Ravaging Times

chapter 80


[?]: The entire fifth battalion has been wiped out. The palace has been breached!
[?]: His Majesty might already be taken!

[?]: Did someone open the gate and surrendered…?
[?]: The… the city is full of their insiders, then…

chapter 80 Regime Change

[Wang Yun]: Soon this place will be lost too.

[Zhang Liao]: Minister Wang Yun, please come with me!


[WY]: I’m too old… I thought Lü Bu‘s influence could help me rebuild Imperial Han – so that I may die without regrets…
[WY]: Alas…

[ZL]: Nonsense! Who’s afraid of Jia Xu when Lü Bu is alive?

[WY]: But… we don’t know that.
(“But… Lü Bu’s fate is unknown.”)
[ZL]: No, master is definitely…

[WY]: Head east.

[WY]: Take everything with value. Yuan Shu forgets honor at the sight of riches. Even if he dares not to shelter you, you will have an easier time finding a place to settle.

[ZL]: No, master intends…
[WY]: Listen, this is the last thing we can do.

[WY]: You all should go with him!
[?]: But… but…

A sweet dream never lasts…

[WY]: Shisun Rui, why are you still here?

[Shisun Rui]: It’s all clear to me now.

[WY]: Yes. A regime change is in the natural order.
[SSR]: Why fear loss when you have done your best?

But I just can’t accept this!
(accept this outcome)

I’m at the height of my life.

I’m still at the peak of the mountain!

[?]: We’re out of arrows. Line up! Prepare for battle!
[?]: Get ready!

[?]: The seventh battalion seems restless.
[?]: Can’t blame’em. It is the God of War, after all!

[?]: Jia Xu said, kill Lü Bu to get a title!
[?]: What’re we waiting for? Charge!




{sfx: dahn~ dahn~ dahn~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~}


How come I’ve never noticed
that there are these powerful warriors in the army?

Am I getting weaker…?
Or is it,

the new waves are fast approaching?

Who is this?

{sfx: don~}

And this?

{sfx: cha~}

Are you afraid, Lü Bu?

What am I afraid of?


A dead end of falling arrows?

The darkness under enemy banners?

The grieving sighs for a dying hero?

Or is it…

Is it my worst fear?


Jia Xu!
I am beneath you –

unable to shine!
(“dull and lacks brightness”)

Unable to shine!

[?]: Lü Bu, is that how the “God of War” fights?…
(“…if this way is still worthy of being called ‘God of War'”)

[?]: Your era must have ended!

What I can do now

is to uphold my fearsome name!

And then…

[?]: Hoo!

die at the hands of a nobody!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Lü Bu – overrated.

He’s one of us?

{sfx: cha~ cha~ cha~}

[?]: Is… isn’t he the man who defeated the King of Blade…
(previously untranslated “Dao Huang”)
[?]: Yes! That’s him!

[?]: If regime change is in the natural order,

[?]: then today is…
(“today, please witness”)

the birth of a new God of War!

[Lü Bu]: Your name please?

[?]: Son of Ma Teng

Ma Chao.


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