Ravaging Times

chapter 82

[?]: Wang Yun and Lü Bu conspired to kill Grant Tutor Dong?
[?]: Wasn’t the culprit… Li Ru?

[?]: So which version is the truth?
[?]: Who cares? I’d settle for anything if they stop fighting.
[?]: Yeah, as long as those officers show some mercy…

{Imperial Palace}

[?]: Damn those four snobbish bastards! Who do they think they are?

[?]: Don’t worry. Ma Teng and Han Sui have now stationed a hundred li outside the city, ready to move in.

chapter 82 Bite Hard On the Weak Point

[Liu Xie]: Has our forces been mobilized?

[?]: Lü Bu says he needs more time to appease the people of Xiliang.
[?]: Once we have both internal and external forces, we’ll be able to overthrow those four in no time…

[?]: Hush, they’re here again.

[LX]: Teachers, let’s continue.
[?]: Prepare ink.

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: Ah! It’s General Li Jue.

[Li Jue]: How studious. That’s the way to become a good emperor!

[LX]: Can’t you see that the emperor is studying?

[Guo Si]: Studying is good, but…
[GS]: I’m worried that some people aren’t teaching by the books.
(“…are teaching you things that go against the books”)

[?]: Ma Yu! Zhong Shao! Step out.

[?]: Wh… what’re you doing? Let me go!
[?]: Get them out! Get them out!

[LX]: Ah! So Palace Attendant and Clerk Grandee aren’t allowed to teach

{sfx: pa~}

[LJ]: I really don’t want to interrupt Your Majesty’s studies. But there are too many court affairs that require my personal attention.

[LJ]: These proposals need your stamp of approval!

[LJ]: Did you hear me?

After Li Jue’s faction settled in Changan, they ransacked the city, leaving countless dead.
The gang of four abused their new gained power, even planting spies to monitor the emperor’s every move.

{banner reads: Wang Residence}
(presumably late Wang Yun‘s home)
[?]: Their ambitions surfaced once Dong Zhuo is gone. They act without thinking, just like you said…

[?]: Now that they’re in power, they forgot all about Dong Zhuo’s ideology.

[?]: Impatience for advancement hurts everyone in the process.

[?]: Third, do you mean they’re going to fight Ma Teng?
[?]: Even Dong Zhuo understood that internal stability is a priority. But these four idiots…

[Jia Xu]: can’t wait to show off their Imperial power to the other lords.

[Fourth]: I think they’re also after you, right?

[JX]: Certainly. These four utterly despise tacticians who use them!

[JX]: If they can win a battle or two, it’ll be an opportunity to put me down.

[Fourth]: So… you’re already on their black list?

[JX]: Being well-known is not entirely beneficial. You must understand that we’re now fighting a political war.

[JX]: Political struggle is like a race to find the weak point in the enemy’s battle formation.
[JX]: I’m doing my best to keep hidden, but they won’t leave me alone.

[Fourth]: Hah, a good pest is a dead pest. No wonder you’ve been thinking of leaving…
(“…suspect the ones employed, kill the suspicious…”)
[Fourth]: Cough!

[JX]: But… my Lord’s death hasn’t been avenged. I can’t leave yet.

[?]: Lü Bu.

[Fourth]: To avenge his death without command over an army. Unlikely, no?

[JX]: Perhaps as your life fades away, your brilliance, too, has GONE-UP-IN-SMOKE.

Goddammit! Don’t push me!

{Changping Pass}

[?]: They broke through! We can’t hold it…
[?]: Report back! The enemy has changed to awl formation!
(aka wedge formation)

[?]: Good news!

[?]: We’ve found Han Sui army’s weak point. If we send in another troop…

[?]: even Ma Teng’s army will be defeated!

[?]: No need to wait. We’ll win for sure.
{sfx: pa~}

{General-in-Chief of Li Jue’s army, Wang Fang}
[Wang Fang]: I’ve already killed the defense commander of their left flank. Aren’t you ashamed, brother Li Meng?
{Li Meng}
[Li Meng]: I admire you for being as skilled as Lü Bu in command, Brother Wang Fang.

[WF]: Then why wait? Merge!

[WF]: Kill the rebels!


[?]: General Han, the enemy has broken through our weak point and is heading this way!

[Han Sui]: I tried to keep hidden, but they won’t leave me alone. Brother Ma Teng, they got their wish.
{Jinchengjun’s Grand Administrator, Han Sui}

[Ma Teng]: Looking for the enemy’s weak point is like a political battle!
[HS]: Yes, and I grow weary.

{Meixian’s Grand Administrator, Ma Teng}
(or “Mei county”)
[MT]: Playing politics is like eating noodle. It’s tasteless without a side dish, and no soup can make up for that.

[HS]: So you like to chew on it a bit?
(you know the kind of feeling when you are chewing soft bone? Or eating cow tendons?)
[MT]: Bite down hard or lose, right?

[soldier]: Sir! The enemy is deep in our midst!

[HS]: Wang Fang and Li Meng certainly live up to their fame as Dong Zhuo’s renowned generals!

{sfx: cha~}


[WF]: See that, Li Meng?
[LM]: The light!
(“light of dawn”)

The light at the end of the tunnel!
(“the light of dawn of victory”)

[MT]: Chef, give me two catty of beef.

[Ma Chao]: Understood.
{sfx: pong~}


We are beasts first and foremost. Killing is what we do, and cruelty is a sign of wisdom.

Feast! That’s animal nature!

{sfx: pong~}

Father! Please feast upon the world!

{crowd gasp}

Two catty is not enough!

Two cattle is more like it!
(“two heads of cattle has more to chew on”)

{crowd gasp}
[MT]: Their commander is dead! Brother Han Sui…

[MT]: we have found the enemy’s weak point.

By mid May, Ma Teng’s army has defeated Li Jue’s vanguard forces and reached Changan.

But Loyalist Ma Teng suddenly remembered something….


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