Ravaging Times

chapter 79

[?]: Come back!

[?]: Team two, seal the exit!

[?]: There’re too many deserters, General Guo; we can’t stop them all!

The morale has crumbled!

[?]: Lü… Lü Bu is coming!

chapter 79 Suicide

{cavalry charging sfx}

[Lü Bu]: Gentleman General Hu Chier!
(“General of the Gentleman of the Household…”)
[Hu Chier]: Here!

[LB]: Excellent work!
[HCE]: Thank you, Sir!

[?]: Looks like Lü Bu intends to annihilate us with his entire army!
[Guo Si]: Why so few of you?

[?]: The main camp has just transferred away over half of our archers.

Preserving troop strength at a time like this…?
They can’t save themselves back there once the front lines are broken!
(“back camp” and “front camp(s)”)
What the hell is Jia Xu doing?

[?]: Nock!
[?]: Target Lü Bu!
(“the target is Lü Bu”)

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: pa~}



{crowd aghast}

[?]: Come back! Stay in position!

[?]: It’s… it’s Lord Niu Fu‘s head!


{cavalry charging sfx}

[LB]: Archers or not, as long as they see this…
[HCE]: Subdue the enemy without a fight. Brilliant, just brilliant!

[LB]: They’re on the run. Attack!
(“…take action”)
[HCE]: Yessir!

By late night, Li Jue and Guo Si have lost both of their camps to Lü Bu, who broke through five in total as Niu Fu’s army lost the will to fight.
The invading army heads straight for Niu Fu’s main camp.

{Niu Fu’s main camp}

[Niu Fu’s wife]: You’re a fraud!
“you are a big liar”)
[wife]: A fraud among the Eight Geniuses!

[wife]: Why oh why would Niu Fu trust you?!
(“I really don’t understand why Niu Fu would trust you”)

{breathing sfx: huff~ huff~ huff~}
[?]: Mis…Mistress!

[wife]: You’re all idiots!
[wife]: Idiotic assholes!

[wife]: Give me back my husband! Give him back!
[wife]: You hear me? Asshole!

[Jia Xu]: Niu Fu…

[JX]: Niu Fu… never forgot…
[JX]: He never forgot to avenge your father’s murder.

[JX]: Mencius says, I am good at nourishing my boundless spirit. Niu Fu…

[JX]: Niu Fu is not an idiot!

Promise me something, my dear…
No matter what happens…
you must have faith in Jia Xu!


The wind stirs.

Niu Fu…

is that you?
(“is it you who have returned?”)


Did you hear Lü Bu’s laughter too?

[HCE]: Are… are they scouts?

[HCE]: Our morale is high, Sir, we should take them out in one go.
[?]: Only a few of them. Even if…

[LB]: There’re some behind us too. What’s our terrain?
[?]: It’s a deep ravine. No! It’s bigger!

Wu-zi‘s Art of War says, for a thousand to attack ten thousand, nothing is better than a dangerous pass.
This terrain…

is a dangerous pass!
[LB]: Hu Chier…

[LB]: There’s something more to Niu Fu’s death!

[?]: Distance fifty, aim high, follow the torch!
[?]: Fifty, high, follow the torch! Get ready…

{sfx: shoo~}

{sfx: shoo~}

[?]: Arrows! They’re arrows!

Speed is essential in warfare.
Exploit the unpreparedness of the enemy!
Racing through five camps…
I was careless!
(“First, I fell for being careless”)

I was credulous!
(“Second, I fell for a sacrifice”)

And now I’m crushed!
(“Third, I fell for Formation Genius’ tactic”)

Damn his covert maneuver!
(not sure; “night operation formation”?)

[Niu Fu]: Defeat Lü Bu in five days with one-tenth of our forces?
[NF]: It can’t be that easy right, Jia Xu?

[NF]: You’re still missing a catalyst.
(or “fuse”)
[Jia Xu]: Your subordinate Hu Chier.

[NF]: You mean… Hu Chier is an assassin?
(“…an assassin sent by Lü Bu…”)

[NF]: Now why did you tell me that, you fool. Aren’t you afraid I’ll…

[JX]: A hero is never afraid.

[NF]: A hero? Or a fool?

[NF]: If I didn’t find out, you probably wouldn’t stop him either. Am I right?
[JX]: If it means our Lord will be avenged, I’m afraid even if…
(sadly a lot of the word-connection in Chinese doesn’t translate well)

Jing Ke‘s mission required a sacrifice.”
(“Jing Ke (intends to) assassinates Emperor of Qin; young mister (General Fan) beheads himself”)
The Dark Art of War!
(I like John‘s translation)

[NF]: Afraid?
(“What are you afraid of”; connected to JX’s previous “even if”, in Chinese)
[NF]: No… I’m forever indebted to my father-in-law for valuing me!
(“I never forgot father-in-law’s favor for seeing my worth”)

[JX]: Sacrifice yourself, please!
(“(I) The sinner beseeches young sir’s head!”

With only one-tenth of the army he defeated Li Su in five days, and Lü Bu in another five.
In April of year 192, Jia Xu’s army broke through Changan’s defenses. Since nine-tenth of the army was preserved, no other warlord dared to attack them.

He who knows himself has discernment.


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