Ravaging Times

chapter 81


[soldier]: Talk! Who else is a conspirator?
[soldier]: Spill it!

[?]: The dark arts of war – “Jing Ke’s mission requires his master’s head.”
[?]: That disgraceful man and his disgraceful scheme!

chapter 81 Be The Lesser Evil For The Greater Good
(not sure)

[Li Jue]: If we let Jia Xu continue like this, we would end up…

[Guo Si]: Right. He doesn’t take any of us seriously…
[Zhang Ji]: Guo! Li!

[GS]: Zhang Ji? Have you found Jia Xu’s weakness?

[ZJ]: No, it’s His Majesty.

[LJ]: Huh?

[LJ]: I… I’m the General of Chariots and Cavalry! You are the General of the Rear…
[LJ]: Fan Chou and Zhang Ji have all been promoted… Doesn’t that make us almost as powerful as the emperor?
(“…below one person, above ten thousand people”)

[?]: This… this was Jia Xu’s doing? No way.

[LJ]: But then again, would he still be that reckless now that we have military control?

[GS]: He’s stalling! He knew we would go after him.

[?]: Defeating Lü Bu, supporting the emperor, and executing Wang Yun. You let them take all the credit?
[?]: But then again these are crimes of mutiny, kidnapping, and assassination. You really thought this through!

[?]: Who says our Jia Xu kills haphazardly? You gave yourself plenty of leeway!
[?]: What do you mean?

[?]: You are only staying because of Lü Bu. But these four petty morons are not worth your time, right?

[?]: Second told me that you secretly met with Cao Cao and advised him to expand his territory during the chaos.

[?]: It wouldn’t be like this if my Lord Dong Zhuo is still alive.

[Fourth]: Cao Cao is truly a rising power. Now he’s probably…
[Jia Xu]: Silently and wisely expanding his influences, unlike Yuan Shao

[JX]: Whoever conquers Mount Tai conquers the world. I bet first shixiong knows what Master Meng meant by this.
(shixiong ~ “male upperclassman”; relevant quotation possibly from here)

[?]: However… it might be hard to stand out with all those talents around Yuan Shao.

[Fourth]: What do you think of Second?

[JX]: Xun Yu is a good person.

[JX]: The people will live in peace and prosperity under his governance.

[Fourth]: He is talented, but his merciful inclinations will only work after the world has faced a ruthless hegemon and his adviser.
(not sure about last part)

[JX]: Too bad the only one who understands that is my late Lord.

[Fourth]: “We survive on adversity and perish in ease and comfort,” so says Master Meng!
(If this is the correct interpretation, then my previous interpretation is off)

[JX]: Lasting peace can only be achieved if the people can appreciate an end to dark times.
(“to really achieve peace you must push the world to the bottom of darkness, then the next generation will understand how valuable peace is”)

[JX]: Second doesn’t know that my other intention of meeting Cao Cao…

[JX]: was recommending you, Fourth!

[Fourth]: Cough!

[Fourth]: Cough cough! You mean…

[Fourth]: Chaos before comfort?
(I can’t find the official translation)

[Fourth]: I… I can’t… my life…

[JX]: Even if your life will end soon, if you don’t serve your country…

[JX]: So what if you will be hated by the world?

[JX]: We should focus on the next generation. Ours is hopeless.
[JX]: Xun Yu might disagree, but if you just give up on the greater good because of your illness…

[JX]: then you don’t deserve being the BEST of the Eight Geniuses!

[Fourth]: Non… nonsense… that’s Sixth and Seventh…

[JX]: Master was only referring to their future, not their abilities.

[Fourth]: Cough! You’re always opposing Master…
[Fourth]: Why don’t you go? With your… skills… Cough cough cough!


[JX]: I haven’t killed Lü Bu yet.

But I think… it will happen soon.

[Fourth]: Huff… Why are you saving me, Doctor Hua?

[Hua Tuo]: What good does it do anyone to lose the Decisive Genius?

[HT]: Saving lives is my duty.

[HT]: But saving the world is the responsibility of the Eight Geniuses! I’m waiting…

[HT]: waiting for the day when you all turn Cao Cao into the First Emperor of Qin

[HT]: It might go against my principles,
[HT]: but I foresee peace and happiness in the years to come.
(“but I foresee later awakened harmony and happiness”)

Darkness precedes the light of dawn. They cannot coexist, but Heaven behaves in a constant manner…
A noble sacrifice…

all for Xun Yu’s benevolent governing.
That is the Greater Good the Dark Arts of War may achieve!

[?]: I heard that you changed your mind?

[Dong Yue]: Did Li Jue say that…? Or Jia Xu…?

[DY]: So you found another “worthy master” after Li Ru‘s death.

[?]: I’m not here to debate. I just want to say…

[?]: By General Li Jue’s order: the world submits, do you?

[DY]: My stance remains the same… until my Lord’s murderer is found!

[?]: I heard that Dong Yue intends to submit to Li Jue…

[?]: If they join forces with Liangzhou’s troops, our army of ten-thousands will be in danger.

[?]: Now they have the emperor in their possession while you just suffered a rout…

[?]: The odds are not in our favor.
(“situation is dire. I see… no benefit”)

[?]: So you regret saving my life, young sir?

[?]: Precisely.

[Lü Bu]: Sure! You would be rewarded handsomely if you give them my head.

[Ma Chao]: It’s really hard to say no to your proposal.

[?]: That’s right. You must act quickly if at all!

[?]: Your determination is admirable, young sir.

[LB]: How about it?
{sfx: pong~}

[MC]: Now we have no choice but to take action.

[?]: The murderer has appeared. And the people of Liangzhou want him dead.

[LB]: Jia Xu would never have expected…
{sfx: pong~}

[LB]: that the people of Liangzhou want me to manage the affairs.
[Zhang Liao]: Nice working with you, young mister Ma!

[MC]: Excellent! Now this is in my father’s interest.

A bigger interest than a measly Liangzhou.
In year 192, Ma Teng and Han Sui‘s armies headed for Changan.

“The light of dawn is just beyond the darkness.”

That is the essence of the Dark Arts of War!


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