Ravaging Times

chapter 61

[?]: Last time at the City of Kings when Lü Bu was fighting the Handicapped Warriors,

[Dong Zhuo]: you were spotted with them.

chapter 61 Cunning On Two Fronts
(“two-sided/faced cleverness“; I can’t think of a clearer title than the existing fan translation)

[DZ]: Well? How do you explain this?

[?]: How could there be such a skillful woman in the world?

[?]: The Handicapped Warriors in Luoyang discovered that you had a beauty,
[?]: so they kidnapped her from the palace to aid in their escape.

[Lü Bu]: I was there too, so I came to explain.

[DZ]: Wang Yun, why didn’t you say something?

[LB]: You were always busy, Foster Father…

[Wang Yun]: Yes… I asked General Lü to save my daughter.

[DZ]: Then I was being too paranoid.

[LB]: Oh right,
[LB]: the four richest merchants of Xiliang have arrived. They’re waiting in the palace.

[DZ]: Good! I’ve been waiting for them for some time.
[?]: Ready the carriage.

[DZ]: Wang Yun,

[DZ]: I’ll send you off first thing in the morning.
[WY]: Th… thank you, Grand Master!

[LB]: Is Minister Wang retiring?
[DZ]: Yes.

[LB]: Given his accomplishments, Foster Father, Minister Wang Yun deserves a proper send-off.

[DZ]: You should join the assembly of officials and escort them too!

[LB]: All right. I will not leave his side.
It’s… it’s over…

[?]: Line up!
[LB]: Didn’t I tell you that you won’t get away?

[LB]: Am I right, Diao Chan?

[Meng]: You really are a relentless annoyance.

[LB]: Lust is a common failing of men.

[M]: That means I’m going to be held hostage as well.



[LB]: Instead of calling it being held hostage… why not think of it as enjoying the world together?

[LB]: Have you never considered, Minister Wang, that it’s a pity to relinquish your fame and authority?

[LB]: Now it’s our turn to have an honest conversation.

{the Palace of Changan}

[?]: Enjoy your tea.

[?]: It’s brewed with wild tea leaves from the outer region.
[DZ]: Ha, haven’t had them for a while.

[DZ]: Are you saying… you plan to end business in the outer region and invest everything in Changan?

[?]: I’m embarrassed to say that the businesses have already ended. We’ve all moved to Changan.
[?]: Grand Master, you should be happy with such massive funding!

[DZ]: Of course. Who would complain about having too much money? What do you think?

[Li Ru]: Compared to the outer region, Changan has a denser population and is easier to develop.
[LR]: That’s right. Greater tax revenue is not a disadvantage at all.

[DZ]: Good. My thoughts exactly.
[LR]: A brilliant idea from the Duke of Wen.

[DZ]: Funding will be managed by the capital. No more internal concerns.

[Li Jue]: Then we shall focus our efforts to pacify the western territories.

[Guo Si]: My Lord, please be careful once we’re gone…

[DZ]: There’s nothing to worry about when I have Li Ru and Lü Bu here!

[?]: Take care, my Lord.

[DZ]: I won’t be seeing you off. We don’t need formality between us.
(“is own people…”)

[LJ]: Yessir!

[Fan Chou]: Damn it! Our Lord fell for his trap!

[FC]: What a vicious trick that Lü Bu came up with!

[GS]: Use westward conquest as an excuse to move the merchants to Changan, thus limiting our funding out there.
[Zhang Ji]: If anything happens to our Lord… we won’t have the funds to avenge him. What a plan!

[LR]: Our Lord has really grown senile. He’s now under Lü Bu’s control.

[LR]: How are the preparations going, Generals?

[LJ]: A hundred and thirty-five men. All fierce warriors.
[GS]: And all of them holds a grudge against Lü Bu.

[?]: Lü Bu has been returning home late these past few days.
[?]: Each time dead drunk.

[LR]: He thinks his martial prowess will shield him from any danger.
[LR]: Ever the cautious man except for one negligence.

[LR]: Generals…

[LR]: for the safety of our Lord,

[LR]: Lü Bu must die on the streets tonight.

{military encampment at the west end of the city}

[?]: General Pan, have you ran out of strength?
[?]: Don’t lose, General Wang!

[?]: Over! It’s over for General Pan!

[?]: Cavalry Archer, it’s your turn!
[?]: Pardon me, General Wang!

[?]: Everyone’s going back to Xiliang. I heard that we’re heading into the western territories.

[Ma Yong]: After this goodbye… we don’t know when we’ll meet you again, General.
{East Camp, Ma Yong}
{West Camp, Xue Liang}
[Xue Liang]: A parting toast means a lot… Come, let’s down our cups.
{South Camp, Zhong Jian}

[?]: Generals, let’s.
(“…please [drink]”)

[?]: We never expected an officer of high honors to humble himself among the field troop.

[?]: We’re all brothers on the battlefield.
(left bubble)
[?]: A strict rank hierarchy hurts morale.
(right bubble)

[?]: Old Ma is right.
[?]: Too bad only a few people understand this.

[MY]: Here, General, this is my toast to you.
[?]: All right, one bowl per man.

[?]: This toast is from the east camp.
[?]: This toast is from the west camp.
[?]: This toast is from us in the south camp.

[?]: Right! So this is farewell.

[MY]: Something seems to be troubling you, General?
[XL]: Please tell us. I’ll do anything to help you!

[LB]: It’s nothing. Just a little misunderstanding with some people.
(it can be either singular “person” or plural “people”)


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