Ravaging Times

chapter 89

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{Henei . House of Sima}

[?]: How long will this in-fighting last?
[?]: How would I know? It’s been decades since I was born.

[?]: Even the usually peaceful Xuzhou has been caught in this war. If this keeps up, we’ll be losing a lot of money!

[?]: That lad, way back when, is now an influential anti-hero…

[?]: That overbearing Cao Cao. Doesn’t he remember who it was that got him a seat in the government?
[?]: Hey, are you listening?

chapter 89 Principle of Greed

{Third Uncle}
{First Uncle}
{Fourth Uncle}
{Sima Yi}

[Sima Yi]: Xiao Meng.
{Xiao Meng}
[Meng]: Yes.

[SMY]: How’s A-Huo doing?
[M]: We’ve heard nothing from him ever since Xiahou Dun began the siege.

[3rd]: Tanxian…

[?]: If you knew Cao Cao was planning to eat Xuzhou, then you should’ve sent more people to help our long-term partners evacuate!
[M]: No, Cao Cao mobilized rather quickly, faster than Young Master had expected. This was all Huo-ge’s idea…
(ge = “brother”, -ge is used for close friends/family members
who are males not much older than the speaker)

[SMY]: Out of gratitude?

[M]: Yes. He secretly made an announcement for the Emperor, because he wanted to officially name Liu Bei as the Imperial Uncle.
[M]: Looks like Liu Bei has been dragged into it as well.

[SMY]: Liu Bei is no ordinary man. He could use this opportunity to raise his fame and build up his influence.

[4th]: Zhong Da, do you think a mere County Magistrate like Liu Bei can fend off Cao Cao?

{hat reads: World’s Number Four}
{Sima Kui}
{sfx: pa~}

[SMY]: Sneak attack.

[Sima Kui]: Haha. As if I couldn’t make you take that move?

[SMK]: Second brother, you fell for it!

{sfx: pong~}

[SMK]: Don’t cheat! You think I can’t tell?

[SMK]: I remember every move ever made in this game. Don’t expect to fool me.

[4th]: Zhong Da, will you answer me now?
(“Zhong Da” is Sima Yi’s courtesy name)
[SMY]: Didn’t I already answer you?

[SMY]: Sneak attack.
[4th]: Zhong Da, I didn’t mean this game!

[SMY]: Cao Cao he’ll surely withdraw if he’s attacked by surprise.

[1st]: What’s that nonsense? Who has such capability?

It’s the man who has been playing low-key on purpose.

{Zhang Liao}
[Lü Bu]: Attack Cao Cao from behind?

{Lü Bu}

[Chen Gong]: Correct! If you would attack Cao Cao’s home base from behind, you could take over the Yanzhou region, as well as relieving Xuzhou’s crisis.

[Zhang Liao]: And also make our Army of Justice better known?

[LB]: Why should I believe you?

[CG]: Because you have already decided.

[LB]: I’m tired. I just want to waste away my life here, and not be part of some war again.

[CG]: It’s a big world, so why settle in a city under Chenliu’s Grand Administrator Zhang Miao?
{Chenliu’s Grand Administrator, Zhang Miao}
[CG]: With General Lü’s fearsome name… you should be able to serve under a more influential person, who would provide you with an even better retirement.

[Zhang Miao]: Feng Xian, enough cover-ups, this guy has seen through it already.
(“Feng Xian” is Lü Bu’s courtesy name)

[LB]: Again, why should I believe you?

[CG]: Again, because you have already made your decision.

[LB]: Mister Chen, I want an honest answer.

{Chen Gong}
[CG]: I can see that you are a greedy and immoral person.

[ZL]: Chen Gong! How dare you!
[ZM]: Don’t think that your fame permits you to speak without care!

[LB]: He’s right. But those who want to accomplish great things must be motivated by greed.
[LB]: And speaking of morals… lord Zhang Miao is one of Cao Cao’s close friends, so why ally with me to oppose him?

[CG]: A man who thrives on greed and immorality is a Hegemon in my eyes.

[LB]: Is that why you’d rather abandon Tao Qian and join me and Zhang Miao?

[CG]: A smart bird chooses its resting stop. And that defines General Lü!

[LB]: You sure know me from the inside out!
(“you are like a worm/parasite in my stomach”)

Lü Bu made a decision that morning.


[?]: Sir Chen Deng, we can’t continue like this!
[?]: Let’s fight our way out!

[Chen Deng]: No! The enemy is on advantageous ground, don’t act rashly…

[CD]: Come back! Come back! Don’t go out there!

[?]: Wah!
{sfx: cha~}

[?]: Ready arrows! Leave none alive!
[?]: Fire!

[?]: Tanxian is surrounded by dangerous terrains on three sides, so we can only attack the front gates, but put it another way…
[?]: If they’re surrounded by fire on three sides, they can only escape through the front. With our archers in the perfect position, they’re now the ones at an disadvantage.

[?]: Fire again?
[?]: Just like at Pengcheng.

[?]: But why do brilliant Advisors always use fire?

No one can answer that.

But it is known… that in these warring times, all major campaigns depended on… fire!
(subtle wordplay on Liaoyuan Huo’s name)

[?]: You mean… the enemy is not only after the rations transport?
[?]: Surround it!

[Guo Jia]: Yes. He’s also after this hill.

[GJ]: It’s a good staging ground. Now if they can just hold out until Tao Qian’s troops arrive…

[GJ]: they’ll be able to regroup here, for defense, or for aiding the evacuation of their people.

[?]: Good news! Xiapi’s army has headed out, and they’ll arrive by tomorrow!
[?]: Hold out! Hold our position.

[Liaoyuan Huo]: I’ve already made the provisions for staging here.

[LYH]: Follow my instructions, deputy; only use defensive measure…
[LYH]: and you’ll hold out until dusk.

[?]: D… dusk? What about tonight?

[LYH]: At night…

the world is mine!

Though… even a tiny spark,
(wordplay on his name “huo”)

can scorch the plains.
(wordplay on his name “liao yuan”)


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