Ravaging Times

Deluxe Volume 5

(outer flaps of the box show the color portraits of Wang Yun, Jia Xu, Niu Fu, Li Ru, Ma Teng, Ma Chao; the bookmark shows Xiao Meng)
Turmoils At Changan Arc
chapters 69-85
(may be interesting to compare against the wikipedia entry on the timeline?)
page 394, Ravages’ Major Event Timeline

Western Calendar Year East Han Era Historical Event Ravages Character Achievements
190 first of Chuping Guandong Army waged war against Dong;
Dong Zhuo moved the capital city;
Dong Zhuo ordered Lü Bu to dig up the graves of past Emperors;
Dong Zhuo executed the Grand Tutor Yuan Wei;
Administrator Liu Yu of Youzhou became the Grand Tutor;
Dong Zhuo appointed Liu Biao as the Inspector of Jingzhou;
Minister of Works Xun Shuang passed away;
Gongsun Du declared himself Marquis of Liaodong
Dong Zhuo decided to relocate the capital city to Changan, and ordered Lü Bu to dig up the graves of past Emperors.
The hostage rescue mission by the Guandong Army failed, leading to the execution of Yuan Wei and the rest of the hostages.
Chief Yuan Shao of the Guandong Army led his troop into the palace at Luoyang to rescue Liu Bian, the Prince of Hongnong. Dong Zhuo set the city on fire.
Lü Bu fought the Handicapped Warriors and then Wen Chou at the City of Kings.
Liaoyuan Huo succeeded in ransoming the safety of the Handicapped Warriors, Sima Lang, and Yuan Shao’s troop by holding Dong Zhuo hostage.
Sun Jian and Cao Cao pursued Dong Zhuo’s army, but they were routed after rations were depleted and no one came to their aid.
The warlords of the Guandong Alliance pitched camp in Suan Zao but did not attack Dong Zhuo. In the end they retreated after running out of rations.
Inspector of Yanzhou Liu Dai attacked Dongjun’s governor Qiao Mao, who died in battle.
Lü Bu and Hua Xiong initiated their attack on the Guandong Alliance from their base at the Hulao Pass. Yuan Shao retreated on his own, abandoning the other warlords.
Zhang Liao assassinated Hua Xiong. Lü Bu fought Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei at the Hulao Pass.
191 second of Chuping Dong Zhuo became the Grand Master;
Sun Jian pressed the attack on Dong Zhuo’s army and killed Chief Controller Hua Xiong;
Yuan Shao recommended Cao Cao for the position of Dongjun’s governor;
Liu Biao’s subordinate Huang Zu shot and killed Suan Jian at Mount Xian.
Yuan Shao occupied Jizhou and Han Fu was relieved from his post.
With Wang Yun as his hostage, Lü Bu forced the Handicapped Warriors to help him usurp Dong Zhuo.
The Handicapped Warriors and the Clear Wind Triad were on a mission to Changan, but the latter was annihilated when they met Commander Zi Wang of the Yuan Shao army on the way.
Yuan Shao and Gongsun Zan clashed at Jieqiao. Liu Bei sent his troop to aid the latter.
192 third of Chuping Governor of Jizhou Yuan Shao fought Gongsun Zan at Jieqiao;
Wang Yun, Shisun Rui and Lü Bu conspired to assassinate Dong Zhuo;
Lü Bu killed Dong Zhuo, and destroyed Dong Min and Dong Huang;
Wang Yun executed General of the Gentlemen of the Household on the Left Cai Yong;
Inspector of Yanzhou Liu Dai was killed by Yellow Turban rebels;
Cao Cao became the Inspector of Yanzhou, and Bao Xin died in battle;
Li Su was routed by Niu Fu, and was executed by Lü Bu;
Niu Fu was assassinated by a confidant;
Jia Xu advised Li Jue and cohorts to turn their forces around and attack Changan;
Ma Teng and Han Sui sent their forces to Changan;
Lü Bu escaped Wu Pass after his defeat, and tried to join Yuan Shu’s camp;
Wang Yun was killed, and Zhao Qian was promoted to the position of Minister over the Masses;
Ma Ri Di became the Grand Tutor, and Huangfu Song became the Grand Marshal/Commandant;
Chunyu Jia became the Minister over the Masses, and Yan Biao became the Minister of Works
Lü Bu used the third battalion’s admiration for him to wrest military control from Li Jue and cohorts.
Lü Bu poisoned the Prince of Hongnong Liu Bian, then framed Dong Zhuo’s son-in-law Li Ru for the crime.
The Handicapped Warriors began their slaughter of the ministers in the palace while Lü Bu killed Dong Zhuo in person.
Dong Zhuo’s son-in-law Niu Fu surrounded Changan with his army.
Jia Xu used one-tenth of the military force to rout Lü Bu’s officer Li Su.
Ma Teng and Han Sui sent their forces to Changan to aid Lü Bu against Niu Fu.
Lü Bu’s insider Hu Chi’er killed Niu Fu, but Jia Xu exploited Lü Bu’s moment of overconfidence to wipe out his troop, forcing the latter to flee from Changan.
Li Jue killed Wang Yun’s faction, while Jia Xu recommended Li Jue for the position of General of the Cavalry and Chariots, and Guo Si for the position of General of the Rear.
Zhang Liao pretended to be Li Jue’s subordinate and killed Dong Yue, and Dong Yue’s subordinates requested that Lü Bu return to Xiliang to lead them.
Ma Teng and Han Sui clashed with Li Jue’s subordinates Wang Fang and Li Meng at the Changping Pass. Ma Chao killed the two commanding officers.
Dong Yue sacrificed himself to lure Lü Bu’s army to Xiliang so that the latter could be exterminated.
Jia Xu saved Changan by convincing Ma Teng to return to Xiliang to deal with Lü Bu. He then left Changan.
Ma Teng and Han Sui gave up on Changan and returned to Xiliang to fight Lü Bu’s army there.
Water Mirror’s Fourth Genius Guo Jia proposed to Cao Cao the scheme of “Massacre In the Name of Filial Piety.” Cao Cao then mobilized his army for the war on Xuzhou, with the excuse of avenging his father’s death.

page 396, Top Secret Exposé – Drawing Tools…
(I’m not completely sure about the terminologies of the art tools, please feel free to correct me if you know for certain the correct equivalent between East Asian and Western markets)
The most important tool for a comic artist is a fountain pen. Back then (high school) I saw the masters used nib #300, and then there was a type G pen that could be used after dipping in ink. (“Crow Quill Pen”?)

I don’t remember when, but I asked someone to get me a few, and trained to use it like it’s the most precious thing. Unfortunately the effect on my drawing was only average due to my limited ability.

Once I went to a comics production company. There I saw an artist draw a line that’s tapered at both ends with just a casual swing of his arm, then with his arm hovering in the air, he could draw a “hair-thin” line using a brush. That made me blush with shame.

When I was drawing “Not Human” for the contest I had some free time at my previous employment, so I just grabbed some regular black water brushes on the table and went into crunch time mode. What’s funny was that because I treated the whole thing so casually that I forgot to use water-resistant ink. A whole page got ruined when I accidentally spilled water on the paper.

Later I found a few pen (bought from regular stationery store) and liked their ease after using them for a while. I’ve already forgotten the attitude of a professional comic artist and just kept using them to this day. My assistants did the same.

One comic artist once asked me about my tool of the trade. I chuckled and said, “I must be the most unprofessional artist of the lot. My storytelling is so ridiculous, let alone my tools.”

“Draft: Not with wooden pencil, but the mechanical type.”

“Line art: As long as the ink is water-resistant, 0.05 to 0.5 mm micron pens on the market will do.”

“Fill: Regular marker pens.”

“Brushes: Regular Brush pens. And I have a real writing brush that only sees action 1% of the time in the past ten years- and only as a last resort.”

“Correction: White-out for elementary school students…”

There might be a sweat-drop or two on him when I finished… so I said, “Who cares what I use. I’m a heretic.”

{02-04-2013, to be continued}


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