Ravaging Times

volume 13

Back Cover Couplet
Weather turns and the phoenix dances; wind rises and the dragon flies

Previously on Ravages
Zhang Fei stops an army with his lance; Dian Wei breaks a path by himself

Ravages Afterword
Whether it was for coloring the cover illustration or to add the halftones within the stories, computer has always played an important role in the making of The Ravages of Time.
Even though I sometimes miss the days when I paint by hand or work with the halftone cells using an art knife, my head hurts when I remember how much more I have to deal with after work (the author hates trouble).
Now you might think I’m good with computers, but actually my computer knowledge is very limited. I use Photoshop for the halftone; I draw the cover art using Wacom tablet’s bundled software Painter Classic (Painter’s basic version); and even my tablet is not the professional type, but the cheapest and the smallest kind. That’s because the professional type is too big to work with.
Although my hardware/software combo is fairly average, it can be quite effective if I use them well.
PS: Thanks to A-King’s cosplay that makes Zhao Yun on the cover so handsome.

Zhao Yun’s actual appearance
Chen Mou Mou Mou Mou… Thank thank thank thank thank…
I see nothing, I see nothing.

Next on Ravages
When Chen Gong becomes Lü Bu’s brain;
when Lü Bu focuses his energy on the battlefield…
Watch The Invincible God of War in the spring of 2004!


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