Ravaging Times

chapter 98

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{shouting: kill~}

[soldier]: Our defense on the left hill has been broken, the enemy is coming down!
[soldier]: Retreat to the next pass, hurry!

[?]: Liu Bei! Where’re you running to? Get them!

[Liu Bei]: Yi De! Cover us!

[Zhang Fei]: Come.

chapter 98 A Surprising Move

[ZF]: Come.

[Li Dian]: I heard you!
[LD]: Follow me!

{sfx: peng~}

{shouting: wah~}

[ZF]: Come.

Come and admire the mountain!

[?]: Li Dian, get away from there!

[LD]: What a master of landscape!

[soldier]: Report! Li Dian’s army has been blocked by the rock formation!
[?]: How’s the situation?

[official 1]: Liu Bei’s army has fell back to a mountain pass, but with so few men, I’m sure they’ll retreat soon.
[official 2]: No status report from Xiahou Yuan, but the enemy is small in size, so they should lose soon.

[Guo Jia]: Once Liu Bei’s army retreats, send twenty percent of our men after them, while the other eighty go after Tao Qian; and with Xiahou Yuan’s men attacking from the side, Tao Qian will die for sure. We must be ready to adapt.

[?]: Adapt for what?

[GJ]: A surprise attack.

[Cao Cao]: Green, means the reinforcement is ten thousand in size; white…

[CC]: means the commander is dead.

[CC]: Tao Qian’s death, only…

[CC]: the first step of our trip to Xuzhou.

[Guan Yu]: You live up to your heritage.

[Xiahou Yuan]: And you live up to your reputation earned at Hulao Pass.

[GY]: I really underestimated you.

[XHY]: If you think you can buy time this way, you’re dead wrong.

[GY]: At least your men are afraid to attack… my big brother can now go forward or fall back, and for that I can die in peace!

[XHY]: Captains, go tell our Lord, that I failed to guard the entrance, and will now pay for my mistake with my life!

[captain]: But we have the upperhand, General Xiahou, don’t act rashly!

[?]: So what, it’s just death.

[Zhang Liao]: Let me help you.

{sfx: dang~}

{sfx: cha~}

[ZL]: A surprise from Lv Bu, reporting for duty!

[Dian Wei]: Tao Qian’s remaining forces must have scattered by now, though on my way back…
[DW]: I noticed troop movement on the second, fourth, and seventh hill. Should I go investigate?

[CC]: Advisor, our secret has been kept pretty well, hasn’t it?

[GJ]: Nothing’s changed, just pretend we don’t see them. That man will soon fall into our trap.

[CC]: General Cao, Yu, and Han have breached three passes. I have sent them a secret letter.

[GJ]: Attacking Xuzhou is just a front. To take the world, we must first remove the number one concern.

[CC]: We must lure out that savage beast… and that so-called close friend of mine.

{Xuzhou . Ling Pass}

[Cao Hong]: Our Lord sent a secret letter?
[official]: Yessir.

{Cao Cao’s clan brother, Cao Hong}
[CH]: I was wondering why taking these little Passes required my presence. Let me see it.

{Xuzhou . Juancheng}
[?]: A secret letter.

{Xuzhou . Fanmeng Pass}
[?]: A secret letter.

[CH]: Ling Pass, Juancheng and Fanmeng Pass are close to Yanzhou, and once taken…

[Yu Jin]: regroup with Cao Hong and Han Hao, then return to Puyang’s outskirts and surround the enemy. Our Lord will come with the main troop afterwards.
{Major, Yu Jin}

{Protector, Han Hao}
[Han Hao]: Move fast and leave no trail. So this trip to Xuzhou really isn’t a simple matter!

[Lv Bu]: Zhang Miao, you sure are Cao Cao’s close friend. This route you provided is excellent!

{Cao Cao’s major city . Puyang}
[Zhang Miao]: Don’t mention it. I leave the attacking to you.

[Chen Gong]: Don’t rush in just yet, take the three Passes on the outskirt first, for a better foundation.
[ZM]: But, but aren’t Cao Hong and the others…

[CG]: Ling Pass, Juancheng, and Fanmeng Pass are strategically important positions. One, they surround Puyang;
[CG]: two, it can aid Zhang Liao’s special force. It’s the best opportunity to cut off Cao Cao’s ration transport at two ends between here and Xuzhou.

[LB]: Don’t forget the famous Generals who are guarding those Passes. This is no easy task!

[CG]: Trust me, go south and around them, then whoever gets there… can take the Pass.

[LB]: You think those three Generals will come back to surround us?
[CG]: Just like you, I never underestimate Cao Cao.

[?]: Redeploy!

[LB]: A surprising move. Your move, Chen Gong, will surely make Cao Cao want to cry!

{Xuzhou . Pengcheng}
I want to cry, but no tears will come…


I have cried them dry.


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