Ravaging Times

chapter 99

(I need to read this over, no time right now)

{Xuzhou’s Tanxian . the Cao camp}

[Xu Chu]: I didn’t expect, we would, meet here.

[?]: Sigh, had it not been our breach of the military law back then…

[XC]: That year, after my father’s death, I, caused a scene, and, came here.

[?]: Since you’re one of us, let me speak for our Lord.

chapter 99 Employ Without Question

[XC]: Our Lord? Cao Cao? Or…

[defector 1]: Our Lord says, Young Mister Xu values friendship.

[defector 2]: He also says… that year he was forced to handle your case by the rules, but it pained him.
[defector 2]: Now that Dong Zhuo fell to misfortune, our Lord misses you as the son of a friend, and hopes that you would think of the greater good…

[XC]: Lü Bu, wants me, as insider! Right?

[defector 1]: Right. As for the saying about Lü Bu being unrighteous… that’s just a rumor created by the Guandong Alliance and Li Ru to break up the people of Xiliang.

[?]: If our Lord wanted to take power, why did he save Grand Tutor Dong again and again?
[?]: Right! Young Mister Xu should think of the friendship between your father and our Lord. Don’t be the unrighteous man!

[defector 1]: Besides, it must’ve been the Guandong Alliance who hired the Handicapped Warriors to assassinate Advisor Xu. And they are our enemy right now.
[defector 2]: Young Mister Xu, if you want revenge, Cao Cao is one of them!

[XC]: Xu Chu, not an, unrighteous man. I just, didn’t know, where to go. Today, I finally understand.

[?]: Hurry, someone’s coming.

[defector]: We’ll meet again, goodbye.

[Cao Cao]: Lu Jin,
[CC]: Gu Nian Cun, and Chen Biao.

[CC]: Who’d have thought that you old friends would meet in this place.

[CC]: Now is not the time for revenge, behave and lay down to rest.

[Dian Wei]: The Lu Jin faction applied here around the same time as you.

[XC]: After my father died, I was reckless, and killed a man. If I stayed, today… everything, would be different.

[CC]: If you stayed, you would just follow in your father’s footstep.
[XC]: My Lord, you mean my father’s death, is really, connected to Lü Bu?

[CC]: No, if I were Lü Bu, I wouldn’t have killed him then. Instead, cooperate with Xu Lin to expand the influence. A later move is a better one.
[CC]: I think something else was going on, and Lü Bu didn’t expect the Yanzhou assassination.

[XC]: My Lord, you mean, the Handicapped Warriors, didn’t conspire with Lü Bu?

[CC]: I may have some idea about the conspirators, but Xu Lin’s death and finding out that the Guandong Alliance is full of self-serving men have prompted him to speed up his plan.

[XC]: My Lord, you mean, this is a coincidence?
[CC]: By coincidence, I found out that those three have leaked our information to Lü Bu.

[CC]: By coincidence, you are one of them?

{sfx: peng~}
[CC]: Once I’m gone, Lü Bu will be able to compete with Yuan Shao for world domination.

[XC]: My Lord, you don’t trust me?

[CC]: If you want to kill me, could anyone stop you?
[DW]: Tsk.

[XC]: I’m not talented, but I know right from wrong, I serve you…

[XC]: I think, my Lord, you are, just like, my father!

[CC]: I don’t employ the questionable, and I don’t question the employed.

[CC]: Now, Xu Chu, prove it with your actions!

{Xuzhou . Fanmeng Pass}

{fomer subordinate of Hua Xiong, Song Xian}
[Song Xian]: Fanmeng Pass has been taken! Victory!

[?]: Report! Juancheng and Ling Pass have been taken by Wei Xu and Hou Cheng!

{flag reads: Lü}

[Chen Gong]: Surname not Dong, but Lü.
[Lü Bu]: What do you want to say?

[CG]: Dong Zhuo’s death, so obvious.

[LB]: Chen Gong, what’re you hinting at?

[CG]: Some say Dong Zhuo’s death was caused by you. This rumor has been circulating throughout Hua Xiong’s former troops.
[CG]: And now brother Lü is purposely giving all the credits to them, are you trying to refute the rumor, or buy their hearts?

[LB]: Raising troop morale is an important job of the leader.
[LB]: Besides… all of my men can tell right from wrong, so why do you worry?

[CG]: Employ the talented, even if he’s questionable. Brother Lü Bu sure is good at walking on the razor’s edge.

[LB]: An Advisor’s job is to use tactics to defeat the enemy, not to question the conduct of his Lord.
[LB]: So you think Dong Zhuo’s death is connected to me?

[CG]: For an advisor to perform his best, he must understand everything about his army as well as the enemy’s strategies.
[CG]: I might not be talented, but I can tell right from wrong.

[Gao Shun]: A letter.

[LB]: Go ahead, we’re all on the same side.

{Lü Bu’s buqu officer, Gao Shun}
[GS]: Good news, Xu Chu is willing to be the insider.

[LB]: Hear that? Even the man who should hate me is on my side!

[CG]: Pity that the son of a brilliant mind like Xu Lin could only work as the muscle.
[CG]: But, his prowess is what brother Lü fears.

[LB]: Brother Chen Gong, you think there’s someone who can beat me?

[CG]: No, and probably never. But a man as hot-tempered as he is not difficult to get rid of.
[CG]: Just make him cause some trouble, like how you set down the military rules right after Xu Lin’s death. It’s all clear.

[LB]: Don’t forget, I sent him to serve as my insider.

[CG]: Nonsense, you’re just using the coincidence to force Cao Cao to kill him,
[CG]: or else… but I managed to pull a truth out of you.

[CG]: You really did kill Dong Zhuo.

[LB]: My judgment was correct, you really do live up to your reputation.

[CG]: Who knew you would think of this move right when Xu Chu joins the Cao camp.
[CG]: The one who lives up to the reputation is you, a brilliant warrior.

[LB]: Sadly, even the brilliant warrior is no match for one man.

[CG]: You mean the mastermind behind the Handicapped Warriors, who planned Xu Lin’s death and the Luoyang campaign?

[LB]: If Xu Chu hadn’t killed that witness by accident, and if I had found out earlier that Zhao Huo was the perpetrator…

[CG]: The coup would have took place in Luoyang earlier, and saved you so much time, right?

[LB]: You have schemes, so do others. They go back and forth, layer by layer. The Advisor plays a greater role than the commander!

[CG]: As an Advisor, I want to say… you want Cao Cao to become another Li Ru, right?

[LB]: You are keen. Go on.

[CG]: Advisors should predict the enemy’s next step. But brother Lü likes to have his enemy know his next step.

[CG]: Right now Xu Chu must have told Cao Cao everything.
[CG]: You have already lured Cao Cao into your trap.

[LB]: Then, what’s my next step?

[CG]: Strategies come in layers, and Cao Cao is no ordinary man either. Only brother Lü can deal with him.

[LB]: I don’t employ the questionable, and I don’t question the employed.

[LB]: Now, Chen Gong, prove it with your actions!

Chen Gong secretly lobbied for support from the districts of Yanzhou, proposing that Lü Bu be the governor.

At that time, Yanzhou’s districts used Cao Cao’s brutality as the excuse to support Lü Bu’s fight against Cao.


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