Ravaging Times

chapter 87

{Xuzhou . Tanxian}

[Xiahou Dun]: Tanxian is surrounded by dangerous terrains on three sides, leaving only the main gate for us to attack, weakening our odds.

[Tian Sheng]: So… when does General Xiahou want to enter the city?
{Xiahou Dun}
[XHD]: Within two days.

[TS]: Two days? You should have more faith in me, brother Xiahou.

[XHD]: Right. Perhaps it is too long – for the “King of Siege”.

{Tian Sheng}
[TS]: I, Tian Sheng, shall soon stand atop the walls of Tanxian city!

chapter 87 The First Worthy Opponent

[?]: The enemy is here again. It looks like the troop of Tian Sheng, the King of Siege!

[?]: The fifth round of attack begins!
[?]: Archers, move forward; defenders, get ready!

{Colonel of Tanxian, Chen Deng}

[Chen Deng]: Having worked years for the government, I really don’t understand what Cao Cao is thinking.

[CD]: But today I finally see his true colors.

[?]: Why the sudden sentiment, brother Chen Deng?

[CD]: Businessmen like us always thought that buying a government job makes for an easy life. Who’d have expected that today…

[?]: You finally understand the difference between business and politics.
[CD]: Thanks.

[?]: For what? You should thank this frightening reality for your epiphany.

[CD]: No, I mean if it wasn’t for you, everyone here would’ve been dead by now.

[LYH]: Xuzhou’s Chen clan is a business partner of the Sima clan. How can I just stand by?

{Liaoyuan Huo}
[Liaoyuan Huo]: It’s my duty!

[CD]: They say business is heartless, but this is really a pleasant surprise.
(not sure)

[LYH]: The Sima clan hopes that brother Chen would treat us well after this is all over.

[CD]: Funny. You still think we can defeat the enemy?
[LYH]: Don’t forget, we may still have the “Imperial Uncle” to protect us!

[LYH]: Defenders, follow me!
[CD]: Is he really an Imperial Uncle?

[TS]: Brothers! Up we go!


[TS]: No city walls can stand in the way of my army!

[?]: Left flank, forward!
[?]: Left flank, forward!

[?]: Archers, fire!

[?]: Sir! Enemy is weakening on the left side. Our left flank has reached the top.
[?]: Sir! Our right flank is keeping Chen Deng’s men occupied, so their defenders have been split up.

[XHD]: My, my. Looks like we’ll be heading in by tomorrow morning.

[?]: What a proper use of force. I didn’t know General Xiahou had such an outstanding man in service.

[XHD]: These Qingzhou warriors were all recruited by your shixiong Xun Yu.
(shixiong = shige = “male senior classman”)
{note: Cao Cao took in three hundred thousand Yellow Turbans, and they were called the “Qingzhou Regiment”}

[Guo Jia]: Tian Sheng’s threatening bluster made him quite a headache to the government back then.
(not sure)

[XHD]: Advisor’s early arrival must mean that Pengcheng is already captured.

[GJ]: Pengcheng is just a small city, not hard to take. Surely it cannot compare to this Tanxian that you’re attacking right now.

{note: Pengcheng, Xuzhou’s capital}

[XHD]: You can’t goad me into action. I always tell my men to proceed in an orderly manner,
[XHD]: and never fight an uncertain battle.

[GJ]: Then… according to you, General Xiahou, we’ll breach Tanxian by tomorrow?
[XHD]: Advisor Guo, can’t you see that Tian Sheng’s men have already landed on the towers?

[GJ]: Do you know what Xuzhou has an abundance of?
[XHD]: What do you mean?

[GJ]: Lots of people, and lots of rocks too.
[XHD]: What rocks?


[?]: Retreat!

[?]: We can’t hold them off! Retreat!

[TS]: Nowhere to retreat…

{sfx: cha~}

{crowd gasp}

[TS]: Starting from here,

[TS]: slaughter your way into the city!


[GJ]: So fast.

[XHD]: See that? We may even breach the city by nightfall.
[GJ]: As your colleague, I certainly hope so…

[?]: Go up from here!

[?]: Send word, tell everyone to gather along the walls!

[TS]: Monster!

{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Gen… General Tian!

[LYH]: Excellent, now that the entire army has gathered along the walls…


{sfx: pong~}

[LYH]: Fire!

{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: hoo~ hoo~ hoo~}
[?]: Fire! Fire!

[?]: Ca… catapult!

{sfx: pong~}

[?]: The frontline is too close to the city; it’s a trap!
[?]: Send word! Retreat! Retreat!

[XHD]: Shit! Too many people in the way… they can’t retreat, nor fight their way in…

[?]: It seems… Tian Sheng might not make it. That guard of the city really is something!

[XHD]: I may have to lead this attack myself.

[GJ]: Rubble and corpses have stacked up along the walls, so the Siege Towers can no longer move in close enough.
(he may be talking about the “hang-over-the-sky ladders” or “flying ladders“)
[XHD]: Any brilliant ideas, Advisor?

[GJ]: The city can be breached tonight.

[XHD]: Let me say it again, I can’t be rushed.

[GJ]: I didn’t say you’ll be doing it personally.

[XHD]: Then, you mean…

[GJ]: Ever since my decision to get involved, I’ve finally met a worthy opponent.
(“ever since I left the mountain…”, in this context, a metaphor for graduation)


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