Ravaging Times

chapter 96

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

[?]: The army alongside the mountain requests for the enemy’s size!
[?]: Hurry! Give them a number!

[soldier]: About three hundred on the mountain…
[soldier]: No, I need to climb higher to get a better look.

{sfx: pa~}

[captain]: Ne… next person, go!

[Zhang Fei]: Nice shooting!

chapter 96 Seeing Oneself

[Liaoyuan Huo]: Well, there is someone who can do it even better!

[captain]: Rear flank, tell us where the enemy is! We’re about to climb the mountain, hurry!
[?]: Wait… one moment!

[captain]: Li Dian, can you still fight?
[Li Dian]: Damnit, give me another five hundred men, I don’t see why I can’t take them down!

[?]: The mountain pass is narrow, so Li Dian is continuing his attack. And Xiahou Yuan has started his battle behind the mountain.
[?]: The mountain is too big, scattering Xiahou Yuan’s troop, allowing enemy reinforcements to slip through, though not many of them yet.

[official]: According to the travelling time, Tao Qian’s main force will arrive soon.
[captain]: Looks like our first deployment has lost its effect.

[Cao Cao]: So you’re here.

[CC]: We’re now faced with a hardened line of defense, but I still believe we can break through.
[Dian Wei]: My Lord, you want me to break through the mountain pass and investigate their formation status, correct?

[CC]: Correct. Report back Liu Bei’s deployment numbers and locations, and if possible…

[DW]: Wars can get tedious, does my Lord want some delightful surprises?

[GJ]: Fighting a battle is like playing chess.

[GJ]: The positioning is ever-changing, and no one can ever predict the enemy’s next move correctly.

Being well-versed in the strategies is just a start. The true merit of a military advisor depends on his ability to adapt to the changing situation. There was never a war that completely turned out according to a preset plan.

That’s what a war is truly like!

[LYH]: They’re dispersing?
[ZF]: The next step is coming.

[ZF]: A battle of morale?
[LYH]: Yes, it’s time for some one-on-one.

{sfx: long~}

[ZF]: Step aside, this man is mine.

{sfx: dang~}

He wants to break through?

[DW]: That was too close!

[LYH]: He’s going through? Archers!

[Liu Bei]: Fire!

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~}

Is… is he!?

[DW]: Five hundred to the left.

[DW]: Go!

{sfx: xiu~}

{sfx: peng~}

This guy… a scout?

[CC]: Yellow means left; red means five hundred.

[?]: Liu Bei’s main force is on the right. Tell the troop along the mountain to climb from the left side.

[GJ]: Tell Li Dian to hold his attack until the enemies in the mountain are in disarray.

[DW]: Midway,
{sfx: pa~ pa~}

[DW]: three hundred.

{sfx: dang~ dang~}

Here he comes.

[LYH]: Midway, a suicidal man, check.

{sfx: pa~}

[DW]: Back side, a suicidal fool, check!

[LYH]: What?

{sfx: dang~}

[DW]: You suffered a heavy injury!

[LYH]: But, well enough to finish you off.

{sfx: dang~ dang~ dang~}

[soldier]: My Lord, the mountain side army is heading up!
[soldier]: Looks like they know how we’re positioned!

[LB]: We can’t hold this point anymore, so let Zhao Yun handle this man! We must quickly retreat to the next pass!

[LYH]: Enemy officer! State your name!

[DW]: Dian Wei!

{sfx: pa~ pa~ pa~}

{sfx: ta~}

{sfx: pa~ pa~}

{sfx: dang~ dang~}

{sfx: dang~ dang~}

{sfx: sha~}

[LYH]: Oh!

[Mi Zhu]: Is that Zhao Yun?
{Mi Zhu}
{Tao Qian}

[LYH]: Haha!

[DW]: Haha!

[DW]: Back side, a suicidal fool, check.


[Cao Bao]: Surround this presumptuous man!
{Cao Bao}

My Lord wants a delightful surprise.

[CC]: It takes more than one man to take the world. The strongest Advisor would force the enemy to surrender without a fight; the strongest warrior kills like it’s child’s play; the strongest army has its morale being sky high!
[CC]: The strongest hegemon watches for opportunity, and uses the right men. I have all three of the former,

[CC]: so I want to ask you all,

[CC]: do I qualify as a hegemon?

{sfx: cha~ cha~}

[LYH]: Step aside! You guys are no match for him!

[CB]: Don’t fear! He is just one man! Let’s get him!

“He is just one man?”

That is… what I always hear when I kill.

Surprise for the enemy, delight for my Lord!

What a presumptuous fool I am!

{sfx: cha~}

For the first time on the battlefield, Liaoyuan Huo SAW HIMSELF.


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