Ravaging Times

chapter 60

[?]: I say, Wang Yun…

[?]: No poison. It’s all right.
[?]: You’re so ugly.

[Dong Zhuo]: Where did you get such a beautiful daughter?
[?]: Please enjoy, Grand Master.

chapter 60 An Honest Conversation

[Wang Yun]: I’m ashamed to say that she’s my foster daughter.

[DZ]: Last time you left Luoyang in a hurry, while I…

[Meng]: That’s because your behavior scared me, Grand Master…
[M]: But I didn’t expect you to still remember me, knowing how busy you are.

[DZ]: I’m getting old,
[DZ]: but my memory is still good.

[WY]: Eve… even in old age your virility still leaves the younger generation in the dust!

[DZ]: You know, all men have one common failing,

[DZ]: it’s that regardless of age,

[M]: their lust never changes.

[DZ]: A real man must be honest.
[DZ]: Just like how I dare to act on my desire to conquer the world.

[DZ]: And since I know exactly what your intention is,
[DZ]: why don’t you confess like a real man!

Am… am I really going to say it…?

Wh… what should I do?

[M]: Men also have the common failing of coveting wealth and power.

[DZ]: So which do you covet? Wealth or power?

[WY]: I’m not as able as you, Grand Master, and at my old age…

[WY]: I can’t keep up with the power struggle.
[WY]: A comfortable retirement with a hoard of money is all I want.


[DZ]: That’s the honesty I like. When are you leaving?

[M]: Immediately.

[DZ]: Yes. You’re too powerful and too set in your old ways.
[DZ]: Staying here would only impede the growth of the younger generation.

[WY]: Li… Li Ru could take my place.

[DZ]: Your suggestion makes me very happy.

[M]: Grand Master, my father fears being scandalized by a sudden departure. In order to save face, we hope that you would send him off personally.

[DZ]: A send-off with fanfare? On the condition that you stay behind!
(“hundred official send-off, at that time, you stay behind! that is the condition”)

Is… is this how the Handicapped Warriors will save me!?
Right! Dong Zhuo’s presence will keep Lü Bu in check. But…. will it work?

[DZ]: Wang Yun.
[WY]: H… here!

[DZ]: Just like your foster daughter said…

[DZ]: lust doesn’t change with age.

Diao Chan was right. It’s too much for an old man to handle…

[WY]: Thank you, Grand Master.
We… we did it.

[?]: This matter is resolved. Onto another.


[DZ]: Now it’s our turn to have an honest conversation.

[DZ]: For example… what are the Handicapped Warriors up to?

[?]: You think I don’t know what you’re planning?

[?]: Guards! Take them!

[?]: The Commentary of Zuo says, the courage is spent by the third drumroll! It’s over for you!
[?]: What? Did my troops move three times already?

[?]: We’re deep in enemy territory, and their ambush took out half of our troops.
[?]: We fell into the enemy’s trap and our troops were decimated. Only three units are left.

[?]: Master Wu says, fight with honor instead of retreat in shame. Dare you retreat, General?

[?]: But he also says, committed fighters are more likely to survive.
[?]: Then go for it!

[?]: Too bad Sima Qian says, a General whose army is defeated cannot count himself brave.

{Emperor Xian of Han, Liu Xie}
[Liu Xie]: You’ve been surrounded! Zhang Liao, you’re finished this round!

[Zhang Liao]: I truly admire Your Majesty’s brilliant art of war.
[ZL]: I am speechless in defeat.

[?]: Commanding an army is like governing a kingdom. With such skill at this early age,
[?]: one day you shall rule a world-renowned kingdom!

[LX]: Of course. That’s what my kingdom will be.

[Lü Bu]: Amazing, amazing.
[LB]: Not even Emperor Gaozu of Han‘s advisor Zhang Liang is a match for Your Majesty’s art of war!

[LX]: A worthy opponent has arrived.

[ZL]: The star has arrived. Let’s resume the palace patrols!
[?]: Yessir!

[LB]: On the verge of loss is my kind of game.
(“this desperate/broken situation, I like”)
[LX]: Let’s see how the outstanding Lü Bu changes fate.

[LX]: The Commentary of Zuo says, let your enemy go a single day will lead to the misfortunes of several generations. I attack!
[LB]: The Marshal’s Art of War says, even a great kingdom can be ruined by bellicosity. Retreat and defend.

[LB]: But… retreating is also difficult. Please go easy on me!
[LB]: Your Majesty has improved so fast!

[LX]: Playing a wargame is like governing a kingdom. I could reserve my strength without appearing weak.
[LX]: But you might come back even stronger if I let you go.

[LX]: Your ambition is enormous, Lü Bu; always exceeding expectation.

[LB]: I’m a military man. It’s my nature to be aggressive.
(“…eager/rabid advance”)
[LB]: Counter-attack.

[LX]: Danger befalls those who forget about war; injury awaits those who fight too hard.
(also partly quoting from “The Marshal’s Art of War”)

[?]: There’s nowhere to go.

[LB]: Wait… wait a minute.

[LX]: War is no child’s play. There’s no take backs.
(“…lift hand no return”)
[LX]: Lü Bu, you too have lost.

[LB]: I think… the world shall be yours one day, Your Majesty.

[LX]: What do you mean? Is it not mine now?

[LB]: The world is like a game board.

[LB]: Right now, Your Majesty…

[LB]: is on someone else’s board.

Someone else’s game board…
Dong Zhuo’s pawn?

[ZL]: A kid is still just a kid.

[LB]: No one likes to be told what to do at his age.
[ZL]: Master, your game theory has begun to influence his disposition.

[?]: I’m afraid that if you keep playing with him, he’ll…

[LB]: I want him to have the ambition to take over the world.
[ZL]: That means he won’t be upset by Dong Zhuo’s death.

[LB]: Dong Zhuo has been forever branded a criminal for holding the emperor hostage.
(“dong zhuo holding [heaven’s son hostage]’s crime no way to decline/refuse”)

[ZL]: Master, you mean… if the Handicapped Warriors fail their mission,
[ZL]: we’ll kill Dong Zhuo ourselves?

[LB]: What are you afraid of? We’ll be crowned heroes for deposing a despot. That’ll get us into the good graces of the Guandong Alliance, while still allow us to use the emperor to control the lords.
[LB]: Why not?

[ZL]: Everything is coming together perfectly.
[LB]: Okay! Let’s go have a drink!


Why am I filled with rage?

The world is not mine?
On what grounds?

[?]: Huan Kuan says, preparedness gives you control, while being unprepared takes it away.
[?]: It’s up to Your Majesty to be prepared or not.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: On the verge of loss is also my kind of game.
(“I also am a [person who] likes desperate/broken situation…”)


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