Ravaging Times

chapter 62

[?]: Midnight!
(“third [shift]”)
{clack! clack!}

[?]: Midnight! Curfew!



chapter 62 Hunting the Tiger Out In The Open Plain

[?]: Hey drunkard! Did you hear what I said?

[Lü Bu]: Curfew tonight? By whose orders? And… be careful what you say…
[LB]: Do you know who I am?

[?]: I don’t care who you are. There’s a curfew tonight, so get home quick if you don’t want to get arrested.

[?]: There’s always a way home for people.

[?]: But for Lü Bu…



[?]: Come out! This man is Lü Bu!


[?]: Correct! It’s Lü Bu!

[LB]: Who are you?

[?]: Those who misunderstand you.

[?]: Our goal for tonight’s curfew is a drill on riot control.
[?]: No one will care what happens to you. So be a good boy and die!

[LB]: What a familiar voice. Is that you, old friend?

[Li Jue]: Yes. Too bad you don’t deserve to be my friend.

[LJ]: Go! Kill him!

[?]: Lü Bu! Die!

{clang~ clang~ clang~}


{pow~ pow~}



[Guo Si]: Down!

[LJ]: Right on time!


{clang~ clang~ clang~}



[LB]: Ugh!

{vomit! vomit!}

[LJ]: Putrid! So that’s what blood mixed with vomit smells like.
[GS]: Had I known that you were so useless, I would’ve came here alone.

[?]: It’s hard to imagine that the world-renowned God of War would have such a pathetic side.
[?]: They say you’re not human. Don’t look much like one now.

[LB]: So… so it is the four dogs of Li Ru.

[LB]: If you’re dogs… you’ll never look like humans either! We’re not that different.

[LJ]: A tiger in the open plain can be harassed by dogs. And this pack of dogs isn’t to be trifled with.
[?]: Fat dog, what are you waiting for?

[?]: Who’s the fat dog?


[Zhang Ji]: I’ve caught him! Attack!

[LB]: Shit!




[ZJ]: You’re going to wrestle me? Who do you think you are?

[LJ]: Good job, fat dog!

[LJ]: Die, Lü Bu!


{clang~ clang~ clang~}

[?]: He’s quick!
(“good [martial manuevering]”)

[?]: No need to chase him!

[Fan Chou]: You haven’t fought me yet, Lü Bu!
(“…we have yet to exchanged blows”)




[FC]: Take your time. He’s not getting away.

[GS]: Right. He couldn’t even fend off the four of us…

[GS]: let alone the one hundred ahead of him.
Let’s give him a grand funeral!


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