Ravaging Times

chapter 101

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{sfx: xiu~}
{east of Puyang}

[captain]: Hurry! You’re the last of the five!

[captain]: Hurry! Just one more step! Com’on!

[soldier]: You wanna kill me? Gotta try harder!

chapter 101 Cao

[soldier]: East side! Two thousand cavalry!

[captain]: Two thousand cavalry to the east! Into formation!
[captain]: Two thousand to the east! Formation!

[soldier]: They’re coming! They’re very fast!

[soldier]: I’ll go again! I’ll tell the second line of defense to get ready!

{sfx: long~}

[Qu Jian]: Two thousand cavalry is nothing! We beat their numbers. Formation!
{Cao Hong’s subordinate, Qu Jian}

[?]: We’ll take the first win for sure!

{sfx: long~}

[Gao Shun]: Good.
{Gao Shun}

[QJ]: Enemy officer! State your name!

State your name!

{shouting: kill~}

[GS]: Formation breaker!

Gao Shun?!

{sfx: pa!}

{shouting: kill~}

Nice shot!


Too bad…
it missed!

I thought I would die at the hands of a skilled man…

{shouting: kill~}

[?]: Report! Gao Shun has broken through Cao Hong’s first line of defense!
[?]: Looks like we’ll clash with the second line of defense in two hours!

[Lv Bu]: Second time’s the charm!
[captain]: That… that makes it a sneak attack!

At noon, Lv Bu’s army pretended to attack Puyang, but ambushed Cao Hong’s army outside the city instead.

His Formation Breaker Gao Shun led the vanguard troop to take down five main camps of Cao Hong, Han Hao, and Yu Jin.

[?]: The five camps have been scattered, now if Puyang is lost…

[?]: No, technically Puyang is already lost. And with a mobile force, Lv Bu could then head straight for Juancheng.
[?]: That’s not important. I just hope he doesn’t station along our way back…

[Cao Cao]: Blocking our rations transport.

[Li Dian]: Did they discover our deployment…
[CC]: In order to move fast, Lv Bu won’t bring a lot of rations. This way our rations are about even. We lost this round.

[CC]: How is Xiahou Yuan?
[Xiahou Dun]: Miao Cai… I’ve only heard about him being surrounded by Zhang Liao’s men. Now there are Lv Bu’s army behind us too.

[?]: Zhang Liao… I’ve heard of that name as well.
[?]: So young, and already like the Lv Bu before his entrance to the capital. We cannot underestimate him!

[?]: Cao Hong and the guys have been beaten. It might take them a while to recover.
[?]: Lv Bu will never breach Juancheng with Xun Yu leading the defense. I bet he’ll block our rations transport first.

[CC]: Everything is against us, but… we still have one winning move.

[XHD]: You mean…

[XHD]: You mean Xu Chu becoming Lv Bu’s insider?
[CC]: Yes. Things are becoming sticky, and nothing is easier than capturing the leader.
/* not sure */

[CC]: If Lv Bu can kill me during the climax of the battle, our morale will plummet.
[CC]: My death will create chaos in Juan and Chang regions. Then Lv Bu would be able to devour us whole.

[LD]: Except Lv Bu doesn’t know that Xu Chu is on our side, and so we’ll let him have a taste of his own medicine…

[XHD]: Then the place where you fake your death will be Lv Bu’s grave.

[?]: That is…

[?]: North of Puyang, west city.


[XHD]: Lu Jin.

[XHD]: He’s meeting with Gu Nian Cun, Chen Biao, Ma Zhi, and Shi Sun Ming.

[LD]: Only you can see that far away.
[XHD]: And twelve other soldiers.

[CC]: Lv Bu likes his enemy to “know” his next step.

[CC]: I am now another Li Ru in his scheme.

[CC]: Except… Li Ru’s surname is Li, and mine…

[CC]: is Cao.

{Tanxian . back mountain}

[soldier]: Sir Mi, Cao Cao’s main force has withdrew, but Guo Jia’s troop is still here.
[Mi Zhu]: Guo… Guo Jia’s troop still… here?

[MZ]: Hold the advancement and deploy carefully! That man is no joke.
[MZ]: Quick! Send word to Zhao Yun in the back, Cao Cao hasn’t given up on Xuzhou yet!

[MZ]: Ask him what we should do next, and also…
[MZ]: tell Liu Bei we’re here.

[?]: General Zhao!

[?]: General Zhao!

{cough: keh!}

{cough: keh!}

{vomit: pa la~}

{cough: keh! keh!}

I can’t fall! I can’t fall! I… haven’t completed my mission!

[Seventh]: General Zhao?



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