Ravaging Times

chapter 95

(I need to read this over, no time right now)


[civilian 1]: The heavy smoke has overtaken the entire city. No escape now…
[civilian 2]: Looks like we’ll share the same fate as the people of those other cities… Sigh…

[soldier]: Fire has spread to the south gate! Gather your things, everyone, and evacuate!
[civilian]: That’s funny, officer, where else can we go?

[?]: The wind has turned.
[?]: That’s why I have ordered the residents to retreat to this sector.

[?]: If the fire still won’t stop, we’ll just have to fight our way out.

[?]: The flames shoot up from behind us really quickly!

chapter 95 A Fool Amongst Fools

[Chen Deng]: Wait, look.

[CD]: The wind turned… then if our Lord’s reinforcements arrive, they won’t be able to ambush Cao Cao from the back mountains, but come through here.
[captain]: Then they can only station around the southwestern route; but… that’s a dangerous path!

{hanzi in square: city}
{little hanzi near the brush tip: mountain}
[CD]: The enemy could just attack from the side, and our Lord’s troop is not strong enough to defend against that!

[captain]: Looks like the enemy has accounted for the wind direction, then… doesn’t it mean we’re sitting ducks?

[CD]: Yes, Tanxian is now theirs for the taking, and our Lord is in trouble, but…

[CD]: here.

[CD]: This mountain behind Tanxian is strategically located and difficult to access. Helps in offensive or defensive tactics, and the flames can’t get to it.
[captain]: Yes, General Zhao Yun had thought of that, and he has led his troops there.
{note: Liaoyuan Huo and Chen Deng have agreed to keep his identity a secret, so he goes by the name Zhao Yun.}

[CD]: As long as we can hold our position there, our Lord will be able to use the mountain as a shield, and defend against Cao Cao temporarily.
[CD]: With the right deployment, our reinforcement will be able to enter the city once the fire dies down. Then we’ll defend til the end.

[captain]: But, knowing how precisely the enemy plans…

[captain]: they must’ve already sent troops to surround the mountain. And General Zhao only has two thousand men, against a sizable enemy force, I fear…

[CD]: Size is not the important issue, but mobility is. Tanxian held out this long because of Zhao Yun.
[CD]: Nowadays we can’t always rely on large armies or valiant Generals anymore. Our greatest strength,

[CD]: is here.

…At least I hope so!
I sure can’t think of a more inspirational speech, nor can I think of any element of surprise.

We don’t have many soldiers,
but… we have valiant Generals!

{sfx: ta~}



Damn it!

[captain]: Gen… General Li!
[Li Dian]: I’m not dead yet.

{sfx: peng~}

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~ pa~}

Heads burst open, and fall like flowers.

The blood drops rain down,
like peach blossom petals floating in the air.
/* anyone wants to try making this more poetic? it should be very sadistically poetic XD */

Peach Garden artist, what a fitting name.

[Guo Jia]: I shall accept this painting of horrific imagery.

[Zhang Fei]: It’s a pity, that the appreciator is a terrifying enemy.

[captain]: Archers, get ready!

[?]: This mountain pass is really hard to attack.

[GJ]: Your meticulous care and flawless artistry of landscape must come from a good grasp of geography. I admire that very much.
[captain]: If you can hold out until your reinforcements arrive, we’ll have a headache.

[Liu Bei]: If we can protect this path, lord Tao Qian would then be able to reach the staging ground in the mountain through here.
[LB]: And once the fire dies down, they would be able to rush into Tanxian, and defend till the end.

[LB]: Brother Zhao, this… is your strategy, right?

[LB]: But right now, you…

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Just a few broken ribs.
[LYH]: I may not have any merit, but I’m very hard to kill.

[LB]: The strategy that brother Mi Zhu brought to me was your idea, wasn’t it? Then… you have some brain too!

[LYH]: Sure, but to believe it… something must be wrong with his brain.

[LB]: Right, so you know that only a fool like me would fight Cao Cao with two thousand men.

[LB]: So many fools in this world…

[LB]: A man who wants to restore Imperial Han… surely a fool amongst fools!

[LYH]: They say, “fools have all the luck.” We’ll see!

[ZF]: You’re not only a fool,

[ZF]: but a monster too!

Is… is this guy human?

[captain]: One,
[captain]: two,

{sfx: peng~}

[?]: No… not good! The spearhead is still in there!

[Xu Chu]: Use a sharp knife, cut into it.

[XC]: Then use a chisel, and hammer it out.
[XC]: If, I, groan, my wealth, all yours.

[?]: Xu… Xu Chu, you shouldn’t force it! A wound like this needs special care, if… if we miss…
[?]: you could die from it, then what’re we going to tell our Lord?

[XC]: I! Want revenge! Hurry! Do it!

[Dian Wei]: Don’t worry, he’s yours.

{sfx: cha~}

{sfx: le~ le~}

[XC]: Yes! That’s it, take it out!

[DW]: But, you can drop your worries now.
{sfx: pa~}

[XC]: Because, you’re here, right?

{sfx: peng~}

[DW]: Send him back to recover.

[DW]: I’ll take it from here.

Many years later Zhao Yun would serve Liu Bei, and campaign with him for the second half of his life.

But, as close to his Lord as Zhao Yun was, his rank was not high, and was never given the title of duke.
/* or “marquis”, “nobleman” */


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