Ravaging Times

chapter 93

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

There are three ways of deploying strategy: by one side, by both sides, or improvise.
/* not sure about last part */

The third kind depends on being able to react and adapt in real time, and it’s the most common tactic.
But these common improvisations are usually the key to winning.

[captain]: Formation, surround them!

[soldier 1]: Surround them? Weren’t we going to block Tao Qian’s troops on the other side of the mountain?
[soldier 2]: No, Advisor Guo said that there will be enemies here, no mistake about it.

[?]: But that’s just one man!
[?]: Isn’t he… the new Controller Commandant Xu Chu?
/* http://members.shaw.ca/jiuwan2/Ranks.htm */

chapter 93 A Fight For Survival
/* “trapped beast fight” */

[captain 1]: See that? This boy could take on Xu Chu…
[captain 2]: Then he may just be a somebody, right?

[captain 1]: You probably won’t believe it, but they say he’s the leader of the Yanzhou assassins.
[captain 2]: You… you mean he’s a Handicapped Warrior?

[?]: Stop joking, captain. That boy can’t be older than my son, can he?
[?]: Besides, the Handicapped Warriors serve the Sima clan, and you know the relation between them and our Lord…

[Cao Cao]: A young leader…

[CC]: and a mysterious clan; no wonder they can withstand the test of time!
/* distorted */

[CC]: Though you know my connection to the Sima clan, so why?

[Liaoyuan Huo]: They’re the Sima clan; we’re the Handicapped Warriors. We only work for money, and anyone can buy our service.
[LYH]: Today we work for the Imperial Uncle, to fight against the rebel!

[captain 3]: Imperial Uncle? When did we get another one?
[captain 4]: The Great Han has underwent so much war that must’ve killed all of them. Stop your nonsense!

[Li Dian]: Imperial Uncle? Is he talking about… that “banshou” Imperial Uncle?
/* board-decree? “empty badge”? “blank check”? XD */
{note: “banshou” is a type of government position that received no Imperial approval; they are usually given out by powerful high ranking officials who pretend to speak for the Emperor}

[Guo Jia]: It’s that man who turned Pingyuan into Pingyuan fiefdom without permission.

[CC]: You mean the man who made a name for himself at Tiger Cage Pass, Liu Bei?

[captain 5]: Right, with Liu Bei’s resources, it’s not surprising to have the Handicapped Warriors’ service…
[captain 6]: I heard that during the battle at Luoyang’s City of Kings, Liu Bei even helped a Handicapped Warrior escape.

[CC]: Guo Jia, what do you think?

[GJ]: Liu Bei is a straightforward man, so why hire someone else to do his deeds? I say this boy’s trying to distract us. You must understand, the Sima clan has serious investment in Xuzhou!
[CC]: When did the Sima clan caught your attention? Have you dealt with them before?

[GJ]: That year… I met one in the Guandong Alliance’s camp at Pingyang.
An even-match for Seventh.

This guy has met Zhong Da…?

[Xu Chu]: Who he is, now, no longer, important.

Now, exacting revenge, more important!

{sfx: peng~}

[LYH]: I see! Just like me… no fear of death!

[XC]: Your front is wide-open!

{sfx: peng~ pa~}


I’m nimbler than you!

{sfx: peng~}

[LYH]: I’ll take your lowly life!

[LD]: Look out!

{sfx: wah~}

[XC]: No pain, no itch!

{sfx: peng~}

[LYH]: No pain…

No exhilaration!


{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: pa~}

[captain]: Good! Everyone…

Get him!

{sfx: hoo~}

{shouting: ha~}

{sfx: cha~ cha~ pa~}

[CC]: Nice move!

[?]: His target…

[XC]: is the horse!

{sfx: peng~ *neigh*}

[XC]: Now, no more.



Good going!

{shouting: ha~}

{sfx: peng~}

{sfx: hoo~}

The victor is clear!

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~ pa~}

You will,

[XC]: crumble, to pieces!

{sfx: peng~}

{sfx: sha~}

[CC]: No wonder Lü Bu wanted to send Xu Chu away…
[LD]: In terms of one-on-one combat…

Lü Bu is definitely no match for him.

{sfx: pa! pa! pa!}

[XC]: Die!
[XC]: Die!
[XC]: Die!

[captain 7]: He’s dead, right? Still…
[captain 8]: Yeah, if he can still stand…

[?]: What?!

[LYH]: Here… here…

[LYH]: is the armor’s… weakest point!

[LD]: Xu Chu! Look out!

{sfx: gah~}

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: peng~}

[XC]: If, not an enemy,

[XC]: you, would be, a respectable, opponent!

[LYH]: Thanks…

Kill, and be killed.

That is my destiny!
No leader of the Handicapped Warriors had a long life.

But… in my case,
isn’t it too early?

{sfx: peng~}

[CC]: This boy didn’t lie to me.

[GJ]: Formation, surround them.

{sfx: hoo~}

[Liu Bei]: You got it?

[Zhang Fei]: No Problem!

There are more than one person who likes to gaze upon the mountain scenery.

Though everywhere you go, there are warlords who like to gaze upon the world.


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