Ravaging Times

chapter 97

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

Four months ago, at Xuzhou’s capital Pengcheng.
[Cao Bao]: To save Xuzhou, you… you’re really going to join Lv Bu?

[Chen Gong]: For all the hegemon in the world today, only Lv Bu is capable to do so.
[CB]: I heard that this man is unrelentingly ambitious. Suppose he saves us, we’d then have to thank him with territory.

[CG]: Our Lord is a stubborn man, and this is the only way to make him give up territory.
[CB]: You… you mean persuading Lv Bu to save Xuzhou?

[CG]: If Xuzhou has Lv Bu at the frontline, we wouldn’t need to worry about invaders anymore. Less suffering for the people.

[CB]: But it’s clear who has the upperhand in this war. I’m not even sure if Lv Bu can get here before Cao Cao destroys us.
[CG]: Even if we are destroyed, Xuzhou cannot fall into the hands of a demon like Cao Cao.

chapter 97 A Meticulous Brute

[CG]: Cao Bao, do you understand me?

[CB]: Chen Gong, you mean… even if our Lord should fall to misfortune…

[CG]: I want you to secretly prepare a will for our Lord, which would state Lv Bu’s ownership of Xuzhou.

[CG]: This… is only for the worst case. Nobody wants that.

[official]: Cao Bao, I heard that the Emperor sent someone here.
[CB]: Our Lord is absent, let Mi Zhu handle it.

[CG]: Cao Bao,

[CG]: if you don’t act on this, someone might just beat you to it!

Is this the worst case scenario?
/* not sure how to connect with the next sentence */

Or is it… reality?


[Liaoyuan Huo]: Murderer, come back for a rematch!

[Dian Wei]: Back side, ten thousand of Tao Qian’s troop, and…

a relentless annoyance.
/* paying homage to John’s translation */

[DW]: Mission near success!

Is he suicidal?

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: peng~}

[LYH]: Fall to your death, serve you right!

[DW]: Horsey, our mission isn’t over!

{sfx: pa~}

{sfx: long~}

[DW]: To kill a man in the care of the greatest assassin in this world,

[DW]: I, Dian Wei, feel very honored. Good bye.

And then, Liaoyuan Huo made a serious promise to himself!

[?]: Wah, my Lord!

[?]: How could you abandon us…
[?]: abandon the suffering people of Xuzhou!

[?]: My Lord please come back!
[?]: Dear Heaven, how can you do this…

This is only for the worst case. Nobody wants this.

Xuzhou, must never fall into the hands of a demon like Cao Cao!

My Lord, this is for the people of Xuzhou.

Don’t blame Cao Bao!
[?]: Everyone,

[?]: in order to prevent Xuzhou from falling into the hands of a demon like Cao Cao, our Lord has left a will, giving up rulership of Xuzhou.

[Mi Zhu]: Let us work together to fight Cao the criminal!

Mi… Mi Zhu!
When did you…

A month ago at Pingyuan fiefdom.
[Liu Bei]: My army may be small, but I will not let misfortune befall upon Xuzhou.

[LB]: Please return first, brother Mi Zhu, I will send out my forces once I finish the preparations.
[Guan Yu]: Third brother, show the guest out.

[Zhang Fei]: Sir Mi, after you.
[MZ]: Thanks.

[ZF]: Ah! Sir Mi must be weary from travels. Care to rest a while at my place?
[MZ]: But of course!

[MZ]: A seamless integration of various great arts!
[MZ]: Such an ability to imitate any brush style…

[MZ]: Un… unless brother Zhang Fei is that world-renowned Peach Garden artist?

[ZF]: If you like these paintings, brother Mi Zhu, they will all be hanging on the walls of your home.

[MZ]: This is unusual…

[ZF]: We’re both smart men, so what we say here stays here.

[ZF]: My big brother is a kindhearted fool, who is unable to do great things.

[MZ]: My Lord is a stubborn man, and Xuzhou will be taken away sooner or later.

[ZF]: Good, now we can understand each other further.

[ZF]: Soldiers at Xuzhou know that they can’t defeat Cao Cao, so I think there are quite a lot of deserters, right?
[MZ]: Yes, it has been like that recently. They managed to reduce our numbers before the battle even begins.

[ZF]: I heard that even Chen Gong the world-renowned wise man has left.
[MZ]: No, you misunderstood; he’s only trying to persuade other lords to help us, nothing else.

[ZF]: In today’s world, the only such lord Chen Gong will choose,
[ZF]: is Chenliu’s Lv Bu!

[MZ]: A… absolutely impossible! My Lord has always disliked him, and I believe Chen Gong won’t do that.

[ZF]: Then which other warlord would help you?

[ZF]: Chen Gong will promise Lv Bu some territory for his help, there’s no other way; except, Lv Bu is a very ambitious man…

[MZ]: You… you mean Xuzhou will eventually fall into Lv Bu’s hands?
[ZF]: Right! Xuzhou may be big, but talents are few. Chen Gong is wasted working in Xuzhou.

[MZ]: You mean, Chen Gong might want to make a name for himself?

[ZF]: There is no absolute righteousness in this world.

[ZF]: This is a very dangerous battle, with a very predictable outcome.
[ZF]: Cao Cao is powerful, and Xuzhou can be breached very quickly. Sending troops to help Xuzhou may just be a futile act.

[MZ]: You mean my Lord will die for sure?

[ZF]: My big brother will help because it’s the right thing to do, while the followers are just looking out for their own interest. If misfortune should befall on lord Tao Qian,

[ZF]: then our involvement would have been a waste of time, but… if lord Tao had privately…

[ZF]: left a will, giving Xuzhou to my big brother…

[MZ]: Then after Lv Bu successfully surprises Cao Cao, we gather all of our forces at Xuzhou and defend against Cao, saving Xuzhou?

[ZF]: As for that foolish brother of mine, I know how to make him believe it all.

[MZ]: They say Lv Bu fools the world with his reputation of being a “courageous simpleton”.

[MZ]: Who’d have thought that within Liu Bei’s camp, there is also…

a meticulous brute!

[?]: Give Xuzhou and military command to Imperial Uncle Liu? You sure…
[official]: But… but this is our Lord’s handwriting, no doubt about it!

Cao Bao,
if you don’t act on this,

someone might just beat you to it!

The history texts did not describe Zhang Fei’s appearence, nor did they mention that he was a wine-seller and a butcher.

According to bits and pieces of historical reference, not only was Zhang Fei literate, he was also knowledgable in caligraphy and art.


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