Ravaging Times

chapter 88

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[soldier]: The corpses have swelled up. God it stinks!

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Just one person?

[LYH]: Is he a scout?
[?]: Let’s shoot him!

[LYH]: No, he’s too far away.

chapter 88 Fight Fire With Fire

The weather is good.

Every step he takes is a spot for deployment.
The enemy is planning a siege.

[Chen Deng]: No army movement. Looks like they’re changing their tactics.

[LYH]: I think they’re secretly pulling their troops back for a two-prong attack.

[CD]: But… it’s a dangerous terrain behind us, not easy for them to deploy. Strange.
[LYH]: Their last commander was too impatient, but this time…

[LYH]: I heard that Pengcheng was breached leisurely by this man.
[CD]: You mean that man who took the capital without any difficulty? You’re worried about…

[LYH]: If I calculated the dates right, today Xiapi should have…

[CD]: Oh no! Xiapi is sending us military rations today!

[CD]: They… they’re going to cut off that transport route!

[LYH]: The second regiment shall help me protect the supply line, while the rest of you carry on with my plan.

[CD]: Only the second regiment… Is the enemy going to siege the city?

[LYH]: Tell the west side to send a rock out to the right.

{sfx: hoo~}

{sfx: pong~}

[LYH]: Hear that? The enemy is already on the move.

[?]: What… I don’t hear anything…
[?]: What are you talking about, General?

It’s too dark.

I can’t see anything.

[?]: Ou…

[?]: Tell him to be quiet.
[?]: Just kill him!

[?]: Here comes another… They found us.

[?]: Head for the spots as instructed by the Advisor!

[?]: Do it!

{sfx: loon~}

[?]: Oh no! The enemy has passed the catapults’ range!

[?]: Torches! Now!


{east gate}

[LYH]: Second regiment, head out!

[LYH]: Target, the rations transport in the mountains!

Can we make it in time?

[?]: The long-snake formation makes them just beyond the archers’ range. The commander is really something!

[?]: Advisor, is he the man who’s guarding the city?

[Guo Jia]: The full-on assault forces the enemy to move the troops in the back to defend the city as well.

[GJ]: Excellent.

{back hills}

[?]: We must move fast!

[?]: The rations must reach the city before dawn. Hurry!

[Yue Jin]: I am Sir Chen Deng’s messenger!

{sfx: da~}

[YJ]: The enemy has climbed the hills near us. Sir Chen Deng orders you to head into battle. The second regiment will come soon!

[?]: An enemy raid is coming. Everyone get ready!

[?]: Hurry! Line up the carts, and prepare the archers!

[?]: Ready arrows!

[?]: They’re coming!

[?]: Good, not too many of them.

[?]: I see them. They’re Xiapi’s ration transport!

[?]: Fire!


{sfx: hoo~ hoo~ hoo~}

[?]: Quick! Into the woods! Their arrows are too fast…

[?]: Hang on, the second regiment will come to help us.

{sfx: hoo~}

[?]: Their position is advantageous. We can’t storm them!
[?]: Did the enemy take our transport already? Why…

[LYH]: No, we’re on the same side. They were tricked into thinking otherwise!

[LYH]: Negating our right place, and our right people; then… how will he negate the right timing?

[LYH]: Right timing, right place, and right people…
[?]: If they’re not the enemy, let me try explaining it to them!

[LYH]: The main force has gathered at the front gate, leaving few men at the back…
The wind is turning!?

[?]: In that case…

[YJ]: The wind is favorable, and not many deserters at the back side of the city.
{Yue Jin}
[GJ]: Didn’t I say, that there would be seasonal winds after three days?

[?]: General, up there! At the hill top!

[GJ]: The fire rides on the wind. Here comes the right timing.

[?]: Run! Hurry!

[GJ]: The heavy smoke is coming. Tell Xiahou Dun to continue his siege at the front gate, and let no one escape.

Even the largest forest would not be enough for the wild fire to burn.


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