Ravaging Times

volume 11

Back Cover Couplet
Flame signals light up in Xuzhou; the fog of war dissipates over the forest

Previously on Ravages
With a brilliant plot Jia Xu avenges his Lord; with an ingenious scheme Guo Jia helps Cao Cao

Ravages Afterword
It really is hard to predict readers’ preference. If we go by the market standard,
The Ravages of Time “should” be a Shounen (boy’s) comic.
But because of my own stubbornness, the story has gradually turned into…
Yet readers’ tolerance exceeded the publisher’s expectation. Complete opposite, actually.
And production has reached a stable growth, even reaching abroad.
For a non-mainland-style-comic artist like me, this is certainly encouraging news. At the same time it proves that the readers are not laymen!

Ravages’s sure-fire pilot: Liaoyuan Huo is Emperor Huang‘s reincarnation, Sima Yi is Chi You‘s revitalization, and Lü Bu comes from two thousand years in the future. This will definitely work,
Huo, kill me!

Next on Ravages
Amongst hundreds of thousands of enemies, I fetch heads like they’re in my pocket.
There are two people who say this.
Autumn of 2003, mountains filled with falling souls!


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