Wang Yun’s family. Don’t think about rescuing them on your own.

[ZL]: Got it?

[LYH]: Got it.

[ZL]: Master.

[ZL]: Is it really like what that boy said? I’m afraid that the son-in-law…

[LB]: Li Ru saw through it.

[ZL]: You mean?

[LB]: Zhang Liao, I feel a headache coming on again.

[LR]: Guess what, everyone! Lü Bu’s head is starting to ache.

[?]: Then let him die from it.

Things are getting interesting.

[?]: No one’s watching. Hurry!

[?]: Make way! Hurry!

[?]: Hey assassin, you’re not going to Zhang Liao’s residence?
[LYH]: No. Palace first.

[?]: To scout the area? Excellent! I’ll arrange it for you.


It’s getting so damn interesting that I don’t even know what to do with myself.

Zhong Da was right.
{sign reads: Wang residence}
The world is full of capable men.

How could anything be simple?

[Dong Zhuo]: Wang Yun, what’s your intention?

[DZ]: Last time it was at Luoyang. It’s the second time now, isn’t it?

[Wang Yun]: Ah!

[DZ]: You’re not fooling me.
[DZ]: I actually know everything.

It’s… it’s over!

[?]: Since Grand Master Dong already knows our intention,

[?]: Foster father,

[Meng]: why do you still hesitate?

As he hesitates, am I Diao Chan or am I Da Ji?

All I know is that the world shall change because of me…


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