Ravaging Times

chapter 100

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

On that day, that year, I met a man in the back mountain.

When I appraise someone, I like to see how the soldiers look at him.

Fear in their eyes means that their leader’s power is limited.

A confident look means…

This familiar expression reminded me of my soldier days in Lv Bu’s army.

chapter 100 The Supposed Principle of Righteousness

But this man is not Lv Bu, he is Guan Yu.

[Guan Yu]: Why have you fallen, you descendent of a famous General?

[Xiahou Yuan]: Foul play… where… is your honor?

[Zhang Liao]: A fight is a fight, so what’s different for sneak attack between armies and two men?
[ZL]: You either win or lose; what’s honor got to do with it?

[GY]: Your theory is correct, but as a warrior…

[GY]: I have a problem with your conduct.

[ZL]: My agreement with your brother only deals with mountain gazing, nothing about sparing your life.

[captain]: Protect General Xiahou, let’s go!

[XHY]: Idiots! Stay there!

[ZL]: The distance is just right.

{sfx: pa!}

{sfx: xiu~ xiu~ xiu~}

{sfx: xiu~ xiu~ xiu~ xiu~}

{sfx: pa!}

[soldier 1]: It’s a sizable ambush.
[soldier 2]: Retreat into the woods, be careful of the archers.

Ready arrows!

[GY]: Is this what you meant by sneak attack in strategy?

[ZL]: Strategies may be carved-in-stone, but people are not.

[ZL]: You are the first to survive my blade.

[GY]: You know what?

[GY]: My life is unimportant, but… this shirt was given to me by my most respected big brother.

You flunky!

[GY]: I know you’re laughing at me.

What are comradeship and benevolence?

[ZL]: Conquering the world is true Righteousness!
/* bringing peace to the world */

You don’t even know right and wrong…

{sfx: peng~}

How will you ever know Righteousness?

This is my lesson to you.


Why do I see fear… in the eyes of my men?

The supposed kindness?

[captain]: Fire! Kill that Guan Yu!

Is that the basis for conquering the world?

{sfx: pa~}

[captain]: Don’t shoot, we’re within Guan Yu army’s firing range!

[GY]: You are right, strategies may be carved-in-stone, but not people. It’s nice to work together,
[GY]: so let’s live with honor, and don’t act like unrighteous men.

{sfx: pa~}
[ZL]: You make me angry.

[GY]: Your instinctive reaction reminds me of someone.

[ZL]: How do we compare?

[GY]: Zhao and Zhang are all the same.

Men who use Righteousness excessively.
/* also inappropriately? */

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Give Xuzhou to the Imperial Uncle?

[LYH]: Is that lord Tao Qian’s wish?

[Mi Zhu]: Yes… do you have an opinion, General Zhao?

[LYH]: The government has no opinion.

[LYH]: But, what about General Cao Bao?

[Cao Bao]: This… really is our Lord’s handwriting, so I can only obey.

[LYH]: Then let’s reorganize the army to cooperate with Imperial Uncle’s justice fighters.

[LYH]: We’ll resolve Xuzhou’s crisis to fulfill lord Tao’s wish.
[MZ]: Right! Do as he says.

[?]: Line up! Maintain the order!
[?]: Don’t forget, we still have families in Xuzhou!

[CB]: Since we’re militarymen, I must ask you one thing…

[CB]: We don’t have enough men, and I heard the Imperial Uncle has only a small army, so it would be hard to defend against Cao Cao’s larger force.

[CB]: Have you considered borrowing reinforcements from outsiders?

[LYH]: You mean trade territory for aid?
[CB]: No… I mean…

{sfx: pa~}

[LYH]: Our hearts must be in the right place.
/* “we must have confidence” */

[LYH]: This letter speaks our intentions!
word play on 信心
信 = letter/trust
心 = heart/intention
信心 = confidence
now this statement and the previous can be interpreted in many ways…

[LYH]: To achieve great things, one should have no fear if his intention is benign and righteous.
[LYH]: We have nothing to fear,

[LYH]: except… a dissonant man on our side.

[CB]: Ev… everyone, I heard that Lv Bu has attacked Cao Cao from the back, so if we just hold on a little longer, we’ll win!
[LYH]: Louder.

[?]: Right, with the government’s support,
[?]: and now with Lv Bu’s help, we have nothing to fear. We must avenge our Lord’s death!

{cough: Keh!}

Am I walking the despicable path, or the supposed path of greater good?
No, why fear if we are righteous at heart? Liu Bei, you must understand the troubles Zhang Fei and I go through for you!

Dear Heaven, do you understand?

{Cao Cao’s main camp}

These men are the unregistered Qingzhou elites.
But, why are they here?

[Xiahou Dun]: Who can tell me what’s going on here?

[?]: I don’t know, sir. The order was received a month ago.
[?]: Yes, same here. I heard that there are spies in our army, so we have been kept outside.
[?]: We were told to head out secretly, without a trail!

[captain 1]: So, brother Yuan Rang, did you come back because of the letter too?
[captain 2]: The trip to Xuzhou was really odd! So it seems we have other missions besides taking Xuzhou?

[XHD]: The way things look now… maybe the goal is Lv Bu?

[Cao Cao]: A funeral!

[CC]: Your big bro Cao Cao is about to die.

Chen Gong started a rumor in Juancheng, leading to the executions of some tens of effected generals and officials.

External war and internal chaos made the people of Cao Cao’s remaining territory uneasy.


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